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Chapter 544 The Worlds Eight Secret Families!!

Like that, Jamie went straight to the point.

He told Jordan the worlds top secret!

Jamie said, “Actually, the Steeles arent the only secret family in this world.

There are a total of eight secret families in the world! The Steeles in the US, the Park family in South Korea, the Miyamoto family in Japan, and the Rong and Geng families in China.

The Addington family in England, the Haus family in Germany, and the Schmid family in Switzerland!”

Jordan was stunned.

So, there were eight secret families on the same level as the Steeles!

Jordan said, “The Rothschild and Rockefeller families arent considered secret families”

Families like the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family did exist, as many people on the internet called them.

Jamie smiled.

“Those families are also low-key and secretive.

However, they cant be compared to the eight great families! Other families only have hidden wealth.

Do you know what our eight families are hiding Medicine, technology, military power, unfound internet capabilities… it is a world that ordinary people have never even heard


Jordan asked, “Are you saying that the eight major families have more advanced technology than the public markets”

Actually, Jordan had always suspected this.

For example, the automated music system at the Steele Castle in England.

Whenever someone started singing, the system would immediately play the appropriate accompaniment music.

This technology was too awesome.

It was impossible to achieve in the current market.

Moreover, the drugs in Jordans medicine box were clearly of a higher grade than the drugs on the market.

When Jordan was blinded by Cayden, the doctors in Houston were helpless.

But Jordan was fine after taking one of his own drugs.

It was obvious that the Steele familys medicine was not available even in the top hospitals.

Jamie said, “Right now, the best offered on the market is considered the lowest level in the eyes of the eight great families! Norman was one of the top engineers in the US back then, but compared to our familys programmer, his standard is just that of a primary school student! However, our family saw that he had potential, so we asked him to work for us.

“As someone obsessed with technology, he was attracted by our high-end technology and immediately agreed to abandon his wife and daughter.

He hid his identity and worked for the Steeles wholeheartedly.”

Realization dawned upon Jordan.

He finally understood the truth behind Normans fake death back then.

It turned out that the Steeles had taken a liking and seen opportunity in Normans talent.

Meanwhile, Norman also admired the Steeles advanced technology.

He was like a person who had just developed a Contra video game and then suddenly discovered the high-level Call of Duty franchise.

The impact was too great for someone obsessed with technology.

Norman had no reason to reject it.

Jordan asked, “How skilled are our eight families in all aspects”

Jamie suddenly took out something the size of a piece of chocolate from his pocket and threw it to Jordan.

“Whats the most popular phone on the market now”

Jordan answered, “iPhone 12”

Jamie pointed at the item in Jordans hand.

“Youre holding an iPhone 18.”

Jordan was shocked.

“What 18!”

Jordan could not believe it.

He examined it carefully but did not know how to turn it on.

Moreover, it was very small.

Although it was convenient to carry, the screen was too small.

It would not be comfortable reading off such a small screen, right

Just as Jordan was feeling doubtful, he suddenly realized that the phone size could be adjusted! Jordan slowly opened it to the size of a normal phone.

Generally speaking, it was similar to those phones which could be folded.

But those phones would have a crease across the screen.

However, the screen of this phone had no creases at all.

The screen was very smooth and it was impossible to tell that it could be folded!

“This is unbelievable!”

Jordan was full of praise.

Jamie smiled.

“You havent discovered the true power of this phone.

Open the photo album and take a look.”

Jordan clicked on the photo album.

There were many photos inside.

They were all beautiful women.

Moreover, many of them were naked…

Jamie said, “Looking at those photos like this isnt satisfying enough, right You can pull them all out!”

“Pull them out” Jordan was confused.

Jamie pointed his right index finger at a photo on his phone.

With a gentle flick, he sent it into the air.

A magical scene appeared!

The photo was floating in the air! And it was extremely clear!

“Oh my god! This is too sci-fi… is this hologram technology!”

Jordan was shocked as he looked at the photo of the beautiful woman.

This way, it would be much easier to watch videos on your phone.

You could cast your phone screen anywhere you wanted.

There would be no market for televisions in the future!

Jamie said proudly, “You can zoom in on this photo or swipe left and right to see other photos.”

Jordan touched the photo in the air in disbelief.

Indeed, the photo could be enlarged and shrunk! He gently swiped the photo in the air, switching to the next photo.

It was a video file.

Jordan played it.

The background of the video looked very familiar.

Jordan had just been there.

It was Park Anyas daughters room.

Needless to say, she was the main focus of the video.

The video was a little unbearable to watch.

Jordan felt awkward when he heard the little girls voice.

He could not bear to see her like this, so he quickly stopped the video.

Jamie smiled.

“Whats wrong Arent you going to continue admiring her”

Jordan snapped angrily, “You are shameless!”

“The girl is not a virgin!” Jamie retorted.

“Besides, shes such a top-notch girl.

Even if I dont have her, someone else will.”

Jordan was exasperated but he did not want to argue with Jamie about that.

He continued to swipe.

This time, Jordan was incensed as it was Emilys private photo!

It was a selfie in front of a mirror.

Emily was wearing a strapless dress, which was extremely revealing.

She might as well have been naked!

Jealousy surged in Jordans heart.

He lunged at Jamie.

“You b*stard! Delete Emilys photo immediately!”

“Cough, cough…”

Jamie was choking from Jordans grasp.

“Alright, alright, Ill delete it now.

Whats wrong with you Emily isnt your wife, shes just your sister-in-law.

Why are you so agitated Its not as if I have your wifes private photos!”


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