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Chapter 550 Porsche 888!

Jordan had recently experienced Jamies iPhone 18 and knew that it was hologram technology.

However, Jordan did not understand the words and images being projected.

Charleston explained, “The names are all landmarks.

They denote all of our familys secret industrial bases.

All you have to do is tap it or give a command, and it will teleport you over.

Its a high-tech gadget, and Ive never used it myself.


But you youngsters should be able to learn quickly.”

Jordan nodded with a smile.

His grandfather was almost 80 years old and experienced in life, but Jordan had been using a smartphone for decades.

It was no surprise that he was much more technologically savvy than a wise 80-year-old man.

So Jordan put the screen away to study later.

Charleston said, “You have to keep this ring well.

With our family Secret Ring, you will have access to all of our secret bases.

Its best if you dont give this ring to anyone else because it has already identified your DNA.

If anyone else wears it, they will be attacked by the ring.

If you want your wife to wear it, you need to add a new owner to the rings system first.”

Jordan nodded.

Charleston continued, “Alright, youre now the successor of the Steeles secret wealth.

I have a mission for you.”

Jordan straightened his back.

“Yes, Grandpa, please tell me!”

Charleston said, “In a few months, it will be the annual great meeting.

During last years meeting, the Park and Miyamoto families kept targeting us and questioning our strength.

This year, they will definitely create a bigger fuss.

Therefore, I need you to return home and help me find evidence against the Park and Miyamoto families.

I heard that the Park and Miyamoto families are secretly selecting people from the US.

I dont know what their motive is.

Go and find out for me.”

Jordan immediately promised.

“Dont worry, Grandpa.

Ill definitely find out what theyre up to! From now on, I wont let any family look down on us.

The Park and Miyamoto families can forget about monopolizing power!”

Charleston looked gratified.

“Very good.

I have the highest expectations for you.

Go familiarize yourself with the familys secret bases and understand our advanced technology.

Thereafter, return to the US.” “Yes!”

After accepting the mission, Jamie had been quickly brought away.

He didnt even get the chance to have a meal before being sent to the battlefield.

Jamie grumbled at his grandfather for being so mean.

Jordan might have agreed with Jamie in the past, but after learning about the family secret, he realized his grandfather had his reasons for being so strict with them.

The Steele family was one of the eight great families.

They looked very impressive on paper, possessing technology that was decades ahead of the world.

However, among the eight families, the Steeles were ranked last.

Moreover, they were currently being targeted by the Park and Miyamoto families.

They could be kicked out at any moment.

It would not be a small matter if the Steele family was kicked out.

The Steeles possessed advanced technology and knew many secrets.

The other families would definitely not sit back and do nothing.

If things got serious, they might even silence the entire Steele family!

Charleston was eager for Jamie to complete his training on the battlefield because he wanted him to quickly inherit the family business and share the burden of salvaging the Steele family.

“Jordan, remember to fly Park Sora to me! Also, buy her a nurse uniform!” Jamie shouted at Jordan.

Jordan looked embarrassed.

She was only 15 years old, but Jamie wanted her to role-play as a nurse

However, Jordan couldnt deny that he was a little curious about what that lovely girl would look like in a nurses uniform…

Jordan called Lauren to ask about her situation.

He told her that he would return to the capital to meet up with her and Victoria soon.

Thereafter, Jordan opened the Secret Ring and saw the image of a car.

He tapped on it.

“Car factory”

After being teleported to the location, Jordan realized that it was a car factory with a Porsche sign.

The security guard at the entrance said to Jordan, “Im sorry, Sir.

This place is not open to visitors.”

Jordan showed the ring on his finger.

Surprised, the security guard immediately bowed to Jordan and called the manager.

Soon, a man in a suit walked over.

The man glanced at Jordans ring and introduced himself excitedly, “Hello, Mr.


My name is Peter.

This should be your first time here, right”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, can you be my guide”

The man smiled.

“It will be my pleasure.


The man brought Jordan to a secret garage inside where there was a door access reader.


Steele, please place the ring in the blue area to scan.”

Jordan knew that Peter was worried that he might be an imposter, so he did as he was told.


“Welcome, Mr.

Steele, the master of the world!”

Master of the world!

He didnt expect the Steele family to use such a grand title.

They were indeed domineering!

Seeing that Jordan managed to gain access, Peter became even more respectful.


Steele, please come in!”

After Jordan walked in, he immediately saw a sports car with beautiful lines.

It looked like a Porsche 911.

Jordan asked, “Is that red sports car a Porsche


Peter said, “This is a sports car based on the classic Porsche 911 design.

This car is the Porsche 888.”

Porsche 888.

What an auspicious number!

Jordan asked, “What advanced technology does the Porsche 888 have”

The Porsche 888 was definitely not for sale.

Only the eight great families possessed this model.

Peter said, “The biggest difference between this car and the normal sports cars on the market is that its equipped with two navigation systems, land and air.

It can run on land or fly through the air.”

1 run

Jordan was astounded.

“A sports car that can fly”

It was indeed the technology of the future!

Cars would be able to fly in the future.

No one had to worry about traffic jams anymore!

“This sports car has the ability to change color automatically.

You can give it a try.”

Peter handed Jordan a high-tech car key.

It projected a holographic image that offered a selection of colors.

The sports car was red now.

When Jordan chose white, the Porsche 888 immediately turned white!

Jordan was amazed.

“How does this work Dont we have to spray paint the car to change its color Did this car really turn white, or does it just look white to our eyes”

Peter smiled.

“This technology is very complicated.

If Mr.

Steele is interested, please sit down.

Ill explain to you in detail…”


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