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Chapter 542 One-On-One Fight With Jamie!

After leaving those departing words, Jordan exited the bathroom and jumped out of the window of the bedroom.

Park Anya had kept her word, she did not lie to Jordan.

The security guards outside had all left.

Jordan walked out of the house easily and left in a car.

Once Jordan had left, Park Anya continued soaking in the bathtub with an intrigued look on her face.

She held her phone and continued to look at Jordans photo as she muttered his name.

“Jordan… I didnt expect us to be so fated.

Indeed its not bad for a lowly soldier to become a top tycoon in just four years.

Handsome boy, I hope you can continue to rise.

One more level and youll be qualified to be my lover.

I really hope that you can be my man, hehe.”

Park Anya smiled charmingly, a glass of red wine in her hand.

She was indeed drop-dead gorgeous.

At Park Hyatt Hotel.

After returning to the hotel, Jordan asked Dragon to come back as well.

“Master, did you encounter any trouble in that house I fought with Phoenix.

He said that if you barge in, you might die there,” Dragon asked with concern.

Salvatore was very anxious.

“F*ck, so serious If I had known, I would have gone in to protect Mr.


Jordan said, “That was Cheon Ji-hoon and Park Anyas house.”

“Park Anya Isnt that Madam Mr.

Jordans ex-lover F*ck, why did Mr.

Jamie go there Dont tell me hes having an affair with Madam” Tim asked.

“Thats possible.

Hasnt Jamie always been passionate about collecting the best beauties in the world Although Madam cant compare to Ms.

Lauren, shes still a top-notch beauty.

But didnt he say that he was going to fool around with an underaged girl Why did he change to Madam” asked Salvatore.

Jordan said, “Jamie was going to fool around with Madams daughter.”

Everyone was shocked.

That Jamie was incorrigible.

He really dared to do anything!

Jordan continued, “Ive injected Jamie with a facial-paralysis drug.

Hell come looking for me soon.

Well just wait for him at the hotel.

Its getting late.

Go back and rest.”


Jordan was alone in the presidential suite.

He poured a glass of red wine and prepared to drink by himself.

All the while, he played a Korean song, Baek Ji-youngs “Like Being Shot By a Bullet”.

Madam had introduced this song to Jordan four years ago while they were hiding in the valley.

She had played this song on repeat with her cell phone.

Jordan had taken a bullet for Park Anya so he felt very emotional when he heard the song.

He could empathize with the song.

At that time, as they listened to the melancholy music, Park Anya had asked Jordan, “If you die with me here today, will you feel regret”

Jordan joked, “Its better to die with a beauty like you than to die with a bunch of old men.

What about you If you die with a little soldier like me today, will you feel regret”

Park Anya smiled and shook her head.

“If God has arranged for me to die with you, then Im very satisfied with Gods arrangement.”

Recalling how gentle Park Anya was when she said that, Jordan could not help smiling as he sipped his red wine.

He was actually very grateful to have the chance to meet this woman again today.


A sudden knock on the door interrupted Jordans thoughts.

“Who is it” Jordan asked.

A womans voice came from outside the room.

“Hello, Mr.


I have brought you some fruits.”

Jordan opened the door suspiciously and saw an exquisite-looking South Korean woman.

However, at this moment, a mans figure suddenly appeared behind her!


The man charged at Jordan and smacked him.

Jordan quickly dodged.

It was Jamie!

“Hmph, I knew you would come looking for


Jamie didnt waste time talking and continued attacking Jordan.

Thump! Smack! Thump! Smack!

The two of them exchanged dozens of moves, just like 10 years ago, when they were still sparring as children.

However, Jordan came with a mission this time.

He did not hold back against Jamie.

Jordan suddenly became even more aggressive.

He attacked with all his strength, causing Jamie to retreat!

Five minutes later, Jamie finally couldnt hold on anymore.

Panting heavily, he raised his hand and said, “Alright, you win.

I wont fight anymore!”


Although Jamie had raised the white flag, Jordan did not back down.

Instead, he punched him in the face!

Jamie took a solid punch and was extremely unhappy.

“F*ck! I already said I wasnt going to fight, but you still punched me! Do you want me to call Phoenix in”

Jordan scoffed.

“That punch was for Lauren! Jamie, four years ago, you abducted a good girl like Lauren and made me rape her! Do you know how deeply this affected and hurt her! How could you do that!”

Jordan had wanted to hit Jamie for a long time!

That incident was all Jamies fault.

And it had led to a whole string of events.

Jamie was unconvinced.

“You heartless person.

You enjoyed yourself with her but youre blaming me now As your brother, whats wrong with me finding you a woman to help you vent your loneliness 80% of women fantasize about being raped by tall, rich and handsome men.

I showed her your photo long before I sent her to Syria.

“Before we flew over, she appeared quite excited.

But on the way back, she kept crying.

Its obvious that your performance just wasnt up to mark! Besides, I only arranged for the two of you to sleep together once.

I didnt force you to have a child, right Its your fault that Lauren gave birth to Chloe.

Speaking of which, what were you thinking back then Ive always been curious about this.

“Werent you worried that the woman in the dark room is an ugly freak What if you impregnated an ugly freak who then gave birth to your child Wont you have a mental breakdown for the rest of your life”

Jordan was speechless.

He could not see Laurens face clearly back then!

However, at that time, he treated Lauren as Park Anya.

That was why… Chloe was born.



Exasperated, Jordan threw another punch at Jamies face.

Jamie was furious.

“Jordan, are you insane! Are you done!”

Jordan said, “That punch was for Hailey! I heard from Grandpa that you chose Hailey to be my wife.

Did you already know what the Camden family was like And that she would cheat on me Is that why you chose her to humiliate me!”

Jamie shook his head helplessly.

“You heartless guy.

When I first saw Hailey, I was so elated that I was about to explode! I desperately wished that I could throw this woman onto a bed.

I deliberately reserved this supreme-grade woman for you.

But you let some heir from a second-rate family take her virginity.

If I had known that would happen, I would have bedded that little demoness for



Jamie returned Jordans punch.

“For Hailey, I should be the one punching you!”


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