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Jordan was obviously talking nonsense with his claims about this new Deity.

Words alone could not make the Park family respect the Steeles.

But then again, they could not prove that Jordan was lying.

Park Chan-young shouted, “Thats impossible! Your family definitely doesnt have a new Deity! Even if a new Deity appeared, it would have approached our Park family first! My family prays to God every day, begging him to give us a new Deity.

Do the Steeles practice the faith Why should the new Deity come to your family!”

Jordan smiled.

“You are asking why Go and ask God yourself! Oh, right, perhaps God doesnt like you.

He gave you such good medical technology, but youre only using it to play with women.

How low-class!”

Park Chan-young said angrily, “Jordan, dont keep spouting nonsense.

Alright, since the Steele family is so awesome and has the help of the new Deity, prove to me how amazing your familys medical skills are! Make Scarlett Johansson look another 10 years younger!”

Jordan glanced at Scarlett Johansson.

“Why would I carry this kind of medicine around with me How about this Let me take Scarlett Johansson away.

Ill show you her face in three months.”

Park Chan-young laughed.

“I think you just want to take Scarlett Johansson away to play with her for three months, right I havent even played with her yet.

How can I let you have the chance Show me your familys medical skills if you have the guts!”

Judging from Park Chan-youngs attitude, he would never let Jordan out of the door if he did not show his skills.

If this stalemate continued and the other members of the eight families found out, it would probably have a negative impact.

After all, Jordan had trespassed the Park familys territory.

Jordan said, “Alright, Grandpa instructed me repeatedly not to reveal our familys true strength in front of the other families.

He told me to put on a pretense of weakness like Jesse and make the other families think that the Steeles are the worst.

But I am young and impetuous.

How can I endure the disdain of others!

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“Today, Ill let you know the true medical skills of the Steele family! Now, find me a patient that your Park family cant treat.

Ill treat him on the spot!”

Treating a patient whom even the Park family could not treat!

Park Chan-young believed that Jordan was just spouting nonsense.

He agreed.

“Alright, since youre so confident, Id like to see if your family is really trash or just pretending so!”

After thinking for a moment, Park Chan-young made a phone call.

Soon, a wheelchair-bound woman in her 60s was pushed in.

The woman looked very dispirited and weak.

“Third Aunt.”

Park Chan-young held her hand respectfully.

Park Chan-youngs third aunt smiled and nodded at him, but it was obvious that her smile was forced.

Park Chan-young introduced her to Jordan.

“This is my third aunt.

Shes 61 years old and has been feeling dizzy for the past six years.

She has coronary heart disease, gastric ulcers, gallstones, hypertension, high blood pressure and lacunar infarcts.

“My family has already used the most advanced technology to treat her.

Although we managed to let her remain lucid, and have normal speech and limb mobility, we cant get rid of her persistent dizziness.

Moreover, she is always feeling a lack of energy.

If you can completely cure my third aunts illness, I will believe what you just said!”

Jordan sized up the patient.

Although he was not a professional doctor, he pretended to go over and take her pulse.

After taking her pulse, Jordan said, “Your third aunt is old and weak.

Her spleen and kidneys are weak.

She has not been eating well and suffers from indigestion.

The Park family cant even treat such a minor illness.

Your familys medical skills are really trash!”

Jordan would take every opportunity he could to insult Park Chan-youngs family.

Park Chan-young was shocked.

“Are you sure you can cure her”

Jordan replied confidently, “Of course!”

After all, Jordan had just learned voodoo from Dr.


It would be a piece of cake to treat such an illness!

Park Chan-young said, “Alright, do you dare to make a bet with me If you cant cure her, I want you to strip naked in front of all of us to prove that you didnt steal our medicine! Dont misunderstand.

Its not that I want to see you naked.

I am just letting the women in our hospital have a look.

“Ive heard many rumors that men from your country have grown smaller over the years.

I want to let the women of South Korea have the chance to witness solid proof!”

Jordan was furious.

He wished he could give Park Chan-young another thrashing!

However, there were indeed such vicious rumors being spread online.

“Damn you!”

Jordan did not expect to be humiliated in front of this South Korean just because of some baseless online rumors! The first thing he would do after returning home would be to clean up those forums that were still spreading these nasty rumors!

“What if I cure her”

Park Chan-young said, “If you can cure my third aunt, I wont search your body.

Ill let you leave with your fat mother-in-law.”

Jordan scoffed.

“No, its not that simple.

You crashed into me in the game previously.

Someone from the Geng family witnessed it and you made me lose face.

If I cure your third aunt, I want you to return to the game and let me crash into you!”

Jordan was a man who believed in an eye for an eye!

Park Chan-young snorted.

“Alright, its a deal! Cut the crap and quickly treat her! I dont believe that you can treat an illness that even our familys medical team cant!”

Jordan took out a paper and drew a charm pattern.

He then threw the paper into the sky.

It floated in mid-air.


Jin-woon and the other Park family subordinates exclaimed at the sight.

“Hmph, just a little magicians trick.” Park Chan-young was not amazed at all.

Anyone from the eight families could perform such a stunt.

Jordan instructed Park Chan-young.

“Take off your third aunts clothes.”

Park Chan-young was incensed.

“Jordan, you b*stard! How dare you disrespect my elder!”


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