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If the food served at a restaurant resulted in fatal food poisoning, the restaurants business would definitely suffer a huge impact.

Word about it spread like wildfire, especially since more than a hundred people were sent to the hospital simultaneously.


The reputation of Sunny Restaurant was absolutely tarnished.

Within a short period, the restaurant lost all its customers, and Zacks efforts to go through public relations to promote his restaurant were futile.

Sunny Restaurant was Zacks most popular restaurant in Orlando.

Now that it had been ruined, the remaining ones would be even easier to deal with.

At first, Jordan did not intend to use such underhanded means and merely wanted to deal with Zack through legitimate means.

For example, he could hire famous singers to sing in the restaurant every day and replace the head chefs of Cloud Cafeteria with world-class chefs.

He could afford to spend such a large amount of money, and he would be able to defeat Zack even if he had to incur monetary losses.

However, since Zack chose to provoke Jordan first, he only had himself to blame.

At this moment, Jordan had unquestionably become the top magnate of the restaurant industry in Orlando.

After that, Jordan engaged a few more celebrities and opened several karaoke bars and clubs in Orlando to kick the nightclub magnate-who had also sworn to destroy his livelihood in the city- out of the joint entertainment industry.

Soon, half a month had passed.

The Camdens were having dinner in Dianas villa.

While eating, Sylvie said, “Have you guys heard Goldmine Karaoke Bar fled the city last night! Zacks restaurant, Sunny Restaurant, has also been sold to someone else.

Half a month ago, they were all dignified and powerful figures of Orlando, but theyre now in such miserable plights.

How unexpected.”

Elle drank a spoonful of soup and said, “They had probably offended some big shots.

Otherwise, why would there be so many new restaurants, karaoke bars, and clubs popping up in the past two weeks”

Herman put down his fork and knife and humphed coldly.

“Zack Smith had even borrowed money from me two days ago, claiming that Jordan Steele had taken revenge on him.

He even said that he ended up in such a state because he had tried to help us.


Jordan Steele is just a bodyguard.

How can he be capable enough to take revenge against Zack”

Benedict nodded and chimed in, “Herman is right.

If Jordan really wanted to take revenge, he would have exacted it on us first.

From the way I see it, thats just Zack Smiths excuse for borrowing money.”

Diana frowned and remained silent while pondering over the matter.

She wondered if Jordan was really the one who had caused such a stir in the city recently.

However, after thinking for a long time, she still didnt have an answer.

Diana looked at Hailey, who had been spacing out, and asked, “Hailey, what are you thinking”

Hailey continued to be in a trance while drinking some soup, and she only snapped back to her senses when Sylvie nudged her with her elbow.

Elle chuckled and said, “Hailey must be thinking about Tylers marriage proposal, huh In the past two weeks, Tyler has proposed to Hailey nine times, but she hasnt said yes to him yet.”

Over the past two weeks, Jordan had been dominating the business industry of Orlando and taking over several industries to destroy the livelihoods of the people who had stood against him during Dianas birthday banquet back then.

In the meantime, Tyler had also repeatedly proposed to Hailey.

After the proposal at Cloud Cafeteria, he proposed again in other restaurants and cafés.

Each time, he would prepare a gift that was worth at least a few hundred grand.

Diana said to Hailey, “Tyler is quite a nice lad.

He has a good family background, and he loves you so much too.

Tylers father has called me to say that youre making the Collins feel embarrassed by repeatedly turning Tyler down.”

After all, the Collins was a notch above the Camdens in terms of status and power.

Regardless of how beautiful Hailey was, she was still a divorcee.

The Collins was in disdain of Haileys condescending and aloof behavior.

Hailey nodded and said, “I will say yes when he proposes for the tenth time at the superstars concert tomorrow.”

Diana finally smiled, and she exclaimed, “Haha, great, the Camdens are going to hold yet another joyous event! Come, lets all toast in advance to wish Hailey a happy marriage!”

Everyone filled their glasses with wine and even Herman, who had always been against Hailey, stood up to give her his blessings.

“Uh, Hailey, Tyler is more competent than Jordan.

If you marry him in the future, remember to share any benefits in business with us, if any.”

Sylvie replied on behalf of Hailey, “That goes without saying, were family after all, right, Benedict”

Sylvie grinned widely and pounded her hand against Benedict gently.

However, Benedict wasnt smiling at all.

It was as if his daughters marriage had nothing to do with him.

Benedict raised his glass somewhat reluctantly and said indifferently, “Hes indeed better than that good-for-nothing Jordan Steele, well at least in terms of being presentable.”

Everyone raised their glasses and gave Hailey their blessings.

However, Drew suddenly stood up and said, “Uh, Ive got a tummy ache.

You guys go ahead.”

“This kid…” Diana shook her head.

Most of the injuries that Drew sustained had healed.

Still, Diana had a nagging feeling that Drew was different from before, especially when talking about topics related to Hailey and Jordan.

Drew headed to the washroom, but instead of relieving natures call, he made a call to someone.

He was calling Jordan!

The incident in the underground parking lot the other day, where even Pablo knelt down to Jordan, had convinced Drew that Jordan would likely be a terrifying boss even if he were not the president of Ace Corporation!

Hence, Drew defected and wanted to get on good terms with Jordan.

“Hello,” Jordan answered the phone.

Drew said, “Jordan, during dinner, Hailey said that she would say yes to Tyler Collins when he proposes to her during a superstars concert tomorrow.

Do you want me to convince Grandma to forbid Hailey from saying yes”

Drew knew that Jordan still loved Hailey.

After all, he had been married to her for three years and put in plenty of effort, only to have them go in vain.

Anyone would be indignant if they were in his shoes.

If Jordan wanted to stop Hailey and Tyler from getting married, Drew could help him with it.

After a moment of silence, Jordan said, “Dont stop her! Just let her say yes!”

Drew said, “Jordan, why let that punk Tyler get what he wants With your abilities, you can easily kill him! Both him and I have offended you, and you gave me such a harsh beating, but you let him off the hook.

Thats unfair to me!”

Jordan laughed and said, “Dont worry, Tylers going to end up in a state thats much worse than you.”

Of course, Jordan was going to get revenge on Tyler, but it wasnt going to be as simple as breaking his limbs.

Tyler and Hailey had harmed Jordan emotionally, so Jordan would do the same to them!

Jordan wanted Hailey to first marry Tyler before regretting her decision!

That would be the most ruthless form of revenge!

Drew said, “Rest assured, Jordan, Im keeping an eye on Hailey, and Ive also lied to her that Grandma doesnt want her to move in with Tyler before they get married.

For the past few days, Hailey has been returning home at night, and she only goes out to public places during the day.

They havent done anything.”

After a moment of silence, Jordan said, “Even if they did something, it has nothing to do with me.”

Drew chuckled.

“Were both men, I understand.

You might insist that you dont care, but you definitely hope that they havent done the deed.”

Jordan laughed and said, “Drew, I didnt expect you to have become more philosophical.

Youve made progress.”

Drew said, “What Im going to say next is even more philosophical!”

Jordan asked, “Oh Are you that confident Go ahead.”

Drew said, “Marry my sister! Shell make a good wife! Grandma said that she has great birthing hips!”

Jordan snapped, “Get lost!”


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