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Victoria made a bold guess.

“Mr Steele, are you also hoping Hailey Camden will marry Tyler Collins so that you can go and tell them someday youre the president of Ace Corporation, and make Hailey Camden regret it when its already too late”

Jordan suddenly stopped drinking his drink and looked at Victoria with surprise.


Victoria actually managed to guess the plan that Jordan had in mind!

Jordan nodded at Victoria with satisfaction.

“Very smart of you! Youre indeed worthy of being my vice president.”

Victoria was elated.

“Did I guess correctly”

Jordan shook his head and said, “But Im not going to do it after they get married.

Im going to do it on the day of their wedding!”

“Im going to let Hailey Camden find out on the day that she marries a man whom she thinks is the wealthiest scion she can ever marry, that Im the true mega-rich tycoon!”

“On that day, I will not only let Hailey Camden find out the truth.

I am also going to inform all the people in the business industry in Orlando that I, Jordan Steele, the former live-in husband of Hailey Camden, am now the president of Ace Corporation and the richest man in Orlando!”

Victoria perked up immediately in agitation.

She was thrilled to find that she had guessed correctly!

Jordan could have easily asked Hailey to go to Ace Corporation, where he would show her the shares transfer agreement and ask the entire staff to prove that he was the president.

However, he did not do so.

If he let Hailey learn of the truth now, he was 100% sure that she would throw herself at him again and beg for his forgiveness, given how reliant she had been on him in the past three years.

Although Jordan wouldnt agree to get back together with her, the consequences that Hailey would bear would be too minor.

She wouldnt have to deal with the messy issues that would come with severing ties with Tyler.

What if he carried out the plan when Hailey had already married Tyler

The matter would then become complicated!

If Hailey had already become Tylers wife, what would she do after learning of Jordans true identity

Get divorced again at the expense of offending the Collins and then come crawling back to Jordan

The price of doing that would be too high!

Jordan really wanted to know what choice Hailey would make when the day comes!

Jordan remained composed and said, “Before they get married, I want to be one of the richest people in Orlando as well as a restaurant magnate with monopoly in the restaurant industry.

I also want to be in control of the entertainment industry and all other industries that I can take hold of.”

“I want to be the king of this city!”

The king of Orlando!

Victorias heart was racing.

All these years, she had been looking for a domineering man like Jordan!

‘I want to be the queen of Orlando!

Victoria secretly set a goal for herself too.

On the other hand, Ashley thought to herself,I want to be Mr.

Steeles concubine!

Bang! Bang!

Someone knocked on the door outside the room.

“Come in,” Jordan said.

The person who walked in was the restaurant manager.

He walked towards Jordan with an electronic tablet in hand.


Steele, I just watched the surveillance camera footage.

The microphone used for the performance just now had been replaced by someone very likely to be a customer here.

Were now checking every single private room.”

Jordan said, “Thats not necessary.

Just go straight to Rooms 422 and 501.”

Everyone froze in shock, wondering how Jordan knew that the guests in those two rooms were the culprits.

In fact, the customers outside those two rooms were the ones who tried to incite anger within the other customers by throwing things downstairs as soon as there was a slip-up in the performance.

Jordan guessed that they were the culprits.

Victoria once again looked at Jordan with reverence, in awe of his impressive memory.

Soon, the man caught stealing the microphone by the surveillance cameras was brought in.

“What did you bring me here for Im having some drinks with my buddies.

Get straight to the point!”

The young man said impatiently with annoyance.


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