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Doctor Chul said to Doctor Byung very cautiously, “The Park family Hospital is filled with secrets.

How could you bring a stranger in so easily Moreover, you brought him into our medical teams core treatment room”

Hearing this, Doctor Byung pulled Doctor Chul to the side and whispered, “I didnt agree to it at first.

However, this woman cant speak standard English.

Only this man can translate.

Dont worry.

After the treatment is over, we can just kill him, right”

Doctor Chul nodded seriously.

“He definitely has to be silenced!”

The two of them spoke softly.

However, Jordan had the ability to read lips.

Coupled with his strong instincts and the ability to accurately deduce human nature, he could guess what they were talking about.

“Hmph, you want to silence me Well have to see if you have the ability!”

Jordan was disdainful.

Doctor Byung took out the photo of Sylvie when she was young and handed it to Doctor Chul.

He smiled wickedly.

“Doctor Chul, take a look.

Wasnt this woman a top-notch beauty when she was young”

The photograph surprised Doctor Chul.

“This woman has changed a lot over the past decade.

Going by how she looks now, I really cant tell that she was so lovely when she was young!”

Doctor Byung whispered, “Doctor Chul, I have something to discuss with you.

After we make her 10 years younger, I mean… can you not immediately report it”

Doctor Chul was shocked.

“You want to…”

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Doctor Byung chuckled.

“Dont you want to enjoy such a top-notch woman Lets enjoy ourselves with her for a few days before reporting it.

It wont be too late to hand her over to Mr.

Park then.

Anyway, the treatment will take many days.

If you and I keep quiet, who will know how things are going”

Doctor Chul glanced at Sylvie, who was standing in a dignified pose.

He shot an extra look at her fair calves before turning to the photo of her when she was young.

After hesitating for a long time, Doctor Chul finally agreed.



Park doesnt lack women anyway.

We can spend a couple of days teaching her the rules!”

Doctor Byung laughed.

“Haha, I think so too!”

Feeling a sense of exhilaration at what was to come, Doctor Buying continued to leer at Sylvie again and could not help drooling.

Sylvie would soon become their plaything!

Looking at Jordan again, Doctor Byung thought to himself, “This silly son-in-law actually sent his mother-in-law to us.

Haha, hes not afraid of death and even took the initiative to be her interpreter.

I have to thank him!”

Doctor Byung handed Jordan a cup of water.

He smiled.

“Kid, thank you for sending your beautiful mother-in-law here.


Jordan suddenly knocked the cup to the ground and grabbed Doctor Byungs arm.

“Ah! Pain! So painful! Stop!”

Doctor Byung immediately cried out in pain.

Jordan was furious.

“Damn you, you dare to speak about playing with my mother-in-law in front of me Do you think I dont understand Korean! If not for the fact that you are the one who is going to carry out the procedure, I would have killed you on the spot! You two are immoral doctors, apologize to my mother-in-law immediately!”

As the head doctor of the Park familys medical team, Doctor Byung was proud and arrogant.

He completely disregarded about 99.9% of all the other doctors and humans in the world.

Would he apologize to these people

Doctor Byung also grew angry.

“Damn it, so what if I talked about your mother-in-law in front of you You brought her here, so you should know the price! You want me to apologize to a lowly country bumpkin like you Pfft! Let go immediately, or Ill call for someone to break your limbs!”

Jordan said coldly, “You can call for help, but I promise that I can break your arm before help arrives!”


Jordan was not all talk and no action.

He immediately twisted Doctor Byungs arm.

“Ah! I apologize! I apologize!”

Doctor Byung immediately admitted defeat.

A wise man knew when to back down.

Although this was the Park familys territory, he was currently in Jordans hands and was in danger of having his bones broken at any moment.

As such he would bow to him for now.

In the end, this country bumpkin would definitely be killed by the Park family after this.

‘Theres no need for me to argue with a person who will be dead soon! Doctor Byung thought to himself.

With that in mind, Doctor Byung bowed respectfully toward Sylvie.

“Madam, please dont take my words to heart.

I have no intention of being disrespectful to you.

I would never do anything rude to you!”

Even as he apologized, he was thinking in his heart, “Hmph, you old woman.

After I make you 10 years younger, Ill play with you until you beg for mercy!”


Jordan slapped him.

Doctor Byung covered his face and looked at Jordan guiltily.

Didnt he already apologize Could it be that Jordan could read minds

Of course, Jordan could not read his mind.

He said, “My mother-in-law doesnt know Korean.

How would she know what youre talking about Apologize in English!”

Doctor Byung felt aggrieved.

Since Jordans mother-in-law didnt understand Korean, she wouldnt realize that he had said rude things about her earlier

She wasnt even angry.

Why should he apologize!

In fact, Sylvie, who couldnt understand Korean at all, was standing there all confused, not knowing what was going on.

Doctor Byung gritted his teeth and said in broken English, “Sorry! Sorry! Im a pig! Sorry!”

Jordan finally calmed down.

He then looked at Doctor Chul.

“Do I need to prompt you”

Doctor Chul was also frightened and hurriedly bowed to Sylvie.

“Sorry, sorry!”

Doctor Chuls English was even worse than Doctor Byungs.

He only knew the word “sorry”, and his pronunciation was not standard.

Sylvie was confused and asked, “Jordan, why are they apologizing to me”

Jordan said, “South Koreans are always bowing and apologizing for no reason.

Dont mind them.”

Jordan instructed the two doctors, “Dont waste time.

Use the medicine on my mother-in-law immediately.

I want to see how you guys can make a person younger.”

By now, the two doctors were already deeply fearful of Jordan.

Doctor Byung said, “Before we officially administer the medicine, we still have a few procedures to do.

First, we need to get your mother-in-law to cooperate with us in a lie detector test.”

“A lie detector test Why” Jordan asked.

Doctor Byung answered, “Our medicine is very rare and extremely expensive.

We cant use it recklessly.

We have to make sure that this lady really looked like this when she was young.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of our precious medicine!”


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