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Chapter 534 No One Is Worthy Of Madam!

Lee Min-joon smiled obsequiously.


Jordan, youve misunderstood.

Your man must have heard me wrong.

Ive never thought of raping your woman! It was Mr.

Adler who planned the kidnap of Ms.


I dont know anything!”

Jordan smiled, “You dont know Let me ask you, where is Jenny now!”

The words made Lee Min-joon break out in a cold sweat.

Elle was currently in his bedroom, and she was naked! The moment Jordan pushed the door open, it would be useless no matter how much Lee Min-joon tried to deny


“Jordan… is it Jordan Help, Im here!”

Elle, who was in the bedroom, suddenly cried out.

Salvatore hurriedly said, “Ill go save Ms.

Elle first.”

But Elle shouted.

“No! Apart from Jordan, no one else is allowed to come in!”

Salvatore was stunned and didnt know what to do.

Jordan said, “Well save her later.

She should be fine for now.”

Salvatore nodded.

Jordan looked at the time.

He did not want to waste too much time on Lee Min-joon.

He had come to South Korea to capture Jamie and complete his final mission.

Now, nothing was more important than knowing his familys secret!

Jordan said to Tim, “Tim, take your revenge.

Beat him up the same way that he did to you.”

Tim agreed excitedly.


Raising his fist, Tim punched Lee Min-joon in the face!

“Argh! Dont hit me! I can give you money! Im the president of the Bank of Korea.

If you want cash or gold bars, I can give them to you!”

Lee Min-joons hand was injured and he couldnt even resist.

Jordan smiled.

“President Lee, I have the 8 billion won from your vault.

How can you have any cash left”

The words left Lee Min-joon stunned.

Just now, he had chased after the bank robbers out of the city.

It was only after he returned that he was informed that there was no money in the truck!

Dragons men had already transferred the money to another vehicle.

Lee Min-joon was furious.

“You audacious b*stard! How dare you rob my bank!”




Tim punched Lee Min-joons nose three times in a row.

“How dare you! How dare you talk to Mr.

Jordan like that.

Youre courting death!”

Lee Min-joon was also furious.

He knew that begging for mercy was useless and wanted to resist.

However, just as he made a move, Salvatore kicked him.

Within two minutes, Lee Min-joon was beaten beyond recognition.

He was in a worse state than Tim.

Lee Min-joon went crazy.

He roared, “Argh!! You despicable foreigners dare to humiliate me like this! You should feel lucky that I deigned to desire your woman! You b*tches! Jordan Steele! You fool! You attacked me over a woman and a despicable subordinate!

“Think about it.

If I dare to kill a doctor in the hospital without batting an eyelid, it proves that my status is not just that of the president of a bank! Cant you tell!”

Jordan sneered.

“I can tell, but so what You hit my subordinate.

No matter how powerful your backer is, Ill make you pay with your blood!”

Lee Min-joon laughed loudly.

“Arrogant! Foolish! Remember, this is South Korea! Do you think you can leave this country now that you have done this Let me tell you, Im with Park Anya!”

Lee Min-joons tone implied that it was a very powerful name.

Unfortunately, it did not scare Jordan and the rest.

Jordan asked, “Whos Park Anya”

Salvatore and Dragon said in unison, “Weve never heard of this person.”

“Damn you fools!” Lee Min-joon was furious.

“If you dont know Park Anya, you should at least know who Cheon Ji-hoon is! Park Anya is Cheon Ji-hoons wife!”

Salvatore laughed and said, “I only know of the singer Jeong Ji-hoon.

Im a fan of his, haha.”

Tim chimed in.

“Me too! I like his songIts Raining the most.

Salvatore, which of his songs do you like”

Salvatore replied, “I likeLove Story.”

Tim agreed.

“Oh, I like that song too.”

Now that Salvatore and Tim had vented their anger, they started chatting about their favorite songs in front of the battered Lee Min-joon.

Lee Min-joon was furious!

“F*ck you!” Lee Min-joon was furious.

“Ignorant! Foolish! You guys are standing on South Korean soil, but you dont even know who Cheon Ji-hoon is.

And you are so cocky about it.

You guys are courting death!”

At this moment, Dragon took out his phone and searched for the names that Lee Min-joon mentioned.

Indeed, Cheon Ji-hoon was a famous person.

His information immediately appeared on the search engine.


Dragon showed his phone to Jordan.

Jordan took a look and realized that the middle-aged man was a political candidate.

No wonder Lee Min-joon was so agitated.

Jordan looked at the phone screen and realized that there was a photo of Cheon Ji-hoon and Park Anya at the bottom.


Jordan was stunned when he saw the photo.

He enlarged the photo.

He wanted to see Park Anya more clearly.

After enlarging the photo, he saw a very elegant and beautiful woman.


Jordan subconsciously blurted out!

Park Anya was the woman Jordan had protected on the Syrian battlefield back then!

Dragon, Salvatore and some others also encountered “Madam” when they flew Zephyr Three to South Korea.

They hurried over to look at the phone screen.

Indeed, the woman in the photo was the same as the woman they saw in the suburbs that day!

Salvatore and Tim looked at each other.

They did not expect Lee Min-joon to be a subordinate of Jordans “ex-lover”.

Lee Min-joon suddenly laughed out loud when he heard Jordan calling Park Anya “Madam.”

“Haha, what did you just call her Madam Interesting.

Only our subordinates would call her that.

So youre working for Madam too!”

Actually, Lee Min-joon was not completely wrong.

That was because on the Syrian battlefield, Jordan was Park Anyas bodyguard so he could be considered her subordinate.

Tim cursed.

“Bullsh*t! Your Madam is Mr.

Jordans ex-lover! Do you think Mr.

Jordan is like you A lowly dog”

Lee Min-joon laughed out loud.

“Stop bragging! Madams influence is so huge that no one in South Korea can compare to her! Even her husband, Cheon Ji-hoon, wouldnt be where he is today without Madams help! To be frank, Cheon Ji-hoon is Madams puppet!

“Youre just a 20-year-old brat.

How dare you call Madam your ex-lover Pfft! You claimed that youre Jennys boyfriend.

That I believe.

Shes just a minor celebrity who only has a good figure.

Any handsome and rich guy would be able to have her! But you will never have any kind of relationship with Madam! Because you, me and all other men in the world are not worthy of her!!”


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