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How could a casual swipe of his finger in the air produce color How could it become real and visible

Jordan was shocked.

“Am I hallucinating Is what Im seeing real or fake What did you do to my body and consciousness”

It was then that he realized his consciousness was getting more and more blurry.

He felt like he was being controlled as if he was floating.

Yoel said, “Dont think about this for now.

Pretend that youre a patient and put your heart and soul into it.

Embrace the entire process of treating your illness through voodoo.”

Jordan nodded.

If he wanted to know how powerful this voodoo was and if it could be used to compete against the Park family, he would have to try it himself.

Jordan stopped resisting the idea of his “impotence” as designated by Yoel.

However, he really couldnt imagine not being able to satisfy Lauren and Victoria.

They were his beloved wives.

Why would he imagine something as revolting as that

For some reason, a person suddenly popped up in Jordans mind.

She was beautiful with an amazing figure.

It was his ex-wife, Hailey!


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Jordan felt that his body was getting warmer.

The “mystical mist” that was rising from his body was getting thicker.

Gradually, an image appeared in Jordans mind as his mind started to cooperate and Yoel continued to influence him…


Wearing a food delivery boys uniform, Jordan knocked on the door of the five-star hotel.

The hotel door opened and a familiar couple entered his line of sight.

The two of them were wearing hotel pajamas.

It was Tyler and Hailey!

“Hubby! Why… why are you here”

Hailey panicked when she saw Jordan.

However, Hailey soon became bolder.

“Hmph, Jordan, dont blame me for having an affair.

Youre useless.

Since you cant satisfy me, I have to find another man.”

Tyler smirked.

“Jordan, can you still be considered a man if you can satisfy your own wife How are you any different from a eunuch Hahahaha…”

Their words and actions pierced Jordan.

Jordan was incensed!


Jordan, draw the pattern! As long as you draw the same pattern on the charm, your illness will be cured!”

Yoel could sense the change in Jordans emotions.

Jordan was now fully immersed in the idea of his “illness” and was desperate to treat it.

Therefore, he became very focused on drawing out the pattern.

It was not a complicated pattern, but Jordan still felt like every stroke was extremely difficult.

It was like climbing the Himalayas!


Finally, Jordan finished copying out the entire pattern.

All of a sudden, Jordans drawing merged with the charm floating in the air.

Subsequently, a ball of fire appeared out of nowhere and burned it.

Everything disappeared.

Yoel removed his hand from Jordans back.

Jordan felt extremely refreshed!

He felt that his body had completely recovered!


Jordan, how do you feel” Yoel asked.

Jordan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats amazing.

Im not even sick but after that voodoo, I feel completely refreshed.

For people who are really ill, this voodoo will definitely fool them psychologically! Dr.

Zielinski, how did you produce so much mist when your hand is on my back Also, how did you control my brain to make me hallucinate”

Yoel smiled.

“Theres no hurry.

Ill tell you in time.

However, I think Mr.

Jordan should go to the washroom to settle something first.”

Jordan looked down and felt awkward.

Voodoo was indeed impressive!

Yoel smiled wickedly.

“You can call your wife to help you.

Ill put on my headphones and listen to music for a while.

I wont eavesdrop.”

Jordan said, “No need.

I wasnt thinking about my wife just now.”

Since he had imagined Hailey earlier, he urgently needed her now.

And she would definitely be willing to help him if he asked.

However, Jordan would never call her!

An hour later, Jordan left Yoels residence and arrived at the airport.

When he boarded Zephyr Three, Sylvie and the South Korean man rushed over excitedly to express their amazement at the invisible plane.

The South Korean mans name was Jin-woon.

He exclaimed, “Mr.

Steele, the technology on your plane is too advanced.

Ive never heard of something like this before! Its not inferior to the Park familys plane!”

The Park family definitely had similar invisible planes.

However, Jin-woon was mainly responsible for selecting people for the private hospital.

He was probably not qualified to come into contact with the Park familys aircraft technology.

As a result, his earlier arrogance had now turned into admiration for Jordan.

Jordan looked at Salvatore and asked, “Have you given him his medicine”

Salvatore replied, “Yes, I saw him swallow it.”

Jordan had instructed Salvatore to feed Jin-woon poison because he did not want Jin-woon to turn against him after they arrived in South Korea.

This was a way to threaten him.

Jordan looked at Jin-woon.

“Youd better help me get the medicine from the Park family.

Dont think about betraying me.

Otherwise, youll die miserably without my antidote.

Also, you better not place your hopes on the Park family.

No matter how advanced their medical skills are, its impossible for them to develop an antidote to save you on such short notice.

I guarantee that you will die from my poison before they have time to develop an antidote.”

Jin-woon nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, Mr.


Ill definitely be obedient and not betray you!”

Seeing that the man was being honest, Jordan said, “Alright, lets set off for South Korea!”

An hour later, Zephyr Three landed in Suwon-si, South Korea.

The Park familys private hospital was located in this city.

Before heading to the hospital, Jordan arranged for Tim to control a drone and patrol the air above the hospital.

He arranged for Dragon to prepare his men for battle.

In addition, Jordan also arranged for Harry to drive around the vicinity and be on call to pick up Jordan and Sylvie from the hospital.

After everything was arranged, Jordan, Sylvie and Jin-woon entered the Park familys private hospital.

There were no hospital signs outside this hospital.

The Park family also did not try to disguise it as another type of facility.

Like the Steele family secret bases, one also had to pass through several checkpoints to enter the Park familys private hospital.

When they finally entered the hospital, a doctor in a white coat walked over.

“Jin-woon, did you bring someone over again”

The doctor glanced at Jin-woon.

Jin-woon replied respectfully, “Hello Doctor Byung.

Yes, Im here again.

I have brought someone from the US.

The boss likes her very much.

You have to be careful and guarantee to restore her youthful looks perfectly!”

Doctor Byung examined Sylvie with a doubtful expression.


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