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Jordan looked at him and questioned, “Youre sent by Zack Smith, arent you”

The young man immediately became flustered, and his gaze became shifty.

However, he denied, “Whos Zack Smith I dont know him!”


Although the man denied it, Jordan was already confident that he was sent by Zack.

Jordan had taken psychology lessons from a renowned professor of psychology.

Rowland Miller and his grandfather had also taught him a bit of human anatomy when he was a child.

Hence, Jordan was good at reading people and judging them based on their words and actions.

Of course, he didnt succeed every time, and Hailey was an example of his failure.

However, he was very sure about the person in front of him.

Jordan said, “Hand your cell phone to me.”

Since this person was sent by Zack, there were definitely records of the calls and text messages he had exchanged with Zack on his cell phone.

The man obviously got even more flustered.

“You want me to hand my cell phone to you What right do you have to do that Who do you think you are”

“You want to do things the hard way, huh!”

Jordan was ready to get up and teach him a lesson.

However, Victoria said, “Mr.

Steele, let me do it.”

Jordan was surprised because even though this young man in front of them was weak and skinny, Victoria was still a woman after all.

He reckoned that it wouldnt be too easy for a woman to subdue a man.

Seeing that Victoria was walking over, the young man sized up her beautiful face and splendid figure.

With glistening eyes, he remarked, “Tsk, tsk, what a gorgeous woman.

Shes ten times better than that hooker I hired for a hundred bucks yesterday! Come on, babe, my cell phone is right here.

Come take it if you can…”

Before the man could finish what he said, Victoria immediately reached over and pressed his hand against the dining table!


Jordan was surprised because he didnt expect Victoria to be skilled in combat either!

She was far more robust than most girls, and it would be a piece of cake for her to deal with physically weaker men.

Victoria was in control of that mans hand, and after unlocking his cell phone with his fingerprints, she tossed the cell phone at Jordan.

The young man was infuriated.

‘A woman actually snatched my cell phone away so easily!

That made him feel highly embarrassed!

“B*tch, how dare you snatch my cell phone away Im going to kill you!”

The young man panicked and leaped towards Victoria.

However, at this point, Jordan had already gotten up and was ready to rescue Victoria.

However, Victoria did not panic, instead waiting for the man to come over while standing rooted to the ground.

When he did, she grabbed him by his clothing, threw him over her shoulder, and onto the dining table in a single fluid action!



The man shrieked in pain.

Victoria clapped her hands and said valiantly, “Sorry, Mr.

Steele, I doubt we can continue eating.”

Jordan was dumbfounded.

He put the mans cell phone down and then said while applauding with both hands, “Bravo, Victoria!”

Ashley was in utmost awe.

She hugged Victorias waist and exclaimed, “Miss Clarke, youre so mighty!”

The young man had been defeated by Victoria, but he couldnt accept his defeat and continued to clamor indignantly.

“B*tch, fight me in bed if you have what it takes! Ill make sure you die!”

Victoria walked over and slapped him hard on his face.


“Punk, regardless of where we fight, Ill have the upper hand! But you dont deserve to fight with me.

Only a truly powerful man is worthy of contending with me!”

When she said the last sentence, Victoria shifted her gaze onto Jordan.

Victoria was an elite among women, and Jordan was good at martial arts too.

However, Jordan was a little awkward, so he just picked up the young mans cell phone and began checking it.

Victoria thought to herself,In the last three years, Jordan has never gotten intimate with Hailey Camden, so maybe he only likes those immature and innocent girls now.

‘Its all Hailey Camdens fault.

If that bitch had gotten intimate with him frequently in the past three years, he might be sick of weak and vulnerable girls like her by now.

Hed definitely be thrilled to meet a woman like me!

Victoria had deliberately displayed her combat skills to Jordan today because she wanted to let him know that just like him, she could put up a fight too and would be glad to “spar” with him whenever he pleased.

Jordan examined the young mans cell phone to verify that he had actually recorded the conversation he had with Zack via text message, which included their plan to replace the microphones and create chaos in the restaurant.

Jordan immediately sent Zack a video call request using the young mans phone.

Zack answered soon after.

“Its been a while, Mr.


Jordan said to Zack in the call.

Zack froze in shock for a moment before asking, “Who are you Why are you using Sams phone”

Jordan smiled and said, “Mr.

Smith, youre really forgetful.

Just a few days ago, you said you would cut off all means for me to sustain a livelihood in Orlando, and now youre telling me you dont recognize me”

Zack immediately exclaimed in shock, “Youre the Camdens good-for-nothing son-in-law! Why do you have Sams phone What exactly do you want”

Jordan said, “You sent people to create trouble in my restaurant.

I should be the one asking, what do you want!!”

“What You were the one who bought Cloud Cafeteria” Zack panicked immediately.

He was surprised why his rival had sold all the restaurants so suddenly, to whom he had sold them, and what the buyer intended to do with them.

If it was to make money from running a restaurant, it wouldnt be appropriate to pay such a high price on a restaurant still being run by others.

Zack guessed that the buyer was very eager to make some significant achievements in the restaurant industry of Orlando.

Now, Zack knew the reason.

Zack said extremely sternly, “You want to take revenge on me, huh Punk, I dont know how you got the money to buy so many restaurants, but Ive been in the restaurant industry for decades.

Theres absolutely no way you can surpass me!”

Jordan said, “Okay then, lets see what happens.”

Jordan hung up the video call, licked the young man out, and immediately called Pablo.

‘Since you used underhanded tactics, dont blame me for paying you back in your own coin!


Jordan!” Pablo answered excitedly.

Jordan instructed, “Send your subordinates to Sunny Restaurant for a meal and create some trouble for them.”

“Roger!” Pablo immediately understood what Jordan wanted to do.

Twenty minutes later.

Over a hundred Southeast Asian experts arrived outside Sunny Restaurant.

“Boss, there are guests! There are many of them, and theyre all from abroad!”

Zacks chauffeur scurried towards him excitedly.

There was barely anyone outside and inside Sunny Restaurant today because all the fans had decided to patronize Cloud Cafeteria instead.

However, when he heard that there were many customers outside, Zack immediately got excited.

“Hahaha, get the chefs to pay more attention when cooking.

Lets serve them well!”

Zack demanded the best service attitude from his staff.


An hour later.

The 100-odd Southeast Asian customers were lying on the table and foaming at the mouth.

“What… what happened!! Could it be food poisoning Please cut it out.

If one of them dies here, Ill have to wind up my restaurant! Theyre all foreigners too!”

If foreign customers had been poisoned to death in his restaurant, it would be ten times more difficult for him to deal with the matter than if it had been local customers.

When Jordan and Victoria walked out of Cloud Cafeteria, they happened to see several ambulances outside Sunny Restaurant as the staff carried the poisoned customers out on stretchers, one by one.

Jordan said indifferently, “Its over for Sunny Restaurant!”


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