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Chapter 533 Revenge For Tim!

Jordan sighed.

He did not expect Tim to be beaten up like this just so Jordan could be Elles first man.

He felt like Tim had gotten beaten up for nothing.

After all, Jordan was not interested in becoming Elles first man.

If he wanted to, he would have already done it back when he was the president of Ace Corporation, when Elle had photos of Hailey cheating on him with Cayden.

When he had taken Elles first kiss.

Jordan was neither a saint nor a blind man.

He could see that Elles seductive allure was even greater than Hailey or even Lauren!

Her figure was too perfect!

During the first fake divorce between Jordan and Hailey, before he became lovers with Victoria, that b*stard Drew would often send Jordan private photos of Elle.

At that time, Jordan had indeed harbored salacious thoughts about Elle! If Elle wasnt from the Camden family, with Jordans status back then, he would have already slept with her!

Unfortunately, Elle was Haileys younger cousin.

Moreover, for the past three years, she had always looked down on Jordan.

She only changed her attitude toward him after learning that he was the president.

As a result, Jordan did not want to have sex with Elle.

He hated women who only loved money!

If Elle had expressed her goodwill to Jordan and told him that she liked him before his identity was exposed, Jordan would have made her his woman!

However, Jordan clearly remembered that when Herman said that the family had arranged for Elle to marry Jordan, Elle had commented: “Fortunately, Dad rejected it.

I dont want to marry such trash!”

With the past still vivid in his mind, Jordan could not forget how the Camden family had wronged him! Every single one of them had hurt Jordan too deeply, including Elle!

The more time had passed, the more Jordan felt that the punishment for the Camden family was not enough!

At this moment, Tim sighed.

“Sigh, its a pity that you guys are too late.

That Lee fellow has been gone for almost two hours.

He probably already had Elle.”

Salvatore smiled.

“Not necessarily! Tim, you dont know, right We robbed his bank.

I reckon hes not in the mood to play with women at all.

He must have left the city to chase after his money.”

Tim was delighted.

“Haha, so awesome Well done! Even if you have to burn the money, dont return it to him! Mr.

Jordan, you really have to have Elle.

Otherwise, Ill have suffered this beating for nothing!”

Jordan didnt want to voice his refusal and make Tim sad.

Instead, he patted Tims shoulder.

“Tim, well talk about Elle and me later.

The most important thing now is to help you take revenge! How did that President Lee beat you up I want you to do the same to him! No need to fear him just because hes a local tyrant and this is his territory.

Remember, no matter where you go, as long as youre my subordinate, you can do whatever you want.

You dont have to bow down to anyone!”

Tim was moved to tears when he heard this!

Just now he had sucked up to Lee Min-joon and begged for mercy.

But in the end, he was still beaten up like this!

Tim clenched his fists angrily.

“Thank you, Mr.


From now on, I will never bow down to anyone other than you!”

Jordan nodded.

“Lets go.

Ill bring you to take revenge!”

On Yeouido, in a private mansion.

Lee Min-joon had just rushed back from the city outskirts.

Dressed in a suit, he was drenched in sweat from the heat, but he had no intention of taking a shower.

He couldnt wait to seek out Elle.

“Hehe, the number one beauty in the US.

My dear Jenny, Im here!”

Lee Min-joon once again held the doorknob with his right hand.

However, just as he was about to push the door open, he was interrupted again!

“President! President!”

One of his subordinates ran over anxiously.

Lee Min-joon was furious.

His desire to enjoy the beauty had been disrupted twice!

“Whats wrong now” Lee Min-joon asked impatiently.

The subordinate answered in a panic, “Some men broke… broke into the house and said that they want to take revenge on you!”

Lee Min-joon was momentarily startled.

“Revenge Could it be that man from TL plastic surgery hospital Hmph, he overestimates himself.

He wants to take revenge on me I have dozens of bodyguards with me.

Whats there to be afraid of!

“Dont disturb me.

Kill all those men! Ill settle with the police later!”

With that, Lee Min-joon pushed open the bedroom door.

However, right at this moment, four figures suddenly appeared in front of him.

They were Jordan, Dragon, Salvatore and Tim!

“Damn it! How did they get in!”

Lee Min-joon was in disbelief.

The security here was very strong.

He had dozens of bodyguards and they were all armed.

It was impossible for this small group of men to barge in!

However, he didnt know that his bodyguards had been swiftly taken care of by Dragons men.

Bodyguards were different from soldiers who had been on the battlefield.

Seeing that something was wrong, Lee Min-joon immediately snatched the gun from his subordinate.

He aimed it at Jordan and was about to shoot!


Dragon threw a dart at Lee Min-joons wrist.

The gun fell from his hand and onto the ground.

The dart pierced straight through Lee Min-joons wrist, causing blood to flow.


Lee Min-joon held his injured right hand with his other hand.

This was the first time he had seen such a terrifying expert!

“President! President, how are you! You b*stards! Ill fight it out with you!”

Lee Min-joons subordinate wanted to pick up his gun, but Salvatore rushed forward and punched him in the face!



With two punches, Salvatore knocked the other party unconscious.

Tim approached Lee Min-joon.

Terrified, Lee Min-joon kept retreating until he reached a corner.

Tim touched his injured face and said to Lee Min-joon, “President Lee, do you still remember who I am”

Lee Min-joon swallowed nervously.

He had beaten Tim up until he was unrecognizable.

Now that Tim had found reinforcements, he would definitely be beaten up!

Lee Min-joon still cared a lot about his appearance, and he wasted no time in admitting defeat.

“Brother, its all a misunderstanding.

Isnt this just for a female celebrity We dont have to make things so serious.”

As Lee Min-joon spoke, he suddenly looked at Jordan.

“If Im not wrong, this imposing gentleman is the Mr.

Jordan Steele you were talking about earlier, right”

Jordan did not expect Lee Min-joon to guess his identity.

He nodded.

“Thats right, Im Jordan Steele! President Lee, I heard that you were planning to rape my woman and frame me for it”


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