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Chapter 535 Madams Influence on Jordan!!

Even talking about “Madam” made Lee Min-joon incredibly agitated! He had elevated her into a woman who was even more noble than a goddess.

Meanwhile, Jordan and himself were insignificant mortals before her.

Unable to stand it, Tim threw another punch!

“F*ck! I think you havent been beaten up enough! How dare you say that Mr.

Jordan isnt worthy of Madam That old woman is clearly not worthy of Mr.

Jordan! She is almost 40 years old, and shes married with children.


Jordan isnt even 30 years old yet! In terms of looks, even a 20-year-old Madam cannot compare to Mr.

Jordans current wife! You arrogant snob.

Madam looks so proper, but she has slept with countless men in secret!”

Lee Min-joon gritted his teeth as he glared at Tim.

He was clearly unconvinced by his words.

Lee Min-joon did not want to waste words on this scoundrel.

He knew that it was useless to talk to a subordinate like Tim, so he asked Jordan directly.

“Jordan, you said that you and Madam are ex-lovers.

Do you dare to swear it! I bet youre lying! Because Im 100% sure that Madam would never fall for the likes of you!”

Madam would never fall for the likes of him!

Lee Min-joons final sentence pierced Jordans heart deeply!

Because what he said was true!

Back then, on the Syrian battlefield, Jordan had protected Madam.

He had even taken a bullet for her!

During the dangerous escape, Jordan and Madam hid at the bottom of a valley.

They stayed in that romantic and quiet place for more than 10 hours!

During that period, Jordan and Madam huddled together very closely.

Their eyes met.

They were so close that they could hear each others breathing.

It was then that Jordan fell in love with this mature and charming woman!

Madam took the initiative to kiss him, but she refused to go further.

She told Jordan that he was not yet good enough for her.

Lee Min-joon was right.

Madam did not fall for the likes of him!

Jordan was very unhappy at the thought of this.

He still felt indignant about this rejection even though many years had passed!

Actually, Madam had a huge influence on Jordan.

She was a major influence on Jordans subsequent love affairs…

Including Lauren, Hailey and Victoria!

First was Lauren.

After Madam left the battlefield, Jordan would still think about her from time to time.

It was less than half a month after Madam left that Jamie had thrown Lauren into the small black


In the dark room, Jordan could not see Lauren.

He did not know that she was exceptionally beautiful.

Everyone could fantasize.

That time, when they were conceiving their cute daughter Chloe…

Jordan had actually imagined Lauren to be Madam!

He had fallen in love with Madam, but he couldnt have her.

Coincidentally, the heavens had arranged a woman for him at that moment.

Jordan let nature take its course as he recalled Madams beauty.

Jordan never told Lauren about this.

He would never tell her in this lifetime.

As for Hailey…

Jordan liked Hailey and was willing to sacrifice so much for her.

Actually, it was partly because of Madam.

Back then, after a year of battle experience, Jordan went to Orlando to get married.

Although Hailey was beautiful, Jordan was already used to all types of beautiful women.

Haileys beauty alone was not enough to make Jordan like her.

However, Hailey was arrogant towards Jordan and looked down on him.

Her attitude was like Madams!

Jordan had no chance to prove himself to Madam, but he had the chance to prove himself to Hailey.

Therefore, he gradually fell in love with Hailey.

As for Victoria, she and Madam were very similar in appearance, age and personality.

Victoria was a copy of Madam.

But to be objective, in terms of ability, ambition, charm and looks, Madam was actually one level higher than Victoria!

As a result, Jordans decision to be with Victoria was influenced by his love for Madam.

Even Jordan didnt expect for a woman who rejected him four years ago to continue having such a huge impact on his love life!

Madam was indeed the most charming woman Jordan had ever met!

At this moment, Tim was once again incensed.

“You dare to doubt Mr.

Jordan Ill beat you up until your mother wont recognize you!”

With that, Tim swung his fist again

But Jordan stopped him.

“Tim, forget it.”

Jordan looked at Lee Min-joon.

“Since youre Madams…”

Jordan paused and took a deep breath, “Since youre Park Anyas subordinate, Ill spare your life today.

Your punishment will end here.

From now on, youre not allowed to target Jenny or interact with Mr.

Adler anymore.”

Out of respect for Madam, Jordan wanted to end his grudge with Lee Min-joon.

However, Lee Min-joon believed that Jordan was doing this because he was terrified!

Lee Min-joon stood up and said with a smile, “Hahaha, Jordan, are you afraid now You still dare to say that you are sparing me On my end, I have no intention of letting you off! You robbed my bank and ruined my plans.

You even dared to claim that youre Madams ex-lover! I will report to Madam.

I will get her to kill you personally!”

Lee Min-joons eyes were venomous.

It was obvious that he wanted Jordan dead!

Jordan wanted to spare Lee Min-joon.

But since Lee Min-joon insisted that he wanted to kill him, there was no need for Jordan to be merciful!

Jordan took a gun from Dragon and walked up to Lee Min-joon.

He asked, “You want me killed You want Madam to personally kill


Lee Min-joon looked at Jordan fiercely.

“Thats right! Im going to have you chopped into pieces!”

Salvatore cursed.

“You b*stard…”

From the look on Salvatores face, it was obvious that he was about to beat someone up.

However, Jordan reached out and stopped him.

Jordan was neither angered nor annoyed.

He said to Lee Min-joon, “Alright, call Madam now.

Tell her that I want to sleep with her.”

Lee Min-joon glared at Jordan.

“How dare you! How dare you speak of Madam like this! Alright, Ill call her now.

Let me tell you, if you dare to provoke her, you wont live past tomorrow morning!”

With that, Lee Min-joon picked up his phone and dialed a number.

He put it on speaker.


On the other end of the line, the gentle voice of a woman could be heard.

Jordan felt warmth in his heart when he heard that voice.

It was Madams voice! This was the voice that said that Jordan was not good enough!

Lee Min-joon said, “Madam, theres a foreign man who doesnt know whats good for him.

He said he wants to sleep with you! He…”


Before Lee Min-joon could finish, Jordan shot


Lee Min-joon collapsed.

On the other end of the line, Madam cried in shock, “Who! Who fired the gun! Lee Min-joon, speak! Who wants to sleep with me Who on earth is that person!”

Jordan picked up the phone that had fallen to the ground and paused for 10 seconds before saying his name.

“Jordan Steele!”


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