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Like that, Jordan had obtained the Park familys most advanced medicine! This medicine could make a person 10 years younger.

In the entire world, even among the eight secret families, only the Park family had it.

With this medicine, the Steele family could analyze its composition and then successfully replicate it!

Just like a highly-skilled musician hearing a song for the first time, he would be able to analyze how the song was arranged and what instruments were used.

The Steele familys skills were at such a level.

After putting the medicine packet in his pocket, Jordan immediately went to Sylvie, who was unconscious on the bed.

“Auntie Sylvie, Auntie Sylvie, Sylvie, Sylvie!”

Jordan called out to Sylvie and even slapped her face a few times.

However, she did not wake up.

Jordan picked her up.

“Gosh, shes quite heavy, at least 20 pounds heavier than Hailey…”

Sylvie was much fatter now than when she was young.

This was also why it was impossible to tell that she was a beauty when she was young.

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It was like Christina Aguilera who was very slim when she was young but gained a lot of weight after giving birth to her first child.

It was impossible to tell that she was once a sexy beauty.

Unlike Elizabeth Hurley or Halle Berry, even though they were in their 50s, it was obvious that they were drop-dead gorgeous when they were young.

At that moment, an imposing man arrived at the private hospital…

Jin-woon was pacing back and forth at the door.

He was anxious and praying non-stop.

“Dear God, please bless Mr.

Steele and let him come out safely.

If anything happens to him, I wont be able to live either.”

“Haha, Jin-woon!”

Suddenly, a strong hand patted Jin-woons shoulder.

Jin-woon turned around and realized that it was his boss, Park Chan-young!


When Jin-woon saw him, his legs went weak and he collapsed to his knees.

He thought to himself:Its over, its all over.


Park has come.


Steele wont be able to leave!”

Park Chan-young looked very happy.

Even though he was the boss, he bent over to help Jin-woon up.

He smiled.

“Jin-woon, you did well in your recruitment mission.

You managed to find an SS-grade beauty for me! I heard that youve already brought that beautiful lady here”

Jin-woon slowly got up and swallowed nervously.

“Boss, why… why are you here”

Jin-woon knew Park Chan-youngs habits.

He would wait until the woman had successfully become young before meeting them.

He didnt want to see what they were like before their treatment, so as to not spoil his appetite.

Park Chan-young smiled.

“I usually dont want to see them before they become young.

But this new woman you found is very well-maintained even though shes 40 now.

Its fine for me to meet her.

Has Doctor Byung already treated her Lets go in and take a look.”

With that, Park Chan-young strode towards the elevator.

With that, Park Chan-young arrived at the treatment room and pushed the door open, only to see several people lying on the ground.

There was also an unfamiliar man carrying a middle-aged woman.

Park Chan-young glanced at the middle-aged womans face.

She didnt look like Marissa at all.

Park Chan-young was shocked.

He asked Jordan.

“Who are you Why are you here!”

“Damn it!”

Jordan was now in a tight spot.

This person must be from the Park family!

Hadnt he said he had a strong premonition that he would meet someone from the Park family this time He did not expect his premonition to come true!

Outsiders could not enter this place at all.

Only Jin-woon could bring outsiders in.

Park Chan-young looked at Jin-woon.

“Did you bring them in”

Jin-woon knelt on the ground and wailed.

“Boss, he poisoned me.

I was forced to do it.

Boss, please forgive me!”

Park Chan-young was furious and kicked Jin-woon to the side.

“B*stard! How dare you betray me”

He glanced at Jordan before instructing his two subordinates, “Get this brat out and kill him!”


The two bodyguards immediately attacked Jordan.

Jordan put Sylvie down and got ready for battle.

Faced with their powerful attacks, he used his martial arts skills to neutralize them one by one.

Soon, he knocked them both to the ground!


Bang! Bang!

The two guards now had two black eyes each.

“Nice moves!”

Park Chan-young couldnt help feeling a sense of admiration.

His bodyguards were world-class.

The fact that this man could defeat them meant that his skills were world-class.

“Who are you Why are you here” Park Chan-young asked.

Jordan said coldly, “Why should I tell you”

Park Chan-young snorted.

This was his territory.

He could summon as many subordinates as he wanted, but he didnt.

Instead, he cracked his fingers and moved his muscles as if he wanted to fight Jordan.


Jordan was shocked.

Did the Park family members also learn martial arts from a young age like Jordan and his brothers However, judging from Park Chan-youngs exquisite attire, he didnt look like a very capable opponent.

Instead of attacking, Park Chan-young went to a wall and pressed a button.

Suddenly, the floor beneath their feet started to move!

“Seesaw floors!”

If an ordinary person were to stand on this floor, he would definitely fall to the ground.

However, Jordan did not fall.

He only felt a little unstable, but soon, he managed to stabilize his center of gravity.

At that moment, Park Chan-young aimed a kick at Jordans head.

Although the floor was moving up and down, Park Chan-young was not affected at all.

“Hehe, do you think Ill lose to you just because you are making the floors move What a joke.

My house has this type of floor too!”

Jordan easily controlled his balance and dodged Park Chan-youngs attack.

The Steeles also used seesaw floors as a precaution against invaders.

The three brothers had practiced fighting on this kind of floor before.

After dodging, Jordan leaped up from the ground and kicked Park Chan-young.

“Damn it! How is he able to move so quickly on these floors!”

Park Chan-young was shocked.

He barely dodged Jordans attack.


Although he dodged Jordans kick, he failed to dodge his subsequent punch.

Jordan punched Park Chan-young in the stomach, causing him to scream in pain!

“Argh! Thats impossible! How are you not falling!”

Seeing that the seesaw floor was useless against Jordan, Park Chan-young pressed the stop button.

The floors quickly stopped moving.

However, because of all that movement earlier, the previously-smooth floors were in a wreck.

Park Chan-young looked at Jordan in surprise.

“Only people from the eight families can possibly have experience with seesaw floors.

You must be from one of the eight families!”


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