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Chapter 541 You Are Not Worthy Of Me!

Park Anya said charmingly, “When we were choosing an interpreter and bodyguard on the battlefield, I took a liking to you at first glance.

Youre very good-looking.

I didnt expect your abilities to be equally outstanding

“Its a pity that your background is too low.

Perhaps you think that becoming a trillionaire in a few years is already a top-notch achievement.

But let me tell you, youre still far from being top-notch! There are many things in this world that you dont know about.

There are many secret families that you have no idea exist! They are the top in this world!

Jordan was stunned.

Secret family!

Park Anya actually knew about the Steeles!

No wonder she looked down on Jordans current results.

She had heard about the Steeles! Indeed, what was a mere 20 trillion won in the eyes of the Steele family

Bang! Bang! Bang! Just then, someone knocked on the door.

Jordan was immediately alerted and picked up the gun.

“Honey, are you in there”

A mans voice was heard from outside.

Park Anya said calmly, “Its my husband.

Go open the door.”

Jordan said, “Do you think I am crazy Open the door and let your husband direct his men in to kill me Put on your clothes immediately.

Otherwise, Ill hold you hostage now!”

Park Anya said in exasperation, “Ive already said that Ive removed all the security forces outside this room.

No one will touch you! Hehe, I didnt expect you to become so timid after four years.”


Jordan was furious.

He did not want this woman to look down on him.


Anyway, with the strength of your security guards, they cant hurt me.

If they dare to attack, dont blame me for killing them!”

As Jordan spoke, he walked out of the bathroom and went to open the bedroom door.

Jordan opened the door carefully and realized that there was only Cheon Ji-hoon outside.

There were no bodyguards.

Park Anya seemed to be telling the truth.

She had really dismissed all the security personnel.

Jordan sized up the middle-aged man.

He was a very ordinary man from South Korea.

He had a medium build and average looks.

He looked to be in his forties.

Cheon Ji-hoon smiled at Jordan.

He did not show any hostility or anxiety as he asked, “Are you the new bodyguard Is Madam inside”

So Cheon Ji-hoon thought Jordan was his familys bodyguard.

It seemed like these bodyguards usually protected Park Anya.

Otherwise, as the employer, Cheon Ji-hoon should have recognized his personal bodyguards.

Seeing that there was no need to attack, Jordan went along with the act.

“Shes in the bathroom.”

Cheon Ji-hoon didnt say anything and walked over.

Jordan closed the door and followed him.

Seeing Cheon Ji-hoon enter, Park Anya asked indifferently, “Why are you here” Her tone was rather cold, it was as if they were not husband and wife.

Jordan found it strange because he had stayed in South Korea for a year when he was young.

He knew that in South Korea, the husband was always superior to the wife.

Many people had been misled by the feisty female leads of those Korean movies.

Actually, women in South Korea did not have much status at home.

Unlike most women in the modern western world who could berate and discipline their husbands after getting married.

In addition, with Cheon Ji-hoons social status, he was clearly on a higher level than Park Anya.

Logically speaking, when a husband like Cheon Ji-hoon returned home, Park Anya should have welcomed him at the door and taken the initiative to help him change into his home slippers.

Could it be that Park Anya had a powerful family background too

Cheon Ji-hoon walked to her side and asked, “Honey, I heard that something happened to my daughter, so I rushed over.

What happened to her”

Park Anya glanced at Jordan before saying to Cheon Ji-hoon, “Its all fine.

I just got a scare.”

Cheon Ji-hoon nodded.

“Oh, thats good.” Park Anya asked, “Arent you concerned about me”

Cheon Ji-hoon glanced at Jordan who was standing outside and smiled.

“You have bodyguards following you even when taking a shower.

How could anything happen to you Haha.”

Park Anya looked unhappy.

“I think you are only concerned about other women and dont have the time to care about me, right”

Cheon Ji-hoons expression turned ugly.

“Ive been busy the entire day.

Im going to take a rest first.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Jordan bowed like a subordinate and watched him leave.

However, Park Anya suddenly asked Jordan, “Jordan, come here and scrub my back.”

Jordan was stunned!

When Cheon Ji-hoon heard this, he immediately stopped in his tracks, his face turning red!

Park Anya actually asked for such a thing from her bodyguard right in front of her husband.

She was clearly angry and trying to humiliate him!

Unexpectedly, Cheon Ji-hoon didnt say a word.

He endured the humiliation and quickly left the room.

Jordan walked towards Park Anya, staring at her in disbelief.

He had always felt that Hailey was a very bad woman, but she was not even a tenth as bad as Park Anya! WhileHailey had affairs with Tyler and Cayden.

But at the very least, she was discreet and tried to keep them from Jordan.

Meanwhile, Park Anya openly made such a request in front of her husband.

If Jordan was Park Anyas husband, he would probably be so angry that he would chop someone with a knife!

This woman was indeed terrifying!

Jordan said, “Your husband must think that theres something between us now.

He will hate me to the core.

Madam, youre not that kind of woman.

Why did you do this”

Although Jordan had not known Park Anya for long, he believed that he understood her well.

Four years ago, when she was on the verge of death, Park Anya had insisted that a lowly soldier was not worthy to be her lover.

Now, it was even more impossible for Park Anya to lower herself like this.

Jordan had never seen such high standards in his life.

If Jordan was right, there were probably not many men in the world who could catch the eye of a woman like Park Anya.

Therefore, it was near-impossible for her to have an affair.

Park Anya smiled.

“Oh You can actually tell that Im not that kind of woman”

Park Anya had always wanted to show that she liked to play with men just as rich men liked to play with women.

Unfortunately, she had failed.

Jordan said, “Im not being narcissistic.

I can definitely beat 99% of the men in your country.

But you still dont like me.

The other men dont stand a chance.”

Park Anya smiled.

“I like confident men.

Im becoming more and more interested in you.

Ill give you a chance now.

Tell me your story while you scrub my back.

Tell me about what happened over the past few years.”

Jordan sneered.

“Im sorry, youre not worthy!”

“What did you say” Park Anya was instantly unhappy.

There was a hint of surprise in her displeasure as if she was amazed that a man would reject her, to reject the opportunity to serve her.

“Sorry, Im in a hurry.

I have to go now.

I dont have time to give you a massage.

Also, youve felt that Im not worthy of you since four years ago.

Even now, you still think so.

I swear that one day, Ill let you realize that youre the one not worthy of me, Jordan Steele!”


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