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Harry grinned.

“Alright, lets exchange contacts.”

After that, Harry wanted to look at Jordans Porsche 888 engine, but Jordan kicked him aside.

Soon after, Jordan drove into his new home in the West Villa District!

“Darlings, Im back!”

Jordan walked into the villa happily.

He hugged Lauren with his left hand and Victoria with his right.

The two women were extremely fragrant and soft.

Jordan could not resist kissing their cheeks.

“Are you satisfied with the interior If not, you two can discuss renovations,” Jordan asked.

Although Lauren was already Jordans wife, she was still a little shy to be kissed by him like this in front of Victoria.

“We are very satisfied.

Theres no need to redo it,” Lauren said.

Victoria also said happily, “The decor here must have cost at least a few million dollars! The renovation works might be even more valuable than this house itself!”

Jordan smiled.

This was normal for the Steeles.

Every antique painting in this villa was priceless.

Jordan looked at Lauren and Victoria happily.

“How is it Have you two discussed it Whos going to sleep with whom tonight Or are we all going to sleep together”

Lauren and Victoria pushed Jordan away at the same time.

“Dream on.”

Victoria said, “Weve discussed it.

The two of us will sleep together, you can sleep in the living room.”

Lauren smiled as well.

“Yes, yes, were serious.

We have a lot to talk about.

Dont bother us.”

“What” Jordan was dumbstruck.

He had put in so much effort to bring his two beloved women under one roof, only to be treated like this

Jordan shook his head helplessly.

He asked, “Oh, right.

Wheres Chloe”

Laurens expression changed slightly.

“Chloe is at Mommys place.

Mommy wont let Chloe stay with us.”

Jordan knew that Marissa refused to accept Victoria.

She was still angry at Jordan for slapping her today.

Although Jordan hated Marissas behavior, he had to get a photo of her when she was young to meet that mysterious South Korean.

Jordan asked, “Lauren, do you have any photos of your mother when she was young”

Lauren shook her head.

“I dont have any.

Only my mother has them.”

Jordan nodded and said, “Oh, right.

Your grandfather called me on the way here earlier.

He said he wants to see me.

How about this Today marks our first day in our new house.

I want to invite your grandfather, father and mother over here.

Lauren, Victoria, what do you think”

Lauren was naturally happy to hear that.

They were her family members after all.

“Sure.” Victoria was also very gracious.

Jordan held her hand and said, “Victoria, dont worry.

Ill tell them today that youre my woman.

I hope theyll accept you.”

Victoria nodded emotionally.

Soon, it was 7 PM.

Martin, Stefan and Marissa arrived at Jordans villa together.

When Martin saw Jordan again, he walked forward with a bright smile.

“Haha, Jordan, you seem to be much more energetic after coming back from your honeymoon trip to England.

You look even better than before!”

Jordan smiled, “Grandpa, you have such sharp eyes.”

Jordan greeted Stefan and Marissa.

“Dad, Mom.”

However, Marissa snorted coldly and ignored him.

If not for Martin insisting that she come, she would never have come.

Marissa said coldly, “Why are you calling me Mom now Didnt you address me by my name in the courtyard earlier today”

It was obvious that Stefan and Martin were on Jordans side.

He treated Jordan very well and immediately spoke up for him.

“Whats the big fuss Its normal for youngsters nowadays to address family members by their names.”

Marissa quickly added.

“Then tell me why he hit me! Should a son-in-law hit his mother-in-law”

Jordan picked up a cup of tea and offered it to Marissa sincerely.

“Mom, no matter what, I shouldnt have hit you earlier.

Im sorry.”

Marissa glanced at Jordan.

She did not expect him to apologize and serve her tea.

Actually, Marissa had slapped Jordan a few times before.

And she had never apologized to him.

Seeing how sincere Jordan was, Marissa accepted the tea from him.

“Alright, Im not a petty person.

Forget about what happened today.”

Everyone sat down soon after.

Jordan cut straight to the chase.

“Everyone, I believe you know about this.

I want Victoria to be my woman too.

I know it will be difficult for you to accept her as her family, but Victoria is very important to me.

I cannot be without her, I cant abandon her.

Therefore, I hope that you can accept Victoria.

I swear that my love for Lauren wont decrease at all.”

The Howard family was silent for a moment before Martin said, “Since ancient times, beauties have always loved heroes.

Its not strange that Victoria and Lauren both like you.

I know Victorias family background.

Norman Clarke is also an outstanding talent.

If you dont mind, Im very willing to let you become a part of the family.”

Victoria was shocked that Martin agreed! She had been very nervous earlier.

She thought that with the Howard familys status, they would never agree to their son-in-law taking her in.

She didnt expect Martin to agree so quickly!

Stefan also said, “Actually, I also have two women.

I dont think I have the right to vote against this, haha.”

Marissa kept a straight face but also said, “I definitely wont agree.

However, since Lauren has agreed, its useless for me to fight against this.”

Unexpectedly, all three of them accepted Victoria!

Jordan was overjoyed.

“Thank you, grandfather.

Thank you, father-in-law and mother-in-law.”

Martin laughed.

“What are you thanking me for Were family.

Come, Jordan, Victoria, you guys know how to drink, right Have more drinks with me today!”

Jordan and Victoria clinked their glasses happily.

After drinking and eating for a while, Martin suddenly said, “Jordan, take me to your room upstairs.”

Jordan knew that Martin had something important to ask him, so he helped him up the stairs.

Martin had a good alcohol tolerance.

Even after drinking two glasses of wine, he was still completely sober.

When he reached the room, Martin praised the decor.

But then, he couldnt hold his curiosity anymore.

Martin asked, “Jordan, did you gain anything from your trip to England”


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