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“Wow! The interior of this car is so beautiful! Its completely different from any car I have seen!”

The tattooed girl sat in Jordans Porsche 888.

She jiggled her body happily as she kept touching the steering wheel and other places.

She even wanted to take out her phone to take photos!

Jordan already detested her.

And not just because she had insulted him earlier.

Just her get-up alone made it difficult for Jordan to like her!

She was so young but already had two arms covered in tattoos.

She pretended to be cool but with her petite size, she must have cried like a baby when she was being tattooed!

Tattoos were still taboo in some professions and covering yourself in tattoos often meant bidding farewell to a proper career.

In other words, such women were reliant on men for money and to take care of them.

Perhaps a woman would stand up and object, saying that women could be entrepreneurs now.

However, based on Jordans understanding, women like that still had to rely on their boyfriends to fund their start-ups.

It wouldnt be a big deal if it was just a tattoo or two.

But for someone like her, covered in tattoos and behaving so arrogantly, Jordan found her disgusting!

“Get out!”

Jordan said coldly to the tattooed girl.

The tattooed girl saw Jordans disdainful gaze and retorted, “Whats wrong with me sitting inside for a while Ive never sat in a car that costs less than a million dollars.

You should feel honored that Im sitting in your car!”

“Go and sit in a car worth a million dollars then.

A car like that suits your tattooed arms better.

A woman like you isnt worthy to sit in my car!”

If it was an elegant and regal woman like Lauren or Madam, they could sit inside as long as they wanted.

How could such a dirty, tattooed woman be worthy of sitting in his Porsche 888!

The tattooed girl was furious.

“So what if my arms are tattooed Why do you care You country bumpkin! Look at your outfit.

Theres not a single trendy item on you.

Do you understand fashion Do you know how to dress Do you know tattoos Do you know what Im wearing Can you even recognize an Air Jordan Only people with tattoos are fit to wear Air Jordans!”

The tattooed girl was indeed very ill-mannered and uncultured.

A simple remark by Jordan had made her so furious.

Only a person who had an inferiority complex would lose their temper so easily.

Jordan chuckled and glanced at the Air Jordans on her feet.

Air Jordans were named after Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA star in history.

He was also the one who saved NIKE years ago.

Jordan and Michael Jordan were old friends.

Jordan said, “Girl, do you know that Michael Jordan doesnt have a single tattoo on his body How dare you say that only those with tattoos are fit to wear Air Jordans”

The great Michael Jordan was a legend who didnt have any tattoos.

Another basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, also didnt have any tattoos at first.

Unfortunately, he met with some misfortune and was in a very bad state for a period.

For his family, he tattooed their names on his arm to prove his love for them.

The tattooed girl just retorted.

“Who the hell is Michael Jordan What does he have to do with Air Jordans How many pairs of Air Jordans does he have As many as me”

Jordan was utterly shocked.

A girl who was so proud of her Air Jordans did not even know who Michael Jordan was! How could Jordan let such a rude and uneducated girl sit in his car!

It was an insult to this extremely advanced car!

“Get out of my car now!”

The tattooed girl felt humiliated by his shouting.

Not only did she not come out, she even raised her leg and placed it on the steering wheel.

“Im not getting out!”

The tattooed girl was playing punk.

If Jordan was a man who didnt dare to cause trouble, the situation would remain a stalemate.

At least until the police arrived.

However, who in the world was qualified to waste Jordans time!

Jordan grabbed the girls arm and hauled her out of the car.


He flung the tattooed girl to the ground!

Jordan did not need to show any mercy to a woman like her!

“Ah! It hurts! Harry, Darling, that b*stard hit me.

Help me beat him up!” The tattooed girl cried.

Harry felt humiliated as well.

He shouted at Jordan, “Jordan, you dare to hurt my girlfriend, Ill kill you today!”

Harry and his friends charged at Jordan.

However, how could these spoiled rich kids be a match for Jordan

Jordan punched and kicked them to the ground.

After suffering Jordans punches and kicks, they did not dare to get up again.

They now knew how powerful Jordan was!

“F*ck, this b*stard is so good at fighting!”

Harrys chest hurt from the punch.

Jordan ignored them and got into the car, preparing to leave.

However, Harry suddenly stopped Jordan.

“Jordan, youre not allowed to leave!”

Jordan rolled down the window and looked at him.

“What Do you still want to fight

“Its normal for rich people to not know how to fight! Combat fighting is only for the poor! Since youre also a fan of cars, do you dare to race with me I have a Porsche 911 RSR too.

Lets go to the racing arena and see whos faster!”

There were many professional racing arenas in the capital.

If Jordan went there, he would crush all the other sports cars with his speed alone.

However, Jordan had returned to the country to get down to business.

The Steele family was now the most backward among the eight families.

He had to help improve the familys situation.

He was not in the mood to play with these idle rich kids.

Jordan rejected.

“Im not free.”

“Wait a minute.”

Seeing that Jordan was about to leave, Harry leaned against the car window and stopped him.

“Jordan, you dont dare to, right”

Jordan said, “I told you Im not free.

When I have time, Ill humiliate you and let you know what speed is.

Ill teach you what a real sports car is.”

“Hahahaha…” Harry laughed out loud.” I specialize in car modification.

But you dare say you will teach me Alright, since you dont have time to go to the racing arena, tell me where youre heading now.

Well race on the road and see who reaches the destination first!”

Jordan was doubtful.

“On the road”

The traffic situation in the capital was complicated.

Different roads had different traffic conditions and were usually congested with vehicles.

It was not suitable for racing.

Harry insisted.

“Just tell me, do you dare!”

Jordan smiled.


Jordans car had the ability to fly.

If there was a traffic jam, he could just fly over the vehicles in front.

If this was a professional racing track, Harry might have a slight chance of winning.

But on the roads of the capital, he was just asking for it!


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