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Jordan nodded.

The South Korean was not only using Harry.

They were so rich that they could spend money to get ignorant netizens to show off photos of their mothers.

In this way, the South Korean could easily scan through the barrage of posts and choose those who met his requirements, and then get to that person through any means.

Pressing his hand on top of Laurens head, Jordan gave her a doting smile, “I dont have any feelings for your mother.

Dont think of me as that kind of person.”

Lauren smiled.

“Of course I know youre not.

The point is that my mother thinks youre interested in her.

Haha, I didnt expect my mother to be so narcissistic.

She might even think that your brother likes her.”

Jordan smiled, “Many women in their 20s like men in their 40s.

So its not surprising if many men in their 20s like women in their 40s.

As long as your mother doesnt hate me, as long as our marriage doesnt affect your mother-daughter relationship, I would rather she treat me as an immoral son-in-law who has designs on her.”

Lauren was touched and she placed her hand on Jordans.

She knew that her mother had a lot of prejudice against Jordan.

Coupled with the incident with Brad, the relationships between the three of them had always been a big problem.

“No wonder your grandfather groomed the three of you from such a young age and had you carry out all kinds of training missions.

The wealth that you inherited can change the entire world! Hubby, I suddenly feel very nervous.

If youre the one who ends up being in charge of the Steeles, does this mean that my every move can affect the entire world”

Jordan pinched Laurens face with a smile.

“Thats right.

If you fight with me one day and unveil the Porsche 888 to the world in a fit of anger, the entire car industry will explode.”

Lauren felt both fear and anticipation.

Which woman would reject such a status

She asked again, “Would your son with Hailey inherit the future responsibility of ruling the world I suddenly envy Hailey.

If she knew that her son could influence the world in the future, she would be deliriously happy.”

Lauren was right.

Hailey had always been vain and pursued endlessly after a high social status, wanting to be admired and worshiped.

If she knew the Steele familys secret and knew that her son would be the ruler of the world in the future, she would definitely feel extremely arrogant.

Jordan said, “My grandfather and father favor boys over girls.

However, I think men and women are equal.

Whether inheriting the family business or changing the world, I believe that women can also do it well.

My son with Hailey is still too young.

Meanwhile, Chloe is already four years old.

I want to groom Chloe from now on.

What do you think”

As a girl from the capital, Lauren never felt that she was inferior to the boys.

Chloe was just like her.

Even so, Lauren never expected Jordan to want Chloe to be the fourth-generation heir of the Steele family.

Lauren nodded.

“Yes, yes.

Chloe will definitely perform very well!”

The next morning, Jordan woke up alone in the bedroom.

He had wanted to have one woman in each arm last night, enjoying a moment that ordinary men could not enjoy.

To his surprise, Victoria and Lauren chose to sleep together.

Moreover, they closed the door tightly and refused to let Jordan in.

So Jordan had no choice but to catch Lauren, who was alone, after waking up.

He dragged her to his room and reenacted what had happened years ago in that dark room.

Thereafter, Lauren helped Jordan to put his clothes on with a smile.

She tidied her clothes and hair before saying to him, “Hubby, good luck! I hope you can find out what the South Korean wants!”

Jordan smiled and drove away with Marissas photo.

Before long, Jordan met up with Harry.

The two of them rushed to the private club where the South Korean man had chosen to meet.

This club was well-hidden and not in a bustling downtown area.

It didnt look big from the outside, but when they arrived at the floor where the South Korean man was, they could see that the interior looked very luxurious and classy.

Everyone knew that South Koreans were fond of beautiful things and placed high importance on interior design.

Many shops in most countries were uniform and had no special characteristics.

However, it was completely different on the streets of South Korea.

The decor of every shop was special and beautiful.

The South Korean was busy with someone else and Jordan and Harry had to wait for half an hour before they were summoned.

When he finally entered the room, Jordan saw a typical-looking South Korean man in a suit with a trim figure and glasses.

This was not the first time Harry had met this man.

He took the initiative to walk forward and shake his hand.

“Long time no see.

Let me introduce you.

This is Mr.


I mentioned him to you before.”

Jordan shook his hand as well.

The South Korean was very direct.


Steele, did you bring your mother-in-laws photo”

Jordan took out Marissas photo from his pocket and handed it to him.

Harry said, “Auntie Marissa was the number one beauty in the capital when she was young.

She definitely meets your requirements! If she doesnt meet your requirements, Ill eat my own **!”

The South Korean looked at the photo and nodded.

Then, he said seriously, “It doesnt matter what I say.

My boss will be the one to decide.

Wait for a moment.

Ill send the photo to my boss.”

The man scanned the photo on his phone and sent it to his boss.

In a private mansion in Seoul, South Korea.

A middle-aged man sat on a rattan chair, enjoying the service of the two beauties beside him.

One of them massaged his neck while the other fed him grapes.

These two beauties were young and in the prime of their lives.

One looked like she was about 20 years old, while the other looked like she was at most 30 years old.

“Young-sook, Ye-eun, the two of you served me very well last night.

Indeed, mature women know how to serve men better.

Hahaha, just by looking at your faces, who can tell that your combined age is more than 70”

As the middle-aged man spoke, he even unscrupulously reached out to fondle the two “young women”.

The two beauties did not dare to resist.

From their expression and actions, it was difficult to tell if they were truly willing to serve this middle-aged man.

The middle-aged mans phone rang.

The phone was not one of those popular models on the market.

Instead, it was very small and looked like a bank card.

With a wave of his hand, the screen immediately appeared in front of him as a holographic projection.

He saw the photo of Marissa when she was young.

He was instantly stunned and even forgot to swallow the grape in his mouth.

The middle-aged man was completely dumbstruck!

“Theres actually such a top-grade beauty in the US!!”


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