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Chapter 546 Jordan, You Win!

Actually, Jordan would never pursue Park Anya.

Madam was indeed a great regret in his life, but he already had Lauren and Victoria.

Madam was also married.

Jordan only hoped that one day, she would no longer look down on him.

He never thought of snatching her from Cheon Ji-hoon.

He was just finding an excuse to make Jamie stay.

Jamie had always claimed to be an expert in romance.

His family had endless money and he was handsome.

As a result, he had enjoyed countless beauties across the world.

There was no doubt that Jamie was the absolute expert when it came to romance.

Therefore, Jordan pretended to consult him.

Jamie joked, “You brat, you are my younger brother, but now, you want to be my father-in-law”

Hadnt Jamie just slept with Park Anyas daughter Now, Jordan wanted to woo Park Anya.

Things could indeed get a little messy.

Jamie patted Jordans shoulder.

“Haha, I was just joking.

Looks like youre really interested in that Black Widow.

Sigh, my innocent little brother.

Alright, Ill help you.”

The two of them sat down and filled their wine glasses.

They drank as they chatted.

Jamie was an absolute expert when it came to conquering women.

He immediately started talking non-stop.

To be honest, Jordan did end up learning quite a number of good tips from Jamie.

By 2 AM, the two of them had polished off a few bottles of red wine.

Jamie said, “Alright, Ive said all that I can say.

Its getting late.

I have to go.” However, Jordan grabbed him.

“Hey, dont go.

Have some more.”

Jamie smiled.

“Do you think I cant tell you are just pretending to want to learn how to pick up girls from me You want to get me drunk and force me to stay, right You kept sending messages on your phone earlier.

You must be messaging Dragon and the rest of your guys to get ready to capture me, right Hehe, Ill be honest with you.

If I had wanted to leave, you would never be able to stop me.”

Jamie had seen through Jordans ploy.

Nevertheless, Jordan remained calm.

He took a sip from his wine glass and said, “I know.”

“Its good that you know.

Goodbye, my silly brother!”

Jamie smiled and stood up.

But Jordan said, “Jamie, you wont be able to leave today.”

Jamie looked at Jordan in surprise.

Jordan should know that their strengths were on par.

It was impossible for either side to defeat the other.

It was impossible for Jordan to keep Jamie here.

Jordan stood up.

“Its true I was texting my subordinates earlier.

I asked them to evacuate all the guests and staff from the hotel.

Now, theres only you and me in this hotel.

Oh, Dragon and Phoenix might be here too.

So thats four people.”

Jamie was shocked.

“What are you trying to



At this moment, there was a loud bang!

Jamie felt the entire floor shake.

The wine bottles and wine glasses on the table all fell to the ground.

Jamie held onto the table with a terrified expression.

“Whats that sound!” Jordan said calmly, “A bomb.” “A bomb Are you crazy Are you going to blow up this hotel” Jamie questioned.

Jordan replied, “Although youve told me the family secret, I still have to complete the mission to capture you.”

Jamie snorted.

“Little Brother, Ive always been the one controlling you.

You dont have the ability to control me!”

As he spoke, Jamie dashed out.

Jordan quickly went forward to stop him.

He leaped in front of Jamie.

Jamie threw a kick and the two brothers started fighting.


A dagger suddenly appeared in Jamies hand and he slashed Jordans shirt into shreds.

Jordan quickly took off his watch and threw it at Jamies hand, causing Jamie to drop the dagger! Jamie did not want to continue fighting with Jordan.

He quickly opened the door and prepared to leave.

However, at this moment, there was another loud bang!


Jamie and Jordan lost their balance and fell to the ground.

Jamie grumbled, “F*ck, how many bombs did you plant! This is f*cking downtown South Korea! Youre even wilder than I am!”

Jamie got up again.

However, immediately after stepping out of the door, he quickly retreated.

There was a huge blaze outside and the fire alarm was blaring!

The French windows of the presidential suite suddenly exploded.

It was shattered from the outside.

There was a plane outside the window.

It was Jordans Dolphin One.

Of course, all of this was part of Jordans plan.

Jordan had to bring Jamie back this time.

One of the reasons was that Jordan wanted to verify Jamies claims.

After all, what Jamie told him about the family secret might not be true.

Secondly, even if it was true and Jordan now knew of the family secret.

That the Steeles possessed advanced technology and medicine.

He was still not qualified to use them.

If Jordan wanted a woman like Park Anya to like him, he had to become the successor of the Steele familys secret wealth!

Jordan would never let Jesse have this secret wealth that could change the world!

Outside the room, the explosions continued.

At this moment, Jamie was at a loss.

Jordan said, “Jamie, you only have two choices now.

One is to barge your way out of this room and this building.

With your skills, you might be able to dodge the bombs and fire.

You wont die.

But I promise you, even if you dont die, youll be badly burned, especially that handsome face of yours.

“There is one other way.

Board the plane with me and return to England to see Grandpa!”

Jamie was very unhappy.

He had always been the scheming one, entangling his younger brother in his ploys.

He had especially found the vain but beautiful Hailey for Jordan.

When he chose the Camden family, he knew that neither Hailey or Elle would ever fall for Jordan.

When choosing a rich family to be Jordans in-laws, he had specially picked a very beautiful heiress.

Later on, he took the initiative to matchmake Lauren and Jordan.

The reason Jamie did this was to ensure that Jordan would have a powerful backer, but he also did so for himself.

When Jesse finally made his move against Jamie, he could also hide behind the Howard family.

Jordan would definitely not leave him in the lurch.

Picking up his phone, Jamie called Phoenix.

“Where are you!”

Phoenix replied, “Master, Im tied up by Dragon.

The fire is spreading very quickly now.

The elevator is down.

I cant come up in the next five minutes.”

The presidential suite was located on the top floor of the building.

Caught and cornered with nowhere to run, Jamie was furious.

“Jordan, youre indeed formidable.

No wonder Grandpa values you so much and Jesse sees you as his biggest threat.

Alright, you win.

Ill go back to England with you to see Grandpa!”


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