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With a suspicious look on her face, Marissa took the paper bag and opened it.

There were many pills inside.

As these were taken directly from the Steele familys secret pharmaceutical base, there was no proper packaging or brand name.

As someone from the upper class, she was used to looking for the brand first.

Seeing that there was no brand, Marissa immediately thought that it was trash.

“What did you give me”

Jordan said, “This is a drug that can improve the skin.

If you take them consistently, youll eventually look two to three years younger.

Its called the Beauty Nourishing Pill.”

As the drug was not released into the public market, it did not have a name.

It only had a code name, HR-125.

But it would be pointless to tell Marissa the code name.

“Beauty Nourishing Pill”

Marissa took a look and threw it on the ground in disdain.

“What rubbish.

I dont take things from dubious origins! Two to three years younger Why dont you just claim that I will transform into a teenage girl Who are you fooling If there was really such a drug, it would be worth tens of thousands of dollars and stored in golden boxes, right”

Marissa had thrown the drug which he had specially brought for her to the ground! This was a drug that completely surpassed current modern medicine by several decades!

Originally he had wanted his mother-in-law to enjoy the benefits.

He didnt expect her to be so ungrateful!

“What a fool!”

Jordan was furious.

No matter how rich or powerful a person was, Jordan would not sell them this drug even if they offered him a billion dollars!

Marissa did not know what was good for her!

Jordan picked up the precious drugs and put them back into his pocket.

He said to Lauren, “Honey, pack your things.

Were going to stay at the west villa!”


Lauren hurriedly went to her room to pack her luggage.

Chloe was not around as she was at her grandfathers place.

Lauren finished packing and came out.

Jordan asked, “Lauren, I had a car delivered here, right Have you received it”

Jordan only saw Laurens Bentley Continental in the courtyard.

He did not see his Porsche 888.

Marissa suddenly said, “You have the cheek to give a lousy Porsche 911 as a present! Specially flown over from England And I thought it must be some limited edition sports car! I even called a few friends over to admire it as it arrived.

In the end, its just an ordinary Porsche 911.

Jordan, youre too stingy.

The Steele family is so wealthy but you only gave my daughter a car that costs a mere hundred thousand dollars”

Jordan did not know how to explain.

He did not want too many people to know the Steele family secret.

On the surface, this car looked like a Porsche 911, but in reality, it was a Porsche 888 with technology that was decades in advance!

It was a car that could fly and change colors at will!

Lauren hurried over and asked, “Mom, is that car with you”

Marissa said with a look of disdain, “Why would I want that car Auntie Yates son is in the business of modifying cars.

Her son wanted that car, so I gave it to him.”

Lauren was furious.

“That car was a gift from Jordan to me.

How can you just give it away to someone else”

Marissa retorted.

“Its just a Porsche 911.

It cant even compare to the Bentley youre driving now.

What do you want it for If Jordan gave me a Porsche 918 instead, I wouldnt give it to anyone.

Its just a Porsche 911, an old model which cost only a hundred thousand dollars.

Its not a big deal.”

Jordan walked over angrily.

“Wheres that car now”

Marissa was a little intimidated by Jordan now.

“Wha… what are you trying to do Dont tell me you want it back Ive already given it away.

I cant get it back.

At most I will pay you back the money.

How much did you spend on that car of yours Ill return the money to you!”

Jordan scoffed.

“You have money, right Alright, give me a billion dollars and that car is yours.”

“A billion dollars Are you crazy Its just a Porsche 911.

Do you think I dont know about cars That car is only worth two to three hundred thousand at the most!”

Marissa believed that Jordan was just being greedy.

Jordan said coldly, “Cut the crap.

Get that car back!”

Marissa glared at Jordan.

“What a wonderful son-in-law you are.

How dare you speak to me like that over such a cheap car! Ive already sent Auntie Yates number to you.

If you want it back, ask her yourself.

Unlike you, I have some self-respect!”

With that, Marissa left angrily.

The sensible Victoria held Jordans arm and said, “Honey, its just a car.

Why dont you go to the automobile store to buy another one for Lauren I think Auntie Marissa is a prideful person.

She has already given it away so she will be very unhappy if you ask for it to be returned.”

Jordan sighed.

“Victoria, Lauren, you dont understand.

Thats not an ordinary Porsche 911.

If it was, why would I ship it all the way from England”

Lauren was confused.

“Is it a modified version”

Jordan paused.

It was not appropriate to explain too much now.

He just nodded.

“Yes, its a specially modified version and theres only one in the world, so I must get it back.”

Knowing that Jordan had specially modified that car for her, she believed that it must have a lovely interior.

As a result, she also wanted it back now.

Therefore, Lauren picked up the phone.

“Ill call Auntie Yates.”

“Hello, Auntie Yates, this is Lauren.

How have you been recently Its like this.

I heard from my mother that she gave you a car.

That car is a gift from my husband.

How about this Ill give you another 911.

Can you return the first one to me What That car is with your son Can you tell me where he is

“The Sunrise Automobile Company Alright, thank you.

Auntie Yates, Ill get it from him myself.”

After hanging up, Lauren said, “That car has been sent to Auntie Yates son to be modified.”

Jordan said, “Fortunately, I didnt send the car keys over.

They probably cant touch that car for now.

Ill go there myself.

You guys go to the west villa first.”

“Do you want me to come with you” Lauren asked.

Jordan shook his head.

“No need.

Go to the villa with Victoria first.

Tidy up the place, especially our bed.

We have to find a bigger one.

If there isnt a bed big enough for the three of us, order one.”

Lauren and Victoria were embarrassed.

They reached out to smack Jordan.

“Who wants to sleep with you!”


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