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Chapter 545 Madam Is From A Secret Family!

Jordan didnt want to explain to Jamie that he had slept with Emily.

That was why she could be considered his woman now.

Although Jordan would not be with her, Emily liked him.

Jordan did not want a bad guy like Jamie to ogle at her private photos.

“Im warning you.

Youre not allowed to have any ideas about Emily! There are so many other women out there for you to fool with.

Emily is family!”

With a resigned sigh, Jamie deleted Emilys photo and said, “Alright, alright, I understand.

Can we talk business first Do you still want to hear about the family secret or not”

Jordan finally stopped grumbling and asked, “Does the Apple company own the iPhone 18 Did the eight families collaborate with Apple”

Jamie smiled.

“Collaborate Apple and Steve Jobs were already pushed out by the eight families! Actually, smartphones were developed by the eight families.

It took many years before they allowed Jobs to release the iPhone 4 and change the world.

As for the current 5G technology, we actually already developed it a few years ago.

“And its not just technology.

The same goes for medicine.

For terminal illnesses like cancer and HIV, theres no hospital in the world now that can treat them.

Patients can only wait for death.

But we can treat those illnesses!”

Jordan was stunned.

“What Youre saying that the eight families have figured out how to cure cancer”

Jamie nodded.

“Of course.

There are many other areas.

The eight families have all achieved what the current top figures in the world cant even imagine!”

Jordan was very curious.

“Why Why are the eight families so powerful Also, why are we keeping these techniques and not releasing them to the world And whats the relationship between the eight families Why these eight families in particular”

Jamie said, “I didnt ask Grandpa that much.

Im bold but not that meticulous.

I guess I should have brought you along when I drugged Grandpa.”

Jordan: “…”

‘If I knew that you were going to drug Grandpa, I would never have agreed to it!!

Jordan suddenly asked, “Did you say that the secret family in South Korea is called Park”

Suddenly, Jordan recalled that Madams surname was Park.

He wondered if she had anything to do with this family…

Jamie replied, “Thats right.

The current head is called Park Sang-jun.

Hes not old, but he has two sons and a daughter.

Oh, right.

Youve probably seen his daughter already.

It was her house we went to earlier.”

Jordan panicked.

“Are you trying to say that Park Anya is Park Sang-juns daughter”

Jamie was surprised.

“Yo, you even know her name Looks like you had a good chat with her just now.

Thats right.

Its that detestable woman, Park Anya.

Shes from the secret Park family.

Hehe, how is it I am awesome, right Screwing her daughter.

Shes not from an ordinary family.

Shes from a secret family thats on par with us.”

Jordan was in a daze.

“Madam… she also comes from a secret family…”

At that moment, Jordan finally understood why Park Anya said that he was not worthy of her despite being worth 20 trillion won!

Of course not! She came from a secret family!

20 trillion won was only USD 16 billion.

To her, it was considered small change!

Jamie saw that something was wrong with Jordan.

“Jordan, you called that vicious womanMadam Dont tell me you know her”

Jordan nodded blankly.

“I went to the battlefield to train four years ago.

She came to the battlefield and I was her bodyguard.”

Like Jordan, Jamie was well-versed in psychology and micro-expressions.

He could tell at a glance that Jordan had not just been a mere bodyguard to Park Anya.

Something else must have happened!

Jamie said seriously, “Jordan, I know that woman is very charming, but I have to warn you not to like her.

Dont provoke her.

Shes not someone you can control! Even I dont dare to chase after her.

Shes from a secret family like us.

The Park family is on par with us.

You cant even handle Hailey.

You definitely cant go after a woman like her.”

Jordan was very unhappy.

He hated being looked down upon! Although Jordan had no intention of pursuing her, why was Jamie so sure that he couldnt!


Park Anya was a descendant of a secret family, but so was Jordan!

Jordan suddenly thought of something.

He asked, “Jamie, do you know who the father of Park Anyas daughter is Is it Cheon Ji-hoon”

Jamie thought for a moment before saying, “Her daughters name is Park Sora, she follows her mothers surname.

But anyway, Cheon Ji-hoon and Park Anya have been married for many years.

So she should be Cheon Ji-hoons daughter, right”

Jamie wasnt too sure.

Meanwhile, Jordan felt that this point was worth pondering over.

At Park Anyas house earlier, he had witnessed how humble Cheon Ji-hoon behaved in front of his wife.

It was clear that Park Anya looked down on her husband! If she didnt like him now, how could she have liked him 15 years ago

With Park Anyas high standards and the fact that he was not an outstanding man, she would never willingly bear his children!

Moreover, Park Sora was so beautiful.

Cheon Ji-hoon was just average-looking.

He didnt look like someone who could have such a beautiful biological daughter.

Based on that alone, Jordan guessed that someone else must be Park Soras father!

“Who could make Madam willing to bear a daughter for him!”

Inexplicably, Jordan suddenly felt jealous of that man.

That was because he had completely defeated Jordan in this aspect.

Park Anya said that Jordan was not worthy to be her lover, but this man managed to convince her to bear his child.

Jordan did not think that there was a man more outstanding than him in this world!

At this moment, Jamie suddenly said, “Alright, Ive told you the family secret.

If theres nothing else, Im leaving!”

“Hey.” Jordan grabbed Jamie.

“Dont you want the antidote”

Jordan didnt want to let Jamie leave.

Although he had already told him the family secret, he still had to bring him back and hand him to his grandfather! After all, he had to complete the mission and gain his grandfathers approval.

So what if he now knew the family secret He still needed his grandfathers approval to access the familys advanced technologies!

Jamie smiled.

“The antidote to your facial paralysis drug Ive already dealt with it.

I even have an iPhone 18.

How could I not neutralize your low-end poison”

Still, Jordan refused to let go of Jamie.

“Jamie, can you have some wine with me Theres something Im afraid only you can help me with in this world!”

The words left Jamie surprised and he halted his steps.

“What is it”

“How can I win Park Anyas heart!”


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