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Chapter 556 Gift For His Mother-in-law!

“What did you say!!”

Jordan was shocked!

Ever since Jordan and Lauren had relations in the dark room four years ago, her mental stability had been affected.

After the talented but inexperienced Dr.

Gale treated Lauren with that untested method, her mental state became even more affected.

Lauren treated Jordan as the only perfect man.

She could not accept any other man in her life and could only like him.

Although Jordan did not want Lauren to be like this, he was still a little disappointed when he heard that she had returned to normal!

Everyone was selfish, especially men!

Lauren was so beautiful.

How nice would it be if she could only love Jordan in this life If Hailey had this illness back then, Jordan would not have to worry that she would cheat on him!

Of course, Lauren was a good woman and Jordan believed that she would never be like Hailey.

However, now that Lauren had returned to normal, she was capable of having relations with another man.

As a result, there was always a chance that she might have an affair.

A 1% chance versus a 0% chance.

A small number but it was worlds apart!

Therefore, Jordan couldnt deny that he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“Helen Lauren, how did you get to know her” Jordan asked anxiously.

Lauren lowered her head and said, “Helen and her father came to the castle as guests.

Thats how we met each other.”

V we

Jordan knew that Helen was an outstanding doctor and pharmacist! She was a member of the Steele familys secret pharmaceutical base! In fact, Jordan had seen her just before he came to Laurens house!

Her medical skills were higher than the top doctors on the public market.

Helen could definitely cure Laurens illness.

Jordan did not doubt that.

Jordan asked, “Lauren… why… did you accept the treatment”

Couldnt she just love one man in her life

Couldnt she just sleep with one person her entire life

Or did Lauren feel that since Jordan had two wives now, she was unwilling to have only one lover

Lauren explained.

“Doctor Helen told me that my current mental and physical states are abnormal.

If I dont treat it as soon as possible, it might worsen in the future.

I also want to be a normal woman.

But the main reason I accepted the treatment was because I didnt want you to pity me.”/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Jordan was confused.

“Pity you What do you mean”

Lauren said, “I know you and Victoria will definitely be together.

I dont want you to stay with me just because of my illness.

Jordan, now that Ive recovered, I… have the ability to be with other men.

If you only want to be with Victoria, you can divorce me.

Its alright,” Lauren said in an aggrieved tone.

Jordan held Laurens hand and said affectionately, “Silly, what are you talking about Why would I leave you Lauren, listen to me carefully.

I dont care if youre a normal woman or not.

Anyway, you have already married me and youll always be my woman.

You can only be my woman for the rest of your life.

Ill never abandon you!”

Tears welled up in Laurens eyes as she pounced on Jordan.

“Okay, okay.”

But Marissa scolded her daughter.

“Useless! You can choose any man in the world now! You can marry any tall, rich, handsome and powerful man you want! But you insist on being so stubborn! Jordan, youre just a useless son-in-law who lives in your in-laws house.

How dare you get a second woman while eating our food and sleeping in our bed Theres no justice in this world! This is the Howard familys territory.

Take your woman with you and get lost!”

Jordan glared at Marissa and snorted.

“I am happy to leave.

Do you think I dont have a house in the capital”

Lauren wiped her tears and her eyes lit up.

“Oh, right.

Brother Jesse gave us a house in the west area.

Hubby, Victoria, lets stay there!”

Previously, Jesse was pretending to be a good elder brother and had given Jordan and Lauren some of his assets, including a villa in the west part of the capital.

Ownership of the villa had already been transferred to Lauren and Jordan.

Marissa snorted.

“Hmph, so its Jesses house.

I thought it was yours.”

Lauren said, “Mom, how can you say that Jordan and Jesse are brothers.

The house belongs to the Steele family, and Jordan has the right to inherit it.

Besides, Mom, didnt you get along well with Jesse when you were in the castle I saw that you two often chatted in the room together.

You should be very familiar with Jesse.”

At the mention of this, Marissa felt guilty.

She immediately thought of the ridiculous affair between her and Jesse in Steele Castle!

Could Lauren have sensed that Marissa had slept with Jesse

Marissa said in a panic, “What… what do you mean by that What do you mean by Im very familiar with Jesse Im very familiar with everyone in the Steele family.

As Jordans mother-in-law, do you expect me to not talk to anyone while I was at the castle If I were to put on airs and act aloof, wouldnt I be embarrassing you and Jordan I did that for your sake, but you are lecturing me now”

Lauren hurriedly explained.

“I didnt mean it in that way at all.

I was just trying to say that since you are familiar with Jesse, you should know that hes not a petty person.

Since he has already given us the villa, he wont demand it back.”

Marissa was taken aback.

So that was what Lauren meant.

However, Jordan really wished he could tell Lauren that Jesse was not as generous as he appeared.

Indeed, Jesse was very generous when it came to wealth.

He would give Jordan any of his assets across the world.

But that was only because Jesse was only interested in the Steele familys secret assets!

The iPhone 18s, Porsche 888s and all those technologies that far surpassed this era! Jesse would never give Jordan the right to control these things!

Previously Jordan had already been deceived by Jesse.

All this time he has thought that Jesse was genuinely good to him.

Marissa said in a strange tone, “Of course Jesse wouldnt go back on his word.

Hes mature, generous and knows how to make people happy.

When I left England, he gave me a big bag of things.

Unlike a certain son-in-law, who hasnt even given me a box of tea leaves since he married into our family.


Those words made Jordan feel very aggrieved.

Ever since he married Lauren, his assets in the country had been frozen.

He had no way to fulfill his duty as a son-in-law.

Therefore, Jordan had specially brought Marissa a drug from the Steele familys secret pharmaceutical base, that could help restore her youth.

Taking out a drug from his pocket, Jordan handed it to Marissa.

“Marissa, youre so vain.

This drug is for you.

In the future, please stop claiming that I have never given you anything!”


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