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Looking at his two beauties whose faces were flushed, Jordans heart skipped a beat.

He felt very happy.

It was no wonder that people with money and power had several women.

In ancient times, the emperor had multiple wives.

This was a good thing for both men and women.

For the man, he could have multiple women at the same time.

For the woman, she could choose a rich, married man instead of a single man without status or money.


This was the current social phenomenon.

Of course, Jordan, Lauren and Victorias situation was different.

None of them valued money or status.

They chose to be together because they really couldnt do without each other.

For the moment, Jordan parted ways with his two women.

He took a taxi to the Sunrise Automobile Company.

The entrance to the building was open and there were many luxury cars inside.

There were Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, etc.

Inside, a group of young men and women in their 20s were chatting in front of Jordans Porsche 888.

“I say, Harry, why havent you been going to school recently What are you busy with Dont tell me you spend all your time playing with cars”

“Sigh, Ive been busy with official business recently.”

“What official business can you have Cars and your girlfriend.

These are the only two things that keep you busy.

Eh, right, why do you suddenly want a photo of my mother when she was young If you dare to get any ideas about her, Ill destroy your car business.”

“F*ck, what are you talking about Buddy, youre so handsome.

I was just curious and wanted to admire what Auntie looked like when she was young.

Cant I I only like 18-year-old girls.

I already find those above 23 old too old!”

A group of young men and women were talking loudly.

Jordan walked in slowly as he listened to their conversation.

Due to his light footsteps and their noisy ruckus, no one noticed Jordans arrival.

Jordan felt exasperated.

He took the initiative to call out to the young man sitting in his car, “Hey.”

Everyone turned around and saw Jordan.

“Who are you” A boy in fashionable hip-hop clothes asked arrogantly.

Jordan always felt that he was a young man.

However, looking at this bunch of youths, he suddenly felt very old.

At least when compared to them.

Jordan said, “Im here to get my car.”

The young man asked in confusion, “Did you bring your car here for modification Are you sure Why dont I remember you Which car is yours”

Jordan answered, “The one youre sitting in.”

The young man smiled.

He got out of the car and sized up Jordan.

“Oh, youre that son-in-law from the Howard family, Jordan.

I heard from my mother that your family is quite famous in England.

They seem to be related to the royal family.

Why did you only get a Porsche 911 for your wife Youre too stingy, bro.”

Another boy beside him also smiled and said, “Harry, I was wondering why there was such a cheap car here.

Sports cars worth less than a million dollars are usually not allowed inside your place.”

“So, its the car of this son-in-law who stays in his wifes home.

Some men are just so stingy!”

There was also a girl who was quite good-looking.

She was slender and wore suspenders, but her arms were covered in tattoos.

Her slender arms were densely covered.

The girl was chewing gum as she mocked.

“If I have such a stingy and useless husband, one who gives me a lousy car like this Porsche 911, I will whip his face into mush!”

With that, the girls expression suddenly changed to extreme gentleness.

She held the arm of Harry and said sweetly.

“Harry, I am so lucky to be your woman.

The cheapest car you have is still a Porsche 918.”

On the way, Jordan kept fantasizing about the beautiful night he would have with Lauren and Victoria.

He had been in a good mood the entire journey.

Unexpectedly, he had arrived just to encounter this group of arrogant youths who dared to mock Jordan like this.

Especially the girl with the tattooed arms.

She looked gentle and weak, but her words were so venomous!

Whip his face into mush

Who gave her the guts to say such things!

Jordan glanced at them.

None of them were trained in combat.

They were all rich kids who only knew how to play.

If Jordan attacked, everyone would vomit blood in less than 10 seconds.

However, it was not worth it for Jordan to fight for these insignificant characters.

Marissa would definitely not let him off if she found out.

Jordan could handle anyone, but his mother-in-law.

Moreover, he had to consider Laurens feelings.

Therefore, Jordan looked at Harry.

“Since your mother and Marissa are good friends, I wont argue with you today.

But if any of your friends say another insulting word, Ill knock their teeth in.

Mark my words!”

Jordans voice was as sharp as a blade and as cold as an arrow.

The youths immediately shut up because they could feel Jordans murderous aura! Jordan had no time to waste on them.

He went to his car and took out his car key to unlock it.

With a beep, the Porsche 888s door was unlocked!

The sound of the Porsche 888s car lock was different from the usual Porsche.

This car had been dragged over by a tow truck.

Harry and the rest didnt have the key, so they didnt know what was inside.

They thought that it was just an ordinary Porsche 911 and did not bother exploring.

However, they felt that something was different the moment Jordan unlocked it.

The sound was too distinct.

Jordan opened the door of the drivers seat.

The sound of the car door opening was also different!

“Why does it sound so smooth!”

Harry was stunned.

Car aficionados like him could tell if a car was good or bad just by the sound of the car door opening and closing.

The moment Jordan opened the car door, the youths saw the interior of the car!

“This isnt a Porsche 911! The interior is completely different!”

“F*ck, this… has it been modified The gear is also different!”

Harry and the others were all shocked.

At this moment, Harrys petite girlfriend, who was only 158cm, suddenly ducked under Jordans arm.

One step ahead of Jordan, she sat down in the drivers seat!


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