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“Let me take a look at a photo of her from her younger days,” Doctor Byung requested.

Jin-woon immediately handed over a photo of a young Sylvie.

Taking the photo, Doctor Byung exclaimed when he saw how Sylvie looked when she was young.

“Oh, my god, so beautiful! The boss will definitely reward you handsomely for finding such a top-notch candidate.”

Jin-woon smiled.

“We still have to rely on your brilliant methods to bring this lady back to her glory days.

When the time comes, as long as our boss is happy, our rewards will be substantial.”

Doctor Byung nodded.

“Yes, not bad.

Dont worry, Ill personally oversee the entire process this time.

I wont let anything happen to this lady.”

Doctor Byung finally noticed Jordan.

He asked Jin-woon, “Who is this man”

Jin-woon replied, “Hes this ladys son-in-law.”

Doctor Byung laughed out loud.

“Why did you bring her son-in-law here Does he want to personally witness his mother-in-law entering the tigers den Hahaha.

Besides, you know that this is the Park familys private hospital.

Outsiders are not allowed to know of this place.

Arent you afraid that he will be killed by the Park family if you let him in”

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With that, Doctor Byung said to Jordan in broken English, “If you dont want to die, get lost!”

Jordan was a little annoyed and replied in Korean, “I will be going in with my mother-in-law.”

Jin-woon added.

“Yes, Doctor Byung.

He can be this ladys interpreter.”

Disliking Jordans attitude, Doctor Byung snapped, “No need! We have professional interpreters here.

Make him leave!”

The Park familys medicine would definitely be well-hidden and secured.

How could Jordan hope to steal it if he didnt go in

Thinking on his feet, Jordan immediately said, “My mother-in-law doesnt know how to speak standard English.

She only knows how to speak a regional English dialect that is quite different.

Im sure you dont have an interpreter who knows all the regional English dialects in the US, right”

Doctor Byung kept silent for a moment.

There were indeed multiple regional English dialects and accents in the US, many of which could sound quite different from standard English.

Their South Korean interpreter could only understand standard English.

“Alright, since youre the only one who can translate, you can come in as well.

However, I have to remind you that this isnt a place where anyone can enter and leave just like that.”

With that, Doctor Byung gave Jordan a wicked smile and left.

Jordan understood what Doctor Byung meant.

He was hinting that Jordan might not be able to come out alive if he entered!

There were many secrets here.

The Park family might kill Jordan to silence him after using him!

But Jordan was already prepared so he was not afraid.

“Jordan, Im a little scared…”

Sylvie suddenly became rather timid.

She held Jordans hand as her entire body trembled.

After all, Sylvie was just the wife of a man from a rich family.

But the family was based in a small city.

She did have some worldly experience but had never come into contact with someone so powerful.

“Its alright.

Im here,” Jordan comforted her.

Taking Sylvies hand, they walked forward slowly.

However, Jin-woon did not follow them.

He said, “Mr.

Steele, the medical aesthetics team is up ahead.

Thats a place I cant enter.

Ill wait for you here.”

Jordan nodded and said nothing.

Sylvie and Jordan followed Doctor Byung step by step.

Sylvie whispered to Jordan, “Jordan, if I die here, you have to fulfill my dying wish!”

Jordan asked, “What is it”.

This was the Park familys territory.

Although Sylvie would not really die, if Jordan failed to bring her away with him, she would definitely end up being a plaything for Park Chan-young.

If Sylvie had any last wishes, Jordan would be happy to help her fulfill them as a form of compensation.

“Marry Hailey.”

Jordan was speechless.

“Dont worry.

In order not to fulfill your dying wish, I promise to bring you out safely.”

Was Sylvie really stupid enough to believe that he would forgive Hailey and marry her again

Soon enough, Jordan and Sylvie were brought into a strange and high-tech-looking elevator.

The glass interior of the elevator alone amazed Sylvie.

Doctor Byung did not press any button after they entered the elevator.

But the elevator started moving by itself.

Not only could the elevator move up and down, it could also move left and right!

Sylvie was shocked.

She squeezed Jordans hand tightly.

“Jordan, Jordan! Whats wrong with this elevator Is it going left Shouldnt elevators only move up and down How can this elevator move left and right”

Doctor Byung snorted in disdain at Sylvies shocked expression.

“Country bumpkin.”

However, he noticed that Jordan did not react at all when the elevator moved left and right.

His expression remained the same and he did not look nervous or amazed.

“This brat… hmph, he must be pretending to be calm!” Doctor Byung thought to himself.

In reality, Jordan already knew about this technology! In the Steele familys private hospital, there was also an elevator that could move left and right.

This was no longer a new technology to the eight families.

They already had it decades ago.

Jordan explained to Sylvie, “This is the multi-directional elevator.

There is no cable but the elevator is mounted on a metal track instead.

Its powered by a straight-line engine and can bring us to different levels through magnetic acceleration.

The elevator can also rotate at intersections along the track, so that we can move horizontally along the floor.

Auntie, dont make a fuss.

Its not a big deal.

Dont let this South Korean look down on us!”

After Jordans explanation, Sylvie straightened her back and resumed her dignified posture.

Doctor Byung glanced at them.

His English was not good so he did not really know what Jordan was saying.

Soon, the elevator door opened to reveal a spacious medical workspace.

Dozens of people in doctors uniforms were busy working.

“This is the medical aesthetics team of the Park familys private hospital!”

Jordan knew that they represented the worlds top medical geniuses, especially in terms of medical aesthetics!

“If only we could poach all these people to our side!”

As a Steele himself, Jordan really wanted to do something to help his family.

“Come with me.”

Doctor Byung said coldly to Jordan.

He led them into a private room.

“Doctor Chul.”

Doctor Byung called out to the other doctor in the room.

“Doctor Byung.” Doctor Chul nodded at him.

He glanced at Jordan and Sylvie.

“You have brought another one”

There was a nod from Doctor Byung.

“She is someone whom the boss values very much.

We must be very careful.

Dont let anything happen to her, lest he blames us.”

Doctor Chul looked at Jordan.

“Why is this man here”


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