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Jordan thought for a moment.

The woman had to be beautiful when she was young for them to do this.

It was a non-negotiable condition.

In other words, they were not just reconstructing how the woman looked 10 years ago.

They were truly reversing the aging process to how the woman used to look 10 years ago.

This was a terrifying notion!

Anyway, Jordan was not deceiving them.

That was indeed a photo of Sylvie when she was young.

Therefore, Jordan said to Sylvie, “Auntie, you need to undergo a lie detector test.

They suspect that the woman in the photo isnt you.

So just answer their questions accordingly.”

Sylvie nodded.

With Jordan acting as the interpreter, Sylvie underwent the lie detector test.

In the end, it proved that Sylvie was not lying.

Once they were satisfied that she was telling the truth, the two of them asked Sylvie to lie on a bed so that they could conduct a high-tech facial analysis.

After fussing for a long time and making complicated calculations on the computer, they finally decided to use medicine on Sylvie.

“Can we do it now”

Jordan was getting impatient.

If not for the fact that he was afraid that snatching the medicine would trigger the alarm system, Jordan would have forced them to take it out.

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Doctor Chul nodded.

“All the data has been calculated.

Your mother-in-law can take our medicine now.

Please go out for a while.

We need to get the medicine.”

Jordan observed the room carefully.

From what the doctor said, the medicine was in this room However, this was a very sparse room and there was no medicine cabinet.

‘Could it be hidden

Jordan knew that with the eight families current technology, they could hide things in plain sight.

Doctor Byung smiled.

“Theres no need to ask him to go out.

Its useless even if he sees it.

How can a boor like him understand the technology thats decades ahead of the world Hehe.”

Doctor Byungs tone was filled with disdain for Jordan.

Actually, he could not be blamed for being arrogant.

If Jordan was not from one of the eight families, he really would not have understood what Doctor Byung was doing.

Doctor Byung went to the wall on the north side and made a unique gesture by intertwining the thumbs and index fingers of both hands.

Thereafter, Doctor Byung grasped at the empty air.

A red medicine packet appeared in his hand!

Doctor Byung boasted to Jordan, “How is it, kid Wasnt that amazing You dont understand how I got the medicine, do you Haha, Doctor Chul, look at his blank expression.

I already told you theres no need to ask him to leave.

Its as if someone from medieval times came to the 20th century.

If you gave him a computer, would he know how to use it”

Nevertheless, Doctor Chul was still cautious.

“Doctor Byung, only the Park family has this medicine.

The other families are all watching us.

Its better to be more careful!”

However, Doctor Byung remained indifferent.

Jordan was going to die soon anyway.

So what if he knew where the medicine was hidden

Could he bring it out

Jordan was not in a hurry to get the medicine.

Instead, he watched Sylvie take it.

Sylvie was a little nervous.

She was very timid and afraid of death.

She only swallowed it after Jordan spent a long time coaxing her.

After swallowing it, Sylvie fainted.

“What happened Why did she faint” Jordan asked in a panic.

Doctor Byung smiled.

“This kind of heaven-defying medicine will drastically change the skin and body of a human being.

Therefore, we added a little sedative to the medicine.

Dont worry, shell be fine.

Shes Mr.

Parks woman.

We wont kill her, hahaha.”

Their dismissive comments made Jordan narrow his eyes and his fists were clenched.

He had just taught this doctor a lesson and he had been very obedient.

Why was he so arrogant now

Doctor Chul also looked at Doctor Byung nervously.

Doctor Byung smiled.

“Doctor Chul, dont be afraid of him.

Ive already called for help!”

At this moment, the door suddenly burst open and four burly South Korean men barged in.

“Thats the kid.

Tie his hands and feet up immediately!” Doctor Byung shouted at the four bodyguards.

Jordan scoffed and said to Doctor Byung with a smile, “So, youve called security.

No wonder you dared to provoke me again.

I thought you were no longer afraid that I would break your arm!”

Doctor Byung smiled.

“Thats right.

Im fearless now.

Let me tell you, these are not your usual security guards.

They are all killers! I had no choice but to yield to you earlier.

Apologizing to a lowly person like you is the biggest humiliation of my life! Now, I want you to kneel and beg for mercy.

I want you to say that your mother-in-law is a b*tch!”

“You are asking for it!”

Jordan was furious and charged at Doctor Byung.

“I see that you dont need your arm anymore!”

Doctor Byung retreated hastily.

“Guards! Capture him immediately!”

The four burly men charged at Jordan at the same time.

Jordan was not afraid at all.

“Hmph, I want to see how powerful the Park family guards are!”

The Park family was also a secret family like the Steeles.

Their bodyguards were probably not people that ordinary folks could deal with.

Jordan was bare-fisted, and his four opponents were similarly unarmed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five men attacked each other quickly.

Jordan was surrounded by the four of them as they kept throwing punches at him!

“Not bad.

Your fist is very hard.

It hurts.”

Jordan could roughly sense that these people were much more powerful than ordinary thugs.

However, Jordan had been practicing martial arts since he was a young boy.

Apart from Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix, no one else in the world could defeat him!



Jordan took the opportunity to destroy them one by one.

He knocked one of the men to the ground with one strike.

He could not get up again.

“What How did this happen”

Doctor Byung and Doctor Chul were completely stunned by the sight.


Jordan finished off the fourth guard with one final punch.

His hands were already stained with blood.

“You want to compete with me in hand-to-hand combat Has there been a martial arts master in your country in the past few hundred years Hmph, its better that you focus your efforts on beautifying people!”

Jordan was absolutely confident in his combat skills.

He believed that no one in South Korea could match up to him.

The Park family could never compare to the Steele family!

Panicked at the unexpected turn of events, Doctor Byung was ready to run out to call for help when Jordan stepped forward and grabbed his arm, breaking his joint!

“Whimper whimper!”

Jordan covered Doctor Byungs mouth to prevent him from screaming.

Doctor Chul was so frightened that he knelt on the ground.

“Please dont attack me!”

Jordan scoffed and knocked him out with a punch.

He then gave each of the four guards an injection, making sure that they remained unconscious.

Thereafter, Jordan went to the wall and copied what Doctor Byung did earlier.

There was still nothing in front of him.

He could not see anything, but Jordan could vaguely hear the sound of something approaching.

Suddenly, Jordan grabbed at the empty air and successfully obtained a medicine packet!

This was the medicine that could make a person 10 years younger!


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