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How was this possible!

How could an ordinary foreigner guess that the mastermind was Park Chan-young from the Park family!

“Impossible… this is impossible… you… how did you know my boss name!”

The South Korean was shocked.

As the Park family was a secret family, apart from Park Anya, who was the wife of a political candidate, no one should know the names of the other family members! And even if the public knew Park Anyas name, they only knew her as Cheon Ji-hoons wife.

The public had no idea that Park Anyas Park family was much more powerful than Cheon Ji-hoon, who was already a very powerful man.

Jordan smiled.

He was right.

The mastermind behind this was Park Chan-young, the guy who had crashed into him in the virtual game!

Actually, Jordan had guessed it was Park Chan-young by the process of elimination.

After confirming that they were from the Park family, Jordan knew that there were three people from the second generation.

Park Anya and Park Chan-young had an elder brother.

However, this eldest brother was older and Jordan believed that he should be like Jesse, shouldering the great responsibility of reviving the family.

He would not have the time to fool around with women like this.

Therefore, Jordan eliminated him first.

Park Anya was a woman and Jordan was very sure that she was not gay.

Therefore, it was impossible for her to be searching for beautiful middle-aged women.

As a result, Jordan decided that it must be Park Chan-young!

Jordan looked at the frightened man and said softly, “Is it that difficult to know his name Im very familiar with the Park family!”

“I kissed Park Chan-youngs sister, Park Anya before.

Should I go on”

When the South Korean heard this, he instantly jumped up in an exaggerated manner, in an action as ugly as a toad leaping.

The man was shocked.

“You actually know that Park Anya is also a member of the Park family! You… youre… too scary! However, even if you know all this, dont think that you can scare me with your claims! Park Anya is the most noble woman in our country! If you had secretly kissed her, you would already be dead by now!”

Jordan said with a smile, “Who said I kissed her She kissed me.”

“Bullsh*t! Nonsense! Thats impossible!” The South Korean became agitated.

“Why would Ms.

Park kiss a despicable foreigner like you!”

“Im despicable”

Jordan punched him.

He knew that Madam was noble and that it was reasonable for this South Korean not to believe him.

Jordan would not have hit him if that was all.

However, the South Korean actually called Jordan despicable and felt that he was inferior to Madam.

Therefore, he could not blame Jordan for attacking.

Jordan did not want to continue wasting time on this man.

He asked, “Tell me, why is Park Chan-young collecting beautiful middle-aged women in the US! Does he like old women”

“Pfft! Youre the one who likes old, wrinkled women! My boss likes fair-skinned, beautiful young women who are rich in collagen!” The South Korean spat.

Jordan asked, “Since he likes young women, why is he looking for women who are over 40 years old”

The man sneered.

“I wont tell you.

You dont deserve to know! Invite your beautiful mother-in-law over.

Ill talk to her alone, hehe.”

“You must have a death wish!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

He would like to see how tough this guys bones were! Many South Koreans valued their appearance above all and were extremely fearful of scars.

Some would be easily scared into giving in just by the sight of a knife waving in their faces.

The South Korean kept retreating.

He knew that even though he had bodyguards, they were probably not Jordans match.

He suddenly took out a pill from his pocket and quickly swallowed it.

Harry was shocked and shouted, “F*ck! Is this South Korean so afraid that you would torture him and force him to confess that he took poison to commit suicide Im going to faint.

Please dont die.

Itll be troublesome if he dies.

My father will ground me forever!”

In the capital, it was rather easy for powerful families to cover up incidents, even if they concerned death.

However, families in the capital were also very strict, especially if their descendants were involved.

They would definitely deal out heavy punishments.

Sometimes, the familys punishment was even more serious than the normal legal penalty.

Jordan frowned.

He had thought that this South Korean was a spineless coward who was afraid of death.

Could Jordan be wrong

Nothing happened to the South Korean after he took the pill.

Instead, he laughed out loud.

“Haha, Ive already taken the Park familys special pill that numbs the nerves.

No matter how you torture me now, I wont say anything! Kid, if you got the guts, kill me! I dont believe you dare to!”


Jordan was surprised.

So, the South Korean had taken a pill that could withstand torture.

Some people could not endure physical pain.

After taking this pill, no matter how much their bodies suffered, they would not feel anything.

Jordan instructed Harry, “Find a rope and tie him up.”

Harry was stunned.


He had never thought of doing such a thing.

Jordan said, “Youre already involved in this.

Dont think that you can back out now.

Do as I say.

Otherwise, Ill knock you out.

Your choice.”

Could Harry endure pain No way! He hastily complied.

“Ill tie him up, Ill tie him up!”

He quickly found a thick rope and held the man down.

It took a lot of effort to tie him to the chair.

“Damn, this b*stard kicked me several times.

Ive kicked him back so many times, but he didnt even scream! Jordan, it looks like hes telling the truth.

He doesnt seem to feel any pain after taking that pill.

What should we do Its useless to interrogate him now.”

Harry was a little worried for Jordan, afraid that he would not be able to find out what he wanted to know.

Although the South Korean was now tied to a chair, he still shouted arrogantly, “Lowly people! You have no idea the kind of advanced technology and power youre up against! Do you think you can get what you want from me just by tying me up Dream on! Even if you cut off my hand, I wont scream! But I have to warn you.

If you dare to hurt me, the Park family will make you pay the price in blood!”

The more Jordan looked at this South Korean man, the more he disliked him.

He was looking down on them just because he knew that the Park family had advanced medicine that was decades ahead of the world

Haha, as if Jordan did not have such medicine too!

With that, Jordan took out a box of drugs from his pocket!


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