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Jordan was not intimidated.

Instead of retreating, he charged forward even when there were over ten people pointing guns at his head! He took the initiative to take a step closer to his opponents!

Glowering at Park Chan-young, he challenged the man with a sneer on his face.

“You dare to shoot me You want the Steele family and the Park family to fight”

Park Chan-young replied, “Your family wont do anything for you…”

Before he could finish, Jordan continued loudly, “How dare you risk putting the world in turmoil!”

If Jordan died here, the entire world would be in chaos if the Steele family unleashed all their advanced technology and weapons onto the public markets! By then, even the eight families would not be able to find a safe haven on this Earth!

Park Chan-young was furious.

“F*ck you! Dont make yourself sound so important! Whether you die or not doesnt affect this world at all! Who do you think you are! Im going to kill you today! I want to see if the Steeles dares to start a war with the Park family just because of you!”

Just as Park Chan-young was about to order his subordinates to shoot at Jordan…

There was a loud bang!


The loud noise came from outside the building, but everyone inside could feel the building shaking.

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“Damn it!”

Park Chan-young held onto the wall to steady himself.

He panicked.

“Go and investigate what that sound was!”

Meanwhile, Jordan remained as still as a mountain.

“Park Chan-young, you guys from the Park family are the real good-for-nothings.

If I wasnt prepared, would I have come here To tell you the truth, my subordinates can see every move I make here!”

At this moment, Park Chan-youngs subordinate immediately took out a futuristic-looking iPad and showed him the scene outside the building through a holographic projection.

“Boss, a fighter jet is attacking our building!”

Park Chan-young frowned.

“Damn it, its the Steeles familys Zephyr!”

The Park family knew about the Steeles Zephyr planes.

Previously, Jamie had come to South Korea to look for Park Sora with Zephyr Two.

In the end, Jamie had even fought against the Park familys fighter planes.

As such, Park Chan-young knew how powerful Zephyr jets were.

Jordan said, “Park Chan-young, I can promise you that the moment your subordinate fires at me, my Zephyr will blast the entire building into pieces with a cannonball.

Youll be buried with me then! If you want to die with me today, then do it!”

Clenching his fists in fury, Park Chan-young didnt dare to act rashly.

‘Im the official successor of the great Park family.

Hes just trash from the lowly Steele family.

Its not worth dying with him! Park Chan-young thought to himself.

Left with no choice, Park Chan-young instructed his subordinates, “Everyone, put down your guns!”

All the guns were immediately retracted.

At the same time, the bombardment outside the building stopped.

Since Park Chan-young could not kill Jordan, he chose to insult him with words.

“Jordan, your family is useless! What are you doing in our familys private hospital You must be here to steal our medicine, right

“Heh, your family is truly trash.

You dont have the ability and cant match up to our standards, so you are trying to steal it.

Even if you manage to steal our stuff, your family is still trash.

Who doesnt know that the Steeles are the trashiest family among the eight!”

Jordan was furious.

He knew that the arrogant Park family looked down on the Steeles! He hated how arrogant the Park family was!

However, Jordan chose not to retort.

Having experienced so much in life, he was much more mature in his actions.

He recalled that when he married Hailey, he was looked down upon by her family and everyone else.

They thought that he was a freeloader and useless trash.

Even then, Jordan did not make any impulsive remarks.

He would just smile calmly because he knew that he was richer than them.

Their mockery was just a joke in his eyes!

The current situation was the same.

If Jordan got angry and fought with Park Chan-young, the Park family would really feel that the Steeles were useless and crass!

‘No, this time, I will definitely make the Park family respect the Steeles!

Jordan did not retort.

Instead, he laughed out loud.


Park Chan-young found it strange when he heard Jordan laughing.

He asked, “What are you laughing at”

Jordan smiled.

“Im laughing at your ignorance and stupidity! You actually think that the Steeles are the worst among the eight great families Hahahaha, this is ridiculous! You actually think that my family will steal trash like the Park familys medicine What a joke!”

Park Chan-young was furious when he heard that.

“How dare you! The Steeles are the worst among the eight major families.

This is publicly acknowledged by all the other major families! Even Jesse and your grandfather admit to this fact! What right do you have to mock our familys medical skills Your family wont be able to reach our level even in the next hundred years!”

Jordan was still not angry.

He said with a smile, “The medical skills of the Park family are indeed not bad.

Even my grandfather praised you.

The Park family managed to develop to this level…”

Park Chan-young became smug.

“Hmph, at least your grandfather can recognize the truth.

Ive seen him once during the great meeting.

He admires our familys medical skills very much!”

Jordan said, “Im not done speaking.

My grandfather said that the Park family managed to develop to this level, much to his surprise!”

Park Chan-youngs expression immediately changed.

“What did you say How is it surprising Your family dares to look down on the Park family”

Jordan responded, “Of course we look down on you.

Thats why were surprised.

How can a doctor who started his career in plastic surgery be a good doctor As quickly as you guys managed to develop your medical skills, you are still not worth mentioning when compared to the Steeles!”

Park Chan-young laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, you sure know how to boast.

In terms of medical standards, even the other six families dont dare to speak so arrogantly in front of my family.

But you dare to claim that our familys medical skills are not comparable to yours

“Jordan, it looks like your grandfather didnt tell you about the Steele familys situation.

Your familys medical skills are stuck in the period when the Deity was still helping us.

And that was decades ago.

Meanwhile, the other families have already made breakthroughs after decades of hard work! If you want to blame someone, go back and blame your useless father! Hahahaha!”


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