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As expected of the successor of a secret family.

To think that Park Chan-young so easily guessed Jordans identity!

Park Chan-young pointed at Jordan.

He asked in English, “Since youre also from one of the secret families, why are you sneaking around The eight families are one.

The world is in our hands! Which family are you from You dont dare to say your name Isnt that too cowardly!”

After guessing that Jordan was from one of the eight families, Park Chan-youngs tone became more polite.

Together, the eight great families controlled the lifeline of the world.

They were still closely linked to one another, and they would hold one to two gatherings every year.

A few decades ago, the first and second generations of the eight families were as close as a real family.

Since he had already guessed it, Jordan was not someone who would not dare to admit his identity.

So Jordan said confidently, “Im Jordan from the Steele family!”

“What The Steele family Haha, so you are trash from the Steele family!”

Park Chan-young gave a faint smile when he heard that Jordan was from the Steele family.

His eyes were filled with disdain, and he was no longer as respectful as before.

“What did you say” Jordan clenched his fists in anger.

Park Chan-young smiled.

“Why Did I say anything wrong The Steeles have always been the lousiest family among the eight.

Your father is just trash.

Who doesnt know that he has zero ability to lead the family The gap between your family and the rest of us is getting wider and wider.

In another two months when the families meet, we will kick your family out.

You will no longer be part of us! Hmph, what bad luck.

I thought you were from one of the other families.”

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No wonder Park Chan-young still showed some respect for Jordan.

He thought Jordan was from one of the other families.

If he had known that Jordan was from the Steele family, he would have maintained his arrogant attitude!

Jordan was furious.

“Who are you Which member of the Park family are you”

Park Chan-young tidied his clothes and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“Im the third young master from the second generation of the Park family, Park Chan-young!”

“Park Chan-young!”

Jordan clenched his fists when he heard that name!

He remembered that in the virtual game, “Marilyn Monroe” from the Geng family told him that Park Chan-young was the one who had crashed into him!

That b*stard had gone offline after crashing into Jordan in the game.

Jordan could not find him again in the virtual world no matter how hard he tried and had nowhere to vent his anger.

Now that he was seeing Park Chan-young in person, how could Jordan miss this chance to settle his score with him!

Jordan glared at Park Chan-young fiercely.

He asked, “Were you the one who crashed into me with your SUV in the virtual game that day”

Park Chan-young laughed out loud when he heard that.

“Hahaha, thats right.

I was the one who crashed into you that day.

Haha, your sports car disintegrated.

You spun 720 degrees in the air and fell to the ground.

I even took a photo for memories sake, hahaha.

Oh, right.

I also placed that photo on the photo wall in the virtual world for the other families to admire.

Hahaha, youre famous now, mate.

Everyone can admire your handsome stance the moment they enter the game.

You should thank me!”

Park Chan-young didnt deny it at all.

Instead, he was very proud.

Jordans fists were already cracking.

“On account that youre from one of the eight major families like me, Ill give you a chance to apologize.

Bow down and apologize to me!”

If Park Chan-young had crashed into Jordan in real life, Jordan would have retaliated without hesitation.

However, it happened in a virtual game.

It was just a minor prank that caused no real harm.

If Jordan attacked Park Chan-young because of this, he was worried that the other families would say that the Steeles were petty people.

Park Chan-young laughed.

“Apologize to someone from the useless Steele family Are you crazy, kid I can knock you down whenever I want.

Ive knocked down your brother Jesse countless times in the game! The last time he was fishing by the lake, I kicked him into the lake.

Guess what happened to your brother He ended up catching a fish in the lake and asked me if I wanted to share the fish with him.


“You are just lowly trash, lower than the other seven families.

I knocked into you because I think highly of you, but you still dare to ask me to apologize”

Jordan had already given him a chance to apologize, but since he was unwilling…


Jordan suddenly stepped forward and slapped Park Chan-young!

Jordan and Park Chan-young were standing very close and Jordan attacked so quickly that the latter could not react in time! With that one slap, Park Chan-youngs mouth started bleeding!

“Ah… blood…”

Park Chan-young had just endured a punch from Jordan.

Now, he had been slapped and was bleeding.

He was completely incensed!

“You… you are trash from the lousy Steele family but you dare to hit me Do you know your familys status among the eight families!”

Park Chan-young couldnt believe it.

A Steele dared to attack a Park! The Steele family was currently the worst among the eight families.

Grandpa had already told Jordan about this.

However, Jordan still chose to fight Park Chan-young head-on!

“Park Chan-young, listen to me.

I am not my brother.

He wont hold things against you and he is willing to suck up to you, but its impossible for me! Youre asking for it!”

Park Chan-young knew that he was no match for Jordan in a one-on-one fight.

Instead, he pressed his ring and more than 10 men rushed over from outside.

They were all holding guns aimed at Jordan!

Since reinforcements had arrived, Park Chan-young grew even more audacious.

“B*stard, kneel and apologize to me immediately! Otherwise, Ill shoot you!”

However, Jordan remained as still as a mountain.

He asked, “You dare to kill me As a member of the eight families, you dare to kill me You dare to declare war on the Steeles!”

The Steele and Park families controlled the ability to change the world.

It was not an exaggeration to say that each family had the ability to make the entire world tremble!

Park Chan-young also knew about the Steele familys power, but he just scoffed.

“Hmph, an unfilial descendant like you who doesnt know the immensity of heaven and earth will only cause trouble for your family.

Your brother will thank me for killing you! Are you going to kneel or not! If not, Ill get someone to shoot your leg.

By then, Ill have you kneel even if you dont want to!”


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