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Park Chan-young believed that Jordan was just trying to provoke him.

In response, Jordan only said seriously, “F*ck you.

Do you think I have the same taste as you Do you think I like old women Even if so, look at how old your third aunt is.

Shes a sick person.

No matter how hardcore I am, would I want to take advantage of her My treatment method requires me to press my hand on her back.

There cant be any clothes in between!”

Park Chan-young thought for a moment.

His third aunt was indeed not considered a beauty.

Besides, she was already 61 years old.

And because of her illness, she looked even older.

His third aunt was as thin as a matchstick and looked lifeless.

Even if Jordan was a pervert, it was impossible for him to be interested in such a sick person.

With that thought in mind, Park Chan-young finally agreed.

“Alright, Ill believe you this once!”

Park Chan-young called a female doctor over and found a private place to help his third aunt change her clothes.

She soon came out in her wheelchair, wearing only a shirt with an open back.

It was perfect for Jordans treatment.

Jordan didnt say anything but just pressed his right hand on the womans back.

Instantly, a wave of immortal aura surged!

Park Chan-young and everyone else was startled.

“Damn it! Where did this white mist come from!”

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“It is coming from Jordans hand! Does he know immortal spells”

Even Park Chan-young was secretly shocked: “Thats impossible.

How could a persons hand produce some mystical mist Even the Park family cant do this.

Could the Steele family really be stronger than us Have they been hiding their true strength”

In reality, Jordans right hand was able to produce the mist because the Deity taught his father this flashy trick back then.

Indeed, this trick was not something that even the other seven great families could do.

However, it was not of much value.

It was purely for show and did not affect treating illnesses…

However, it was perfect for Jordans current purpose.

The others were awed by the display.

Jordan said to the patient in Korean, “Extend your right hand and look at the pattern on the charm before you.

Draw out the same pattern in the air with your finger.

When youre done, your illness will disappear!”

Park Chan-youngs third aunt was in a daze now and she obediently followed Jordans instructions.

Gradually, a heartwarming scene appeared in front of the aunt…

“Baby, oh, my cute child.

Let Grandma hug you.

Grandma will teach you how to ride a bike.

Grandma will teach you how to swim, okay”

In the scene, Park Chan-youngs third aunt was no longer sitting in a wheelchair.

Instead, she was standing on the grass, running on the lawn, swimming in a blue swimming pool, with a very cute little girl beside her.

Voodoo would cause the patient to hallucinate, and the imaginary scene would often portray what the patient yearned for the most.

Park Chan-youngs third aunt was dizzy and weak all year round.

She was confined to a wheelchair and had no strength to accompany her granddaughter.

She yearned to become healthy so that she could accompany her granddaughter to play outdoors.

Gradually, a smile appeared on the face of Park Chan-youngs third aunt!

“Third Aunt is smiling! She is actually smiling!”

Park Chan-young looked at his aunts face in surprise.

He still remembered how his third aunt doted on him when he was young.

However, ever since her illness six years ago, he had never seen her smile again.

At that moment, Park Chan-young was extremely excited!

“The Steele familys medical skills are indeed amazing!”

Meanwhile, the entire room had become misty because of Jordans “power.”

Jordan urged the patient.

“Continue drawing the pattern.

Youll recover after you complete it!”

Park Chan-youngs third aunt did as Jordan said and kept drawing symbols in the air.

She was amazed when she saw the colored symbols appear in the air.

She felt like she was being saved by an invincible genius doctor!

“My illness is cured!”

The woman soon finished drawing the pattern.

Her drawing merged with the charm paper floating in the air.

In the next instant, a ball of fire erupted and everything disappeared without a trace.

Jordan retracted his hand.


Park Chan-youngs third aunt shouted as she stood up from her wheelchair!

“Third Aunt, are you alright!”

Park Chan-young hurriedly went to support her, afraid that she would fall.

However, his third aunt was in high spirits.

“Chan-young, Im well again! Ive been treated by this god-like doctor! I feel like my body is filled with power.

I feel like I can fly!”

Park Chan-young was dumbfounded.

“Third Aunt, you dont feel dizzy anymore Has your headache completely disappeared”

The third aunt nodded.

“Yes, child.

My dizziness has completely disappeared.

No headache at all! Im going to play with my granddaughter now.

Ill bring her cycling.

I want to play with my precious granddaughter!”

Seeing his aunts excited expression, Park Chan-young felt very happy for his aunt.

He immediately instructed, “Send my aunt home now!”

Park Chan-young looked at Jordan in astonishment.

“The Steele familys medical skills are indeed impressive! Even our family couldnt treat her illness.

How did you manage to cure my third aunt so quickly! What method did you use just now”

Jordan replied, “Traditional medicine.”

Park Chan-young said, “My father guessed that you have been developing traditional medicine over the past few decades.

But I didnt expect your treatment to be so wondrous!”

Jordan felt very satisfied when he heard Park Chan-youngs praise.

‘Rascal, you finally stopped looking down on the Steele family!

Jordan said, “Cut the crap.

Since I won the bet and cured your third aunt, you have to admit defeat and enter the game!”

Park Chan-youngs expression turned grim as he cursed inwardly:This brat sure knows how to take revenge.

If I had known that he wasnt as easy to bully as his brother, I wouldnt have crashed into him that day!

Seeing that Park Chan-young was not moving, Jordan asked, “Why Is a member of the Park family going back on his word”

Park Chan-young quickly retorted.

“B*stard! Our familys word is gold! Alright, Ill go with you into the game!”

Park Chan-young asked someone to bring his VR goggles over.

Jordan also got the drone flying outside to deliver his own VR goggles.

With that, the two of them soon entered the virtual world.

Jordan could not wait to avenge himself.

“There are two cars here.

Get in!”

Park Chan-young refused.


Jordan asked, “Are you trying to back out now”

Park Chan-young said, “Im not trying to back out, but I have a request.

If the Schmid family Holy Maiden is online, I will never let you crash into me!”

“Before you crash into me, I have to confirm if the Swiss Holy Maiden is in the game!”


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