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Jordan was not good at dealing with such situations.

He did not know what excuse to use.

In the end, he said, “I just want to borrow it.

Just for a couple of days.

Ill definitely return it to you!”

Marissa still found it strange.

“Why do you want to borrow my photo”

Jordan did not want to tell Marissa about the South Korean man.

He replied, “To look at it.”

Marissa asked, “Look Where”

Jordan was dumbstruck.

Where What did Marissa mean by that

Lauren said, “Mom, Jordan just wants to admire your beauty when you were young.

I know Jordans character very well.

He would never… disrespect you!”

Disrespect her

Jordan was dumbstruck.

‘Lauren, what do you mean by that How would I disrespect your mother

The atmosphere had instantly become extremely awkward! Marissa, who had always been so domineering in front of her son-in-law, actually blushed!

Only then did Jordan realize what Marissa and Lauren were worried about.

They were worried that Jordan would have dirty thoughts about Marissa!

Heavens, he was innocent.

Jordan only had respect for Marissa as his mother-in-law, and distaste for her character.

It was impossible for him to have any immoral thoughts about her!

Jordan immediately swore.

“Mom, I just want to look at the photo.”

Marissa, who had always been good with words, started stammering.

She slowly handed the photo to Jordan.

“Well… since you… you want to… to see it, take it.”

“Thank you, Mom!” Jordan took the photo and thanked her.

Marissa said, “Um… dont stain the photo.”

Lauren: “…”

Jordan: “”

The atmosphere turned awkward again.

Marissa said, “I mean, its been a long time since anyone has lived in your house.

Theres a lot of dust…”

Jordan assured her.

“Oh, Ive already hired a cleaning lady.

Ill clean the entire place tomorrow.

Dont worry, Ill definitely return the photo to you in its original state.”

Initially, Jordan and Lauren planned to have a cup of tea at their mother-in-laws house before leaving.

However, the atmosphere had become too strange.

Jordan and Lauren left less than five minutes after receiving the photo.

Once he walked out of his mother-in-laws house and returned to his Porsche 888, he heaved a sigh of relief as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

He really didnt expect that asking his mother-in-law for a photo would be such a “thrilling” experience.

At that moment, Lauren, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, patted Jordans arm and asked, “Hubby, tell me the truth.

Are you interested in my mother”

Jordan nearly jumped.

“Honey, why would you think that Shes your mother, my mother-in-law.

How could I have any indecent thoughts about her!”

Actually, Jordan was a rather traditional person.

He had even refused to let Haileys younger sister Elle get too close to him.

He had kept his distance from her.

If not for the fact that the Camden family had hurt Jordan so badly that he wanted to take revenge, he would not have slept with Elle.

Knowing Jordans character, Lauren was convinced.

She asked curiously, “Why do you want my mothers photo then”

Lauren was Jordans official wife.

He had always planned to tell her the Steele family secret!

Jordan held Laurens hand.

“Honey, I want to tell you something now.

Its about the Steele family secret.

Youre my wife and a member of the Steele family.

You have the right to know all of this.”

Lauren was a little nervous when she saw how serious Jordan had suddenly become.

She nodded solemnly.

Jordan continued.

“The Steele family secret is that we possess hidden abilities in various fields, such as medicine, technology, the Internet, etc.

Look at this car Im giving you.

Its not a modified version of the Porsche 911.

Its a Porsche 888.

It can change its color or fly through the air.”

Lauren was momentarily stunned.

“This car can fly”

Jordan looked around and saw that there was no one.

“Let me show you.”

Jordan switched to flight mode.

The car took off instantly, scaring Lauren!

Previously, Lauren had wondered why Jordan would transport a Porsche 911 from England, when they could easily get one in the capital.

It turned out that it was not a Porsche 911 at all.

It was a futuristic model that no automobile company in the world had for sale!

Jordan made a short demonstration before landing back on the ground.

Lauren covered her mouth in surprise.

“Oh my god, this is too… unbelievable! When will the Porsche 888 be released When will such cars become common on the streets”

Jordan smiled.

“Maybe 10 years, maybe 20, maybe a hundred years.

That depends on when the eight great secret families will release this to the world.

Honey, you might not know this, but all the high-end technologies in this world are controlled by eight great families, including the Steeles.

It can be said that we control this world!”

Lauren was shocked.

“Eight great families Apart from the Steeles, there are other families”

Jordan nodded.

“The other families include the Park family from Steeles, the Miyamoto family from Japan, as well as the Rong and Geng families from China.

The Addington family from England, the Haus from Germany, and the Schmid family from Switzerland.”

Lauren listened seriously.

She had never heard of any of these families.

They were indeed as secretive as the Steeles.

She had always thought that the Howard family was already at the top of the food chain, but now she knew that they were just minor characters controlled by others.

Jordan said, “Ill tell you about the origin of the eight major families in detail when I have time.

But I can tell you now that the Steeles are the weakest among the eight.

Moreover, according to my grandfather, the other seven major families, especially the Park and Miyamoto families, want to kick the Steeles out!”

Lauren exclaimed.

“What How did this happen”

She was aghast.

As the Steele familys daughter-in-law, she treated their honor as her own.

Jordan said, “I heard that the Park and Miyamoto families are secretly recruiting in our country.

I heard that theres a South Korean man looking for middle-aged women who were beautiful when they were young.

So Im using your mothers photo to find out more about that person.

I suspect that that person might be from the Park family!”

Lauren recalled.

“Looking for middle-aged women who were beautiful when they were young No wonder there has been a sudden trend of people showing off their beautiful mothers on social media.

It is the most trending topic now.

Someone must be deliberately spending money to hype this topic up!”


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