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Jordan knew that Martin was asking about the Steeles family secret.

However, he did not intend to tell him directly.

“Gains What do you mean”

Jordan pretended not to understand.

Martin laughed.

“Jordan, you know what Im talking about.

I heard that youve completed your last mission and caught Jamie.

Your grandfather should have told you the family secret.”

Jordan asked, “Why are you so sure that our family has a secret”

Martin smiled and said, “After Marissa came back from England, she specially came to see me.

She said that she went to ask your brother Jesse.

Jesse said that your family doesnt have any secrets at all and is just deliberately making themselves appear mysterious.

Your family just wanted to make outsiders think that you guys are very powerful.”

Jordan said, “I see.

And you dont believe that”

Martin said, “Of course I dont believe that.

Ive known your grandfather for decades and discreetly observed your family for decades.

Even before you were born.

Im very sure your family has some hidden power! And today, Ive finally proven my conjecture!”

Jordan was taken aback, not knowing what Martin meant.

At that moment, Martin suddenly took out his phone and handed it to Jordan.

“My eyes arent too good, and Im not good at using my phone.

Help me look at my latest message.

Its a video.

Open it and take a look.”

Jordan took Martins phone in confusion.

Martin told him the password, having absolute trust in him.

After unlocking Martins phone and opening the message, he saw that someone had sent him a video that afternoon.

Jordan was shocked when he clicked on the video.

It was a video of Jordan driving the Porsche 888 while racing with Harry that very afternoon!

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How did Martin get this video!

Seeing that Jordan was a little anxious, Martin smiled, “Dont worry, Jordan.

No one will know about this video.

Ill keep it a secret for you.

Anyone who tries to leak this news, I will immediately shut it off.

I will never let it spread online.

You should know that I have the ability.”

There were eyes everywhere in the capital.

Someone might have inadvertently witnessed the scene.

With Martins connections in the capital, he could be very helpful to Jordan.

Martin took the phone and looked at it again.

He exclaimed, “Its really amazing! Current car technology can already make vehicles travel via land and through the air! If it werent for you, I dont think I would have been able to witness this sight before I die.”

Jordan stopped trying to hide the truth.

“Thats right.

The Steeles do have some hidden power.

The car you saw is just a part of it.

However, the Steeles are not the only ones with such power.

There are other families as well.”

Martin was shocked.

“Oh There are other families What families are they”

Jordan answered, “Theres also the Park family from South Korea and the Miyamoto family from Japan.

Do you know anything about these two families”

Martin shook his head.

“I know many top-notch families in South Korea and Japan, but Ive never heard of them.”

It seemed like these two families were well-hidden like Jordans family.

“Jordan, I believe that the Steeles are not only the leaders in terms of technology but also in terms of military strength.

You know that this is something that can change the world! I want to introduce you to someone.”

From the sudden change in Martins expression, Jordan could tell that this person was someone very important.

Jordan had already guessed it.

He asked, “Did you initiate the introduction Or did that person ask to meet me”

Martin said, “I was the one who initiated the introduction.

Looks like youve already guessed who that person is.”

Jordan rejected Martin.

“Sorry, I dont want to meet him.”

Martin was shocked.

Since Jordan had already guessed the identity, why would he reject him This was someone everyone in the US dreamed of meeting!

Jordan explained.

“I just want to complete the mission Grandpa gave me first.

The Park and Miyamoto families are secretly recruiting people in our country.

I have to figure out their purpose.”

Martin panicked when he heard that.

“Oh Theres such a thing Ive never heard of it.

Jordan, I know that you and your grandfather are patriotic.

Were on the same side.

I wont allow people from other nations to scheme in our country.

If you need my help, just tell me.”

Jordan nodded.

“Thank you.”

Martin patted Jordans shoulder with a smile.

“Child, I have a feeling that youll definitely be the future glory of our country!”

Jordan spent a lot of his years overseas, and people who were like that often only had a vague understanding and loyalty to their native country.

They might not even be sure where they truly belonged.

However, the three Steele brothers were taught to be patriotic from a young age.

Jordans grandfather made sure of it.

Previously, Jordan did not understand why, but now he could more or less understand.

After Charleston was gone, Jordan and his brothers would control the Steeles secret assets.

These assets could influence the world.

If Jordan and his brothers did not have a sense of belonging in their native homeland, they would probably not help it.

In recent years, the US saw a surge in technological advancement.

Meanwhile, the Steeles had been targeted by the other eight families and forced to move to England.

Jordan wondered if there was a connection between the two…

Brushing off the though, Jordan nodded with a smile.

“Dont worry.

Whether its me or my brothers, we will make our country proud! I can tell you very clearly that I am indeed on the same side as you.”

Tears streamed down Martins face when he heard that.

He hugged Jordan.

“Thank you!”

The two of them chatted for more than half an hour.

When they came down, everyone had finished their meal.

Marissa had been forced to come here.

Therefore, she was all prepared to leave right after dinner.

At that moment, Jordan came to Laurens side and whispered, “Honey, can you get a photo of your mother when she was young”

Jordan and Marissa did not have a good relationship.

It had developed to the point where they could slap each other.

As such, it was inappropriate for him to ask for a photo of his mother-in-law.

Therefore, he asked Lauren to do it for him.

Lauren looked at him suspiciously.

“Dont tell me…”


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