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What a pitiful and hateful woman!

For the money, she abandoned the man she sincerely liked.

Instead of standing by her true love, she went to find a rich man who could give her a so-called “sense of security”.

But little did she know that rich men were smarter and more calculative.

They would not give her money for free.

In the end, she didnt get any money and lost the man she truly liked.

How could it be so easy to get back with her ex after dumping him!

Ordinary men also had their pride.

Would they still want something that had been used before!

Harry grinned at Jordan.

“Jordan, my mother and Auntie Marissa are very close.

Our families have known each other for a long time.

Ive been wanting to meet you and Lauren for a long time.

Today, we became friends after a fight.


Dont take what happened earlier to heart.

But I cant figure it out.

You turned left at the junction.

How did you reach here faster than me Wasnt the left road closed for repairs”

Harry was obsessed with racing and often competed with others.

He wanted to know how he lost.

Of course, Jordan would not tell him the truth.

He said, “Youre such a bold brat.

How dare you even mention my mother-in-laws name after asking for her photo I bet youre tired of living!”

Jordan felt that although Harry was young, it was very likely he preferred more mature women.

That was not surprising.

When Jordan was 19 or 20 years old, he had been attracted to women in their 30s or 40s.

He felt that they were very charming.

Not all men liked young girls.

Or rather, most young men liked mature ladies.

They would start to prefer 18-year-old girls only after they became old men.

Jordan guessed that Harry must have ulterior motives toward Marissa! Marissa was Jordans mother-in-law.

How could he tolerate this brat having such dirty thoughts about her!

Just as Jordan was about to teach him a lesson, Harry immediately knelt and begged, “Jordan! I swear to god, if I disrespect Auntie Marissa, Ill die a horrible death!”

Jordan felt that this guy was being quite sincere.

“Why do you want her photo of when she was young then”

Harry hesitated for a moment.

He didnt want to say it at first, but he had no choice.

“A South Korean man asked me to find beautiful middle-aged women from the capital.”

Jordan frowned.

This was the first time he had heard of such a thing.

“Beautiful middle-aged women”

Jordan was confused.

It was understandable for someone to search for beautiful women.

But why specifically middle-aged ones There were plenty of single girls in the capital, with many of them young and beautiful.

As long as a man had the money, it would be easy for him to get one.

Most middle-aged women would have already given birth and lost their former figure and appearance.

Why did he want to find someone like this

However, it was indeed the right choice for that South Korean to get a rich young heir like Harry to carry out this task.

As a rich young heir, it was easy for Harry to find rich and powerful middle-aged women in the capital.

Everyone knew that all beautiful women would have married into rich families when they were young.

Therefore, it was easy to find them in these circles.

“A South Korean asked you to do that Why would he look for such a woman Whats his motive” Jordan asked.

Jordan became very cautious because his grandfather had given him the mission to investigate South Korea and Japan.

According to his grandfather, South Korea and Japan were currently recruiting people in the US.

The Steeles had to figure out what these two secret families were up to!

Harry nodded.

“Yes, he gave me three hundred thousand dollars to do so.

I dont know what his motive is.

Maybe he just likes this kind of thing.”

Jordan frowned and thought about it carefully.

His intuition told him that this matter was definitely not simple!

There was nothing wrong with looking for young and beautiful women.

It was also not that unusual to find middle-aged women.

But something was fishy if he was looking for middle-aged women who were beautiful when they were young!

Beauty was different from talent and bearing.

It would not last forever.

When beauty faded, it was just gone! No matter how beautiful she was in the past, it would not add to her current charm!

“Whats that persons name Is his surname Park” Jordan asked.

Harry replied, “I dont know his name.”

Jordan was speechless.

“You made a deal with him for three hundred thousand dollars and you dont even know his name”

Harry said, “I asked him, but he refused to tell me.

This person is so mysterious and doesnt look like a normal person.

However, hes very prompt with payments.

Whenever I introduce someone to him, he will give me an additional two hundred thousand.”

From Harrys description, it was very likely that he was from the secret Park family.

Someone who was very mysterious and could spend money like water!

‘Park Anya Or Park Chan-young!

No matter who it was, Jordan had to investigate this matter.

Jordan asked, “Do you have his number”

Harry nodded.

“I do.”

Jordan ordered.

“Call him.

I want to meet him.”

“Okay.” Harry got up from the ground and made a call.

Unexpectedly, Harry was quite fluent in Korean.

This was probably why the South Korean chose Harry.

After some conversation, Harry said to Jordan, “Jordan, I told him about you.

He refused to see you.

He said that he would only agree to meet you if you sent him Auntie Marissas photos when she was young.”

Jordan thought about it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The secret families had always kept a low profile.

As a member of the Steeles, Jordan knew that very well.

If he wanted to clarify this matter, he had to make contact with this South Korean.

“Alright, tell him that Ill find a photo of Marissa when she was young.

However, if he wants to see the photo, he has to meet me personally.”

Harry nodded and started talking to the South Korean again.

Harry conveyed the message to Jordan.

“He said yes.

You can set a time and date after you get the photo.”

After hanging up, Harry asked, “Jordan, what do you think this person from South Korea is doing Why does he want all those photos To be honest, I sent him a photo of my mother when she was young, as well as photos of my friends mothers.

However, they did not meet his requirements and he didnt give me any money.”

Jordan looked at Harrys mediocre appearance.

He guessed that his mother was not a beautiful woman.

It seemed like this South Korean had very high standards.

The woman had to be very beautiful when she was young.

Instead, Jordan only said, “Dont tell anyone else about this.

Leave me your phone number.

After I get my mother-in-laws photo, Ill call you to meet up with that South Korean!”


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