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Whoever lagged behind would be beaten up!

This was a lesson left behind by countless elders and seniors!

The Steeles were now behind the other seven major families in many fields.

No wonder those families wanted to kick the Steeles out!

The South Koreans were indeed a nation that valued “appearance” the most.

They were the best in the world of plastic surgery.

Now, they had developed a heaven-defying “10-years-younger” technology!

After ending the conversation with Helen, Jordan immediately called his grandfather.

“Grandpa, Ive found out the Park familys motive for recruiting people here!”

Charleston was very excited.

“So soon Are you serious What is the Park family trying to do!”

Charleston knew that Jordan had just returned to the US for less than a day with no clue where to start the investigation.

How did he find out so quickly If it was Jesse, there would probably be no progress for months.

After all, the Park family was a secret family.

It was very difficult to find out things about them.

This made Charleston even more determined that Jordan was the right choice to take over the position of the head of the Steele family!

Jordan said, “It was a coincidence that I ran into a suspicious South Korean.

He spent a lot of money to find middle-aged women who were beautiful when they were young.

Laurens mother happened to be one of them.”

Charleston said, “I see.

Why was he looking for middle-aged women”

“Park Chan-young, one of the second generation heirs of the Park family, is probably fond of mature women.

Thats why he sent people to search for them here,” Jordan explained.

“Grandpa, I heard that the Park familys current medical technology can make a 40-year-old woman look like she is in her 30s!”

Charleston was also very surprised when he heard that.

“What The Park family has actually progressed to the point where they can make people look 10 years younger No wonder the Park family humiliated us so boldly during the great meeting and disregarded us! The Park familys medical skills are indeed impressive!”

Jordan couldnt resist clenching his fists when Charleston said that the Park family had humiliated the Steeles.

He had not been around during the previous great meeting.

Therefore, he could not stand up for his grandfather.

The next time the eight families gathered, Jordan swore that he would never let any family humiliate them!

Charleston continued to ask, “Does the Park familys technology only make a persons face look 10 years younger, or does all their bodily functions become like 10 years ago”

Jordan replied, “Im not sure about that.”

Charleston said, “Okay Jordan, you have to continue investigating this matter and figure this out.

It wouldnt be a big deal if its just about looking 10 years younger.

But if even the bodily functions are being reversed in time, that would be too terrifying!”

Following those words, Jordan thought about it carefully.

If that were the case, humans would not have to worry about growing old in the future.

This was especially true for athletes.

At 40, they could become 30, at 30, they could become 20.

Athletes could always be at their peak.

One day, they might even have the NBA superstars from the different eras all playing on the same court together.

“Cough, cough…”

Charleston suddenly coughed.

Jordan asked in concern, “Grandpa, are you feeling unwell”

Charleston smiled.

“Its not the first time Ive felt this way.

Im fine.

If it werent for our advanced medical skills, I wouldnt have lived past 60.

Im already in my 70s now.

Im afraid I wont be able to last until Im 80…”

Charleston was 78 years old this year.

He was already close to 80.

Jordan said, “Grandpa, youll definitely live past 100.

Youre worrying too much.

Dont worry, Ill steal the Park familys medical technology and turn you into a 70-year-old man again!”

Charleston laughed.

“Alright, alright.

Good boy, I did have plans for you to do that.

If the Park family is achieving this via surgery, you have to snatch their surgeon over.

If its through drugs, you must get your hands on those drugs.”

With the Steele familys medical skills, as long as they obtained the drug, they could quickly analyze its composition and then replicate it.

At the very least, the Steeles had the skills to do that!

Although stealing was not honest behavior, the Park family did not achieve their current medical standard through their own efforts.

They had relied on the help of the Deity.

Moreover, the Park family was so disrespectful to the Steeles and Jordan.

Jordan had no qualms using dishonest means with them!

“Yes, Grandpa!”

After calling his grandfather, Jordan returned to the room with the South Korean.

Harry had given him a bottle of mineral water.

The South Korean was guzzling water noisily and finished it in no time.

However, he still felt that his mouth was burning.

Walking over, Jordan looked at the sorry state of the man with a smile.

“I didnt force you to eat the chili sauce earlier.

You were the one who insisted on showing off to us.

Your audacity is quite off-putting.”

The South Korean was rendered speechless.

Jordan continued to interrogate him.

“How do you make people look 10 years younger Through surgery or medicine How much do you know about this”

The South Korean replied, “Im just in charge of helping my boss choose candidates.

I dont understand how they become younger-looking.

I think its medicine, not surgery.”

Jordan felt that it must be through medicine.

Otherwise, it would just be plastic surgery.

Jordan said, “I want you to help me get the drug!”

The South Korean immediately refused.

“Thats impossible! Its useless even if you kill me.

I have a very humble position.

Only a core member of the Park familys pharmaceutical team can get that medicine.

I dont even have the right to see it!”

Jordan thought about it.

The man did not seem to be lying.

If it was the Steele family, they wouldnt have given outsiders so much power either.

Jordan asked, “After you find a suitable candidate, will you personally escort the person back to South Korea to see Park Chan-young”

The South Korean shook his head.

“No, my boss doesnt like to see old women.

I take them to the Park familys private hospital first.

Only if the procedure is a success will I bring the woman to see him.”

The information left Jordan delighted.

“Very good.

Ill go to South Korea with you!”

Jordan planned to pretend to be this mans partner and escort the woman back to South Korea with him.

He could then sneak into the Park familys private hospital and steal their medicine!

Harry suddenly said, “Jordan, are you going to bring Auntie Marissa to South Korea I want to go too.

Can you take me along”


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