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When Jordan saw Laurens strange expression, he immediately knew that she was overthinking things.

In reality, there were many cases of mothers-in-law and sons-in-law having affairs.

Jordan hastily explained.

“Dont think too much.

I just want to see how similar you are to your mother when she was young.”

Lauren smiled sweetly.

“Alright, wait for me.”

Lauren walked up to Marissa and asked, “Mom, why are you putting on your jacket Are you going back so soon after dinner Stay a little longer.”

Marissa looked at her unhappily and said in a strange tone, “You arent the only owner of this home.

How can I stay here as long as I want”

Lauren knew that her mother still couldnt accept the fact that she was living under the same roof as Victoria.

She needed time to get used to it.

After all, the daughters of rich and powerful families grew up like little princesses.

They had a lot of pride.

It was not easy for them to share their husbands with other women.

Lauren said, “Mom, do you have any photos from your younger days Send me one.”

Marissa said, “You want to see my photos when I was young Thats easy.

Just go to the washroom and look in the mirror.

When I was young, I was just like you, only prettier.”

Lauren smiled.

She knew that her mother was quite narcissistic.

“Mom, just send it to me.

I want to see it,” Lauren said coquettishly.

Marissa said, “I dont have any photos of my younger days on my phone.

If you want to see them, you have to come home with me.”

Lauren shot Jordan an awkward glance.

Marissa sensed something was wrong.

“Who is the one who wants to see my photo”

Lauren felt that there was nothing to hide, so she told the truth.


The atmosphere in the hall instantly became strange.

Stefan, who had been standing at the side admiring some calligraphy, was stunned.

Marissa looked at Jordan in confusion.

Jordan felt very awkward.

Why were his parents-in-law looking at him like that! Couldnt a son-in-law look at photos of his mother-in-law!

Jordan quickly explained.

“Yes, Ive often heard you say that Lauren looks exactly like you when you were young, so I wanted to see what you looked like when you were young.”

Stefan smiled.

“Dont listen to Marissas nonsense.

How could she compare to Lauren”

Marissa was annoyed when she heard this.

“How am I not comparable to our daughter When you married me back then, I was the number one beauty in the capital, okay”

Stefan retorted.

“During that time, there werent many beauties in the capital.

You being the top doesnt prove anything.

There are a lot more beauties nowadays and competition is more intense.

Our daughter is the real deal.”

Marissa put her hands on her waist.

“Stefan! Thats not what you said when you wooed me back then! You praised me that I was like a goddess and that you were charmed by me the moment you saw me.

You even said… that I have good hips and can give you sons!”

Stefan: “…”

Everyone else: “…”

His mother-in-law was indeed formidable.

She dared to say such things in front of the younger generation.

It seemed like Marissa held a lot of resentment towards Stefan.

Stefan quickly begged for mercy.

“Alright, alright, I was wrong.

Youre the most beautiful, okay I was just trying to praise our daughter.

Why are you jealous But to be honest, Jordan, your mother-in-law was indeed one of the top beauties in that era when she was young.

You can come with us back home to look at the photos.”

Marissa glanced at Jordan.

“Since you want to see what I looked like when I was young, come back with us.

Your two wives are so beautiful.

I believe youre a man who values looks above all.

I hope you can be more polite to me in the future after seeing my photos and realizing how beautiful I was.

Dont slap me for no reason in the future.”

In the end, Marissa mentioned the slap again.

It looked like she would remember that incident forever.

Jordan, Lauren and Marissa went back to Marissas place first.

Marissa went straight to her bedroom and found a photo album on her bedside table.

The album looked a little dated.

Photo albums were a rare sight in this modern age.

Marissa flipped through it before taking out a photo.

She handed it to Jordan.

“This is a photo taken on my 20th birthday.

Take a look.”

Jordan took the photo.

Although the photo was a little old and the image not that clear, he was still stunned by the woman in it!

Marissa was wearing a sexy long dress.

She sat on a step with her legs crossed.

The dress had a slit, showing off her slender legs.

Marissa was much thinner back then.

Her hair was a little wavy and very feminine, in the style of the 1980s, and her smile was charming.

Jordan was truly amazed by her youthful face!

Too beautiful!

Age was the biggest enemy for women!

No matter how rich Marissa was and how good her skincare products were, she was already 40 years old.

She couldnt return to her 20s.

Noticing Jordans stunned face, Marissa could not help smiling proudly.

“How is it I was pretty when I was young, right Do I look like Michelle Pfeiffer”

Jordan was taken aback.

“Michelle Pfeiffer”

Marissa held her forehead.

“Sigh, children nowadays dont even know who Michelle Pfeiffer is.

Im talking about an actress.

I think shes the most beautiful actress!”

If Jordan had seen photos of Michelle Pfeiffer when she was younger, he would have realized that the young Marissa was on par with this superstar!

“So beautiful…”

Jordan could not help admiring the photo.

Lauren sighed as well.

“My mother was really too beautiful when she was young.

I dont even think Im even half as beautiful as you were.”

Marissa was overjoyed.

Her earlier anger was immediately blown away by their flattery.

Marissa was grinning from ear to ear as she snatched the photo over.

“You two brats, do you think you can just find some excuse to praise me after wasting my time tonight Dream on!”

Marissa started to think that Jordan was just using this as an excuse to praise her and curry favor.

However, Jordan was really here to get her photo.

Jordan looked at Marissa seriously.

“Mom, can you give me this photo”

Marissa was stunned.

“Why… why do you want my photo”

Jordan was in a dilemma.

He could not think of a reasonable reason.

What good reason could a son-in-law have to want his mother-in-laws photo!



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