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It was one of the major jokes in the entire movie.

Countless viewers would burst into laughter when they saw the scene.

However, Jordans expression darkened because this scene reminded him of what happened with the Camden family last year.

At that time, Jordan and Hailey had returned to the Camden family after their divorce.

He said almost the same thing to the Camdens.

However, not only did they not believe him, they laughed out loud and asked if Jordan was a fan of the movie Rich Man Poor Man.

“So what I said back then was a line from this movie.

No wonder none of them believed me.”

Jordan could not help giving a cold smile when he thought of the past.

Back then, the Camden family did not believe in Jordans ability.

They ended up deeply regretting it! Today, there was another group of people who did not believe in Jordan.

They would suffer the consequences later!

“I swear that everyone who looks down on me and the Steele family will pay the price!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

His brother, Jesse, was a fake person who pandered to the other seven families.

Jordan would not be like that!

He would use his strength to gain the respect of the other seven families.

He wanted to use his fists to fight back against those who provoked his family!

At that moment, Jordan was reminded of Park Chan-young.

That b*stard had sent him flying across the air in the virtual game!

Jordan was furious.

He did not let the car drive on automatic anymore.

If he won like this, he would not feel any sense of victory.

Jumping into action, Jordan drove the car manually and sped with them!

Meanwhile, in the white Porsche 911 RSR car.

The tattooed girl said, “Harry, that kids car is so fast.

Chase after him!”

Harry was also surprised.

“How did his car get modified Why is it accelerating so quickly Moreover, he didnt even need to brake when he encountered a roadblock.

F*ck, how did he manage to reduce the swerve and impact!”

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The tattooed girl panicked when she heard Harry praising Jordan.

“Harry, dont tell me you will lose to him Please dont lose to him.

Then Id have to kneel and apologize to him.

I dont want to kneel to such a useless man.

I only kneel to rich and capable men like you.

Harry, if you win, Ill kneel before you for two hours tonight!”

A sly smile appeared on Harrys face.

He was instantly motivated.

“Baby, dont worry.

This lad is definitely not my match!”

Coincidentally, there werent many cars on the road.

Harry stepped on the accelerator and kept trying to overtake Jordan.

But would Jordan let him overtake so easily

Jordan sped up as well and kept in front of him.

“Damn it, this kids racing skills are not bad.

It was so dangerous just now, but he didnt back off.”

After driving for seven to eight minutes, Harry was still at a disadvantage.

At this moment, Harry started to panic.

The tattooed girl became even more anxious.

“Harry, why dont you let me off first I want to go to the washroom.

Ill take a taxi to find you guys later.”

Harry could tell that the tattooed girl felt that he could not win against Jordan.

So she wanted to escape in advance and not be forced to slap herself later.

The tattooed girl did not have much status.

It was fine if she escaped, but Harry thought highly of himself.

He believed that he was a famous figure in the capital.

If he made a bet only to go back on his word in the end, how would he survive in the car industry if word of this got out

Harry said, “My dear, you dont have to leave.

I wont lose!”

With that, Harry placed a police siren on the roof of his car.

“Wee woo wee woo wee woo…”

The sound of police sirens rang out.

Harrys car had instantly become like a police car!

“Honk honk honk…”

Harry also kept honking, making the cars and pedestrians in front of his car give way.

When they encountered a red light, they would charge straight through it.


Harry sped past Jordan, overtaking him.

Jordan could not help cursing when he saw the police siren.


Racing in the city was a competition of how to overtake other cars.

And Harry was cheating!

He was pretending to be a police car.

Everyone would give way to him.

With his familys status in the capital, Harry probably wouldnt receive much punishment even if he was caught.

At this moment, the smart assistant said, “Target vehicle has overtaken the car.

Do you want to modify this vehicle into a police car or ambulance”

Not only could this Porsche 888 change colors, but it could also morph into a different mode to achieve the goal of camouflage.

However, there were too many cars and pedestrians around.

Jordan did not want to attract attention.

Jordan said, “No need.

Let him be in front.

I like to see someone believing that he won but still lose in the end.”

Meanwhile, inside the Porsche 911 RSR car.

The tattooed girl waved her hands happily.

She even rolled down the window and gave Jordan the middle finger.

After that, the tattooed girl kissed Harry.

“My dear, youre the best! Haha, were a police car now.

All the cars have to give way to us.

Were definitely going to win!”

Harry glanced at Jordan through the rearview mirror before looking at the road and he called his friend.

“Buddy, the junction in front is the key to our competition.

Listen to me, there are three routes at the junction.

Straight ahead, left and right.

Going straight will be the fastest route to the West Villa District.

The right path leads to the Sky Bridge Road.

Its very congested.

We have to force Jordan to take the right road.”

Harrys friend was driving a Ferrari.

When he received the news, he immediately replied, “No problem.

Well force him to turn right!”

Harry nodded.

“As long as he turns right, we will definitely win this competition!”

At that moment, Jordan was also looking at the optimal route on a holographic projection inside the Porsche 888.

The smart assistant recommended this route.

“Go straight at the upcoming junction.

This route will be the fastest way to reach our destination.”

However, a Ferrari behind them drove to Jordans left and kept squeezing his car to the right.

Meanwhile, Harrys car was also blocking Jordans path.

“They want me to go right.”

Jordan realized their intentions.

The smart assistant said, “The right path is more congested.

If you take the right path, you can use flight mode.”

Once the flight mode was activated, this race was a done deal! However, with so many cars around, using flight mode would definitely cause a commotion.

For the time being, Jordan did not want to be so high-profile.

“Can we take the left route”


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