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Chapter 536 Compensation From The Camden Family!

Jordan hung up after saying his name.

Dragon, Salvatore and Tim were stunned.

They did not expect Jordan to kill Lee Min-joon himself.

Of course, Lee Min-joon deserved to die.

If he was spared, he would definitely take revenge on Jordan.

Lee Min-joon had already made it clear that he wanted to kill Jordan, so there was no reason for him to let such a person exist in this world and be a threat to him.

Tim gaped for a long time before saying, “Mr.

Jordan… is awesome!”

Salvatore also said, “Killing such a beast will only dirty Mr.

Jordans hands.

You should have left it to me or Dragon!”

At that moment, Jordan appeared even more imposing in their hearts.

He asked Lee Min-joon to call Madam and got rid of him while he was still talking to her!

Jordan had clearly done it for Madams benefit.

Moreover, he had taken the initiative to let her know that he was the one who killed Lee Min-joon.

The three of them could tell that Jordan seemed to want to prove something to Madam.

Actually, this was not the first time Jordan had killed someone.

He had killed countless people on the battlefield.

Every time he killed someone, Jordan would feel like his heart was in a mess.

He would become abnormally irritable and uneasy.

He would need to vent!

Jordan threw the gun down and walked to the bedroom without expression.

The moment he pushed the door open, he felt a chill.

It was not just the air conditioner in the room, but also the scene he saw.


Elle, who was tied to the bed, cried out in excitement when she saw Jordan.

Jordan hastily closed the door to prevent the other three from seeing Elle in her state.

He also tried his best to adopt a sage-like mental state.

Walking to the bed, he untied the ropes around Elles wrists and ankles.

“Ill find some clothes for you to wear.”

Unexpectedly, Elle hugged Jordan.

“Jordan! I knew you would save me! I was so afraid.

I was really worried that my first time will be tainted by that b*stard.

If Im tainted by him, I wont be able to be with you in this life anymore.

Sob sob…”

Jordan said in exasperation, “Elle, I told you that I dont like you.

Yes, youre a popular celebrity now, the dream lover of countless men.

But no matter how sexy and perfect you are, I wont like you!”

Elle was indignant.

“Why I did plastic surgery for you, I exercise many hours a day to maintain my figure.

Why am I able to make all the men in the US fall for me, apart from you Hailey cheated on you but you could forgive her and continue to like her.

I love you and only you wholeheartedly.

Why dont you like me If Dad didnt cancel our betrothal back then, I would have been your woman! B*tches like Lauren and Victoria wouldnt have had the chance to get close to you!”


Jordan slapped Elles exquisite face.

He was already very irritable from killing Lee Min-joon.

Now, Elle dared to call Jordans women b*tches.

She was asking for a beating!

Jordan said angrily, “Elle, stop talking about our betrothal.

Dont forget what your attitude was like when your father raised this matter last year! You said that you dont care for a man like me at all.

You even said that youre glad that your father helped you reject this marriage and let you escape!

“Ask yourself, if we were married back then, what would be the difference between you and Hailey In your eyes, I would also be a good-for-nothing! You would also look down on me and find other men behind my back!”

Elle was rendered speechless.

She knew that what Jordan said was the truth.

If the two of them had gotten married, Elle would definitely stay in separate rooms from Jordan.

She would not let him touch her.

As for extramarital affairs, Elle was still young.

She might not really have a physical affair, but she would definitely flirt with countless men.

After all, she had so many fans on the internet and so many men asking about her every day.

She flirted with many of them and addressed them as “dear” and “hubby”.

Even so, Elle hugged Jordan while crying.

“Jordan, I wont.

I really wont.

I wont hurt you like Hailey did.

Believe me.”

Jordan was furious at the mention of Haileys name.

Recalling how he suffered during his marriage to Hailey, Jordan could not resist slapping Elle again!


Jordan said angrily, “The Camden family bullied me for three whole years! During that period your father and your brother have insulted me more times than I can remember! I thought that you are still so young and wanted to let you preserve your precious first time for your future husband.

“Since you dont want to cherish that opportunity, fine, Ill fulfill your wish.

I will treat this as compensation from the Camden family!”

20 minutes later.

Jordan and Elle walked out of the bedroom.

Jordan had been irritable and antsy when he entered the room.

But now, he was clearly much more relaxed.

As for Elle, she had a blissful smile on her face.

Salvatore and Tim looked at them and kept smiling mischievously.

Jenny, the number one beauty in the US and who had an amazing figure, had been taken by their master.

Tim joked, “If Elles male fans find out about this, theyll be so angry that theyll jump off a building and commit suicide, right Haha.”

On the other hand, Dragon was as professional as ever.

When he saw Jordan emerge, he immediately went forward to report.

“Master, a car full of armed men came earlier.

Our men have taken care of them.

Im guessing that Madam sent those men.”


Jordan could not help being moved by that name.

She was a true black widow!

In response, he said, “Lee Min-joon was killed.

She will definitely send people over to investigate.

Now that we have killed this first wave of her men, she will definitely dispatch more soon.

Our purpose for coming here isnt to go against this woman, but to capture Jamie.

We cant stay here for long.

Theres no need to fight her head-on.

Leave immediately!”

Dragon answered, “Got it!”

Just as Jordan was about to take a step, Elle grabbed his arm and asked softly, “Jordan, where are you guys going Can I come with you”

Jordan said, “You should return to the US as soon as possible.

I think your face is perfect.

Theres no need to go to the plastic surgery hospital for maintenance.

Since youve decided to join the entertainment industry, then practice your singing and dancing.

Hone your acting skills also, and dont let down your fans.”

Elle nodded.

“Yes, yes.

Ill work hard so that I wont disappoint you and my fans!”


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