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However, Harrys friends did not think so.

“Haha, Harry, youre the racing king of the capital.

No one is your match in the racing arena or on the city roads.

This guy is just begging to be humiliated!”

“A country bumpkin wants to compete with our capitals racing king Do you even know your way around Harry, youre definitely going to win!”

Harry was also very smug and confident.

After all, he knew the local traffic conditions and roads better than anyone.

Harry said, “Tell me, wheres your destination”

“West Villa District,” Jordan Steele answered.

Harry laughed when he heard that.

“Haha Jordan, youre really unlucky! My family has a villa there too.

I go there often and Im very familiar with the road conditions.

This time, be it in terms of terrain or driving skills, you will definitely lose!”

Jordan sneered but said nothing.

Racing was indeed not his forte, but only a professional racer could beat him.

For a spoiled rich kid like Harry, he must be dreaming if he thought he could win Jordan!

Harry said, “Lets talk about the bet in advance.

If I reach the West Villa District first and defeat you, first, you have to apologize to my girlfriend.”

The tattooed girl stepped forward and said fiercely, “I want you to kneel before me.

I also want you to call yourself a good-for-nothing who enjoyed living off his wife!”

Jordan frowned at the tattooed girl.

He had never seen such an arrogant woman!

Harry continued, “In addition, I want a photo of your mother-in-law when she was young!”

His male friends all laughed.

“Haha, Harry, why do you want her photo Are you interested in her”

“F*ck, you still said that you only like young ladies You wanted my mothers photo earlier, and now you want someone elses mothers photo.

I think you have a very unique taste!”

Jordan was furious when he heard that!

He was courting death!

Jordans mother-in-law was a very charming beauty.

Otherwise, she would not have given birth to a perfect woman like Lauren!

This little b*stard dared to be disrespectful to Jordans mother-in-law!

Jordan opened the car door immediately and was about to get out to teach this guy a lesson.


Harry begged for mercy when Jordan punched him.

“No… no, no! I swear I respect Auntie Marissa! I dont have any improper thoughts about her! I heard from my mother that Auntie Marissa was the number one beauty in the capital when she was young.

I am just curious about how beautiful she was, thats why I wanted to take a look.”

Jordan knew that Harrys mother and Marissa were good friends.

With the Howard familys status, this brat would not dare to provoke the Howard family.

Jordan glared at Harry and his girlfriend and said, “You can forget about me carrying out those actions.

Youll definitely lose!”

Jordan pointed at the tattooed girl.

“Now, listen to my request.

If you lose, you will kneel in front of me and slap yourself while saying,Women with tattooed arms are idiots,Those who wear Air Jordans but dont know Michael Jordan are idiots.

Do you understand”

The tattooed girl was incensed.

“You will definitely lose! You useless worm!”

Jordan really wanted to slap the woman, but he knew that she would not concede defeat if he defeated her with force.

Since they had this bet, Jordan would win and let her slap herself!

If she refused to slap herself, Jordan would help her!

Jordan looked at the tattooed woman coldly.

“Put some medicine on your face first.

It will be swollen later!”

With that, Jordan got into the car and left.

“Buddies, follow me!”

Harry and the rest got into two cars and followed Jordan to the West Villa District.

Harry and his girlfriend were driving a Porsche 911 RSR.

This was a racing car that not just anyone with money could buy.

Its control, safety and every other part were all superior.

They thought that Jordan was driving an ordinary 911.

They had no idea that his Porsches 888 engine made their 911 RSR look like a toy.

As Jordan drove, he communicated via voice message to the Porsche 888s smart assistant.

“Activate navigation.

Destination: West Villa District.”

The smart assistant said, “Automatic navigation has been activated.

You can choose manual drive.

We will arrive at our destination in 27 minutes.”

This car was equipped with the latest technology.

Jordan did not even need to drive it himself.

He could just let the car drive by itself.

Jordan adjusted the seat on the drivers seat and peeled a banana.

He leaned back and said leisurely, “Alright, automatic drive then.”

“Dont let those cars following behind overtake us.”

The smart assistant said, “Porsche 911 RSR detected.

It is currently being scanned.

Scan complete.

The car has a fuel-based 4.0-liter engine.

As its engine is very old, it has no chance of surpassing us.

We advise the driver to change his command.”

Jordan smiled when he heard that.

Was there really no chance that the other party would win

This smart assistant was too frank.

If Harry and his tattooed girl heard this, wouldnt they cry

“Alright, Ill take a rest then.

Play a movie,” Jordan said in satisfaction as he ate his banana.

A screen suddenly rose to the top and expanded.

The smart assistant asked, “What movie do you want to play”

Jordan thought for a moment.

“I havent watched Director Nolans latest movie yet.

He has urged me to watch it many times.

But his movies are so mind-boggling.

I cant understand them unless I watch them multiple times.”

Jordan felt that he should watch that movie when he had more time.

Therefore, he said, “Play Rich Man Poor Man.”

The smart assistant said, “Currently playing Rich Man Poor Man.”

The movie started playing on the cars big screen.

One of the male leads lines in the movie pierced Jordans heart.

“I pretended to be an ordinary man as I wanted to get to know you without the baggage of wealth and status, but I ended up distancing myself instead.

I am not pretending anymore.

Im actually a billionaire!”


The male leads revelation was met with laughter.

However, Jordan was not laughing.

Instead, he looked very gloomy!


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