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Chapter 552 Marilyn Monroe!


The SUV knocked Jordans sports car over!

Unlike what would happen in the real world, Jordans sports car completely shattered in the air.

Meanwhile, Jordan flew out of the car and landed heavily on the ground!


Jordan could not help crying out in pain.

Although he was in a game, he felt a strong pain at that moment.

This put Jordan in a fluster!

Jordan flew across the air.

He saw that the SUV had stopped as well.

Through the window, Jordan saw that the driver of the SUV was a man.

He was dressed fashionably and wearing branded sunglasses.

He pointed his middle finger at Jordan.

Thereafter, he started the car again and drove off.


Jordan was furious.

The man had shattered his car and sent him flying in the air.

Instead of coming over to apologize, he pointed his middle finger at him!

He was courting death!

Jordan wished he could beat him to death right there and then! He didnt care that the man came from one of the eight great families and definitely held a high status.

However, Jordan realized that he could not stand up at all!


Jordan struggled to stand up, but he fell over again and again.

At that moment, Jordan heard William shouting from the real world, “Mr.

Steele, Mr.

Steele, how are you” “I was in a car accident in the virtual world.

I feel… terrible now.

My legs feel so weak.

How did this happen”

William explained, “To enhance the realism of the game, we incorporated the feeling of pain into the experience.

Dont worry, you are completely unaffected in the real world! You can rest there for five minutes.

After resting for five minutes, you will gradually recover and walk again.”

Jordan clenched his fists in anger when he heard Williams explanation.

He was furious as he watched the SUV drive away!

“Damn b*stard, who the hell was that He crashed into me for no reason and even pointed his middle finger at me!”

Jordan had been very excited when entering the game.

If he met the people from the eight families, he would greet them in a friendly manner and try to establish a relationship with them.

He didnt expect to be targeted like this the moment he entered the game!

At that moment, Jordan felt a slight tickle on the side of his face.

He turned around and realized that it was the hem of a white dress.

It swayed in the breeze and tickled his face.

Through the white dress, Jordan saw a pair of very long legs and lovely feet.

“What a great figure.”

Jordan was stunned.

He immediately looked up and saw a blonde woman with wavy hair wearing a revealing dress.


This woman smiled charmingly.

Her sexiness would probably charm all the men in Europe.

However, Jordan was not charmed by her.

Or rather, he was more surprised than attracted.


“Oh my god, Marilyn Monroe!”

The blonde woman looked exactly like the most famous female celebrity in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe!

Someone actually used the image of Marilyn Monroe as her avatar in the game…

‘F*ck, I should have used Leonardo DiCaprio as my avatar!

“Marilyn Monroe” smiled and reached out to Jordan.

“Hello, handsome.

Do you need my


Jordan did not stand on ceremony.

He knew that they were all from the eight families, so he let her help him stand up.

“Thank you.”

Marilyn Monroe grabbed Jordans hand and pulled him up.

His arm bumped into her.

However, Marilyn Monroe did not care.

She helped Jordan to a seat beside her.

She then gave Jordan a coconut.

The sexual tension in the air was palpable.

It was so real.

He started to wonder if anyone had sex in this virtual world.

It must be an exhilarating experience!

If possible, Jordan wanted to bring Lauren and Victoria here for a visit!

Jordan took a sip of coconut water and said, “Thank you.”

Marilyn Monroe looked at Jordan with interest.

“I havent seen you before.

Are you new”

Jordan nodded.

Marilyn Monroe asked, “Which family”

Jordan answered honestly, “The Steeles!”

If the Steeles were the top of the eight families now, Jordan might have lied a little and said that he was from another family.

After all, Jordan liked to hide his identity.

However, the Steeles were the worst among the eight families.

Jordan did not want the others to think that he was ashamed to admit that he was a member of the Steele family.

Marilyn Monroe also sipped on some coconut water.

She asked, “Are you the second son from the third generation”

The other families must know that Jesse was the only third-generation member of the Steeles who could enter the game.

Logically speaking, the next person to enter would be the second son, Jamie.

Jordan thought about it.

He wanted to tell the other party that he was the third son, but he remembered that Jamie had caused him so much trouble in the past.

Previously, he had stolen Jordans Zephyr Three to go fool around with the Park family and made Jordan clean up his mess.

Jordan thought to himself, “Jamie has gone to the battlefield to train now.

He wont be able to enter the game until a year later.

Why dont I use his identity to make friends in this game first I wont expose my true identity for the time being.”

After thinking about it, Jordan smiled and said, “You are right.

Gorgeous, Im Jamie Steele, the second son from the third generation of the Steele family!”

Marilyn Monroe smiled and reached out to Jordan.

“Hello, Jamie.


Did you know that before you came, you were already very well-known amongst our eight families!”

Jordan was shocked.

Was Jamie that famous

“Is… is that so Why” Jordan could not believe it.

Marilyn Monroe laughed.

“We heard that you are still a young man but have already slept with many women! And theyre all the top beauties in the world.

You have spies all over the world.

The moment a beautiful woman above the age of 15 appears, you will take action immediately.

Can I ask you how many women youve slept with”

Jordan felt a little awkward.

He thought Jamie had gained recognition from the families because of his abilities.

But it was just because he was fond of fooling around with women!

Since Jordan was pretending to be Jamie, he had to put on a convincing act.

He answered casually, “I have high expectations of women.

If theyre not top-notch beauties, theyre not qualified to be my woman.

Therefore, Ive slept with only a few hundred!”

Marilyn Monroe smiled.

“Im afraid there are only a few hundred top-grade beauties in the world, right Youve probably slept with all of them.”

Jordan shrugged as he drank his coconut water.

“I cant help it.

Collecting beautiful women is one of my hobbies.

I wont let go of the best beauties.”

At that moment, the sexy Marilyn Monroe suddenly leaned closer to Jordan and asked flirtatiously, “Tell me then, am I a top-grade beauty”


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