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Chapter 539 Im No Longer The Same!

Anyone with experience in romantic relationships would understand that in the game of love, whoever made the first move would lose.

The young and infatuated Jordan had met a woman who was 10 years older than him.

Right from the start of this game, Jordan was destined to lose to this woman.

However, Jordan never expected that Park Anya would not even recognize him.

It was too sad!

Park Anya smiled at Jordan.

She stretched out her slender right hand and caressed his handsome face as if she was toying with him.

“Why, handsome, should I remember you Did I play with you before and make you accompany me Hehe, it must be because you didnt serve me well or your skills are too lousy, so I cant remember.

You can only blame yourself for being too useless!”

This woman was mocking Jordan in public!

Park Anya had a husband.

Moreover, her husband was known by everyone in the country.

He was a man of fame and status!

Of course, Park Anya was speaking in English.

Her Korean bodyguards probably couldnt understand her at all.

Park Anyas words disgusted Jordan!

All along, Park Anya held a very regal status in Jordans heart.

But now, she was saying that he might just be one of the many men she had picked up when she was feeling lonely


Was she really such an indecent woman in private

Why did she act so noble in Syria then!

At that time, they were hidden at the bottom of a valley and had run out of food and bullets.

If their enemies found them, they would have died there! Even when faced with imminent death, she refused to have sex with Jordan.

In that case, how could she be so vulgar

Taking advantage of the fact that she was in her own territory and had so many bodyguards around her, Park Anya was fearless.

She even slapped Jordans face repeatedly.

Jordan could not take it anymore.

The woman he loved for the past four years but could not have had already forgotten about him!

Moreover, she even insulted him!


Jordan slapped her noble face.

Park Anya was stunned.

She held her face, not believing that someone dared to hit her.

It was as if she had never been beaten in her life!

The other bodyguards seemed to have gone crazy as well.

They were all in a fluster and were about to shoot Jordan.

However, Park Anya snatched up a gun and aimed it at Jordan.

Her hair was a little messy from his slap.

She pointed the gun at Jordan.

“Do you know that no one in this world has ever slapped


Jordan replied coldly, “You are pointing a gun at me You want to kill me You want to shoot a man who took a bullet for you”

Park Anya was stunned for a moment.

A gentle expression spread across her face.

“What… what did you say”

Jordan said, “Four years ago, in Syria, you would have died if I didnt take that bullet for you!”

Four years ago, the situation was critical.

Someone was hidden in the bushes, waiting to ambush Park Anya and shoot her.

At that time, Jordan was fleeing with Park Anya in his arms.

He could not dodge in time.

He was wearing a bulletproof vest while Park Anya was not.

If the bullet had hit Park Anya, she would have died.

For some unknown reason, Jordan had been willing to take the bullet for her.

Perhaps he did not want to see such a beautiful woman die on the battlefield, or perhaps he had already fallen for her back then.


Of course, Jordan remained fine after being shot as he was wearing the Steele familys custom-made bulletproof vest.

The two of them managed to escape.

Even so, if Jordan had not blocked the bullet for her, she would be long dead!

Park Anya looked at Jordan again.

She felt like a lifetime had passed.

“Youre… that soldier!”

She finally remembered Jordan!


That was what Park Anya called Jordan.

She had never asked Jordan for his name.

She only called him “soldier”.

Park Anyas voice was very pleasant.

Jordan felt very warm every time he heard her call him “Soldier”.

Park Anya finally put the gun down.

Jordan was right.

She could not point a gun at someone who had taken a bullet for her.

Suddenly she laughed.

“Why did you come to South Korea”

Jordan smiled.

“To sleep with you.

Didnt you tell me to come to South Korea to find you”

Park Anya smiled charmingly.

“I said to come to look for me after you become successful.

You dont have the right to be my man if youre still an insignificant soldier! So, soldier, tell me, what have you accomplished over the past few years”

Just then, Park Anyas phone rang.


Park Anya picked up her Apple phone.

“Madam, weve found Jordan Steeles information and sent it to your phone!”

The person on the other end of the line reported.

“Got it.”

Park Anya hung up and opened the latest message.

When Park Anyas subordinate, Lee Min-joon, was killed, she had assigned some people to investigate “Jordan Steele”.


She opened the information sent by her subordinate and saw Jordans photo.

Park Anya was shocked.

The person in the photo was identical to the “soldier” in front of her!

“Youre Jordan Steele The one who killed Lee Min-joon” Park Anya was surprised.

All the bodyguards were shocked.

They knew that Jordan Steele was a dangerous person and were prepared to subdue him.

Jordan knew that they would attack him in revenge for killing Lee Min-joon, so he immediately made his move!

Jordan pulled Park Anya over at lightning speed and snatched up her gun.

He aimed it at her head and held her hostage.

“Let Madam go!”

“If you dare to touch a single strand of Madams hair, Ill dismember you!”

Jordan ignored the bodyguards and said to her, “Ask your men to get out!”

With a gun pointed at her head, Park Anya didnt dare to disobey.

She made everyone leave the room and close the door.

Now, Jordan and Park Anya were pressed close together.

Jordan could clearly smell her fragrance.

Having interacted with beauties like Hailey, he recognized many signature perfumes.

However, Jordan had never encountered such a fragrance before.

It was very pleasant, very light and elegant, and very alluring.

“Alright, my subordinates have all left.

Can you put the gun down and stop pawing at my neck Or did you miss me so much over the years that you cant resist leaning against



Jordan scoffed and let go of her in disdain.

He didnt want Park Anya to think that he was just some insignificant admirer.

After being released, Park Anya tidied her clothes and sat on the small sofa in the room with her legs crossed.

She started to read the information her subordinate had sent her about Jordan.

“Jordan Steele is the ex-president of Ace Corporation, a listed company in the US.

Hes now the president of J Corporation and J Films.

His net worth is estimated to be above 20 trillion won!”


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