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Park Chan-young said angrily, “Im going to break both his legs! And dont think Ill spare his third leg! And it must be a permanent injury, the kind that can never recover!”

Since he was a young boy, Park Chan-young had always been arrogant.

Today was the first time he had been shot by a gun.

Although the wound would soon recover, he still had to endure the pain at the moment of the shot.

Park Sang-jun said, “The Steele family is still one of the eight great families.

You cant attack him just like that.

We cant rashly declare war on the Steele family.

Lets wait for another two months.

In two months, I will officially kick the Steeles out during the great meeting.

My proposal has already received the approval of the other six families.

“Once the Steeles are officially kicked out of the families, we will confiscate their major research and development teams, as well as their military power.

By then, you can even kill him if you want!”

Once the Steele family was kicked out, they would no longer be on the same level as the other seven families.

One side was like a commoner ant that was at the mercy of others, while the other was the ruler of the world.

Park Chan-young acquiesced.

“Alright, Ill endure for another two months.

However, Dad, theres something Im afraid I cant endure for two months.

Can I do it now”

Park Sang-jun was curious.

“What is it”

Park Chan-young said, “I interrogated Jin-woon earlier and asked him how he met Jordan.

Our Park family has always been secretive.

No matter how powerful the Steele family is, its impossible for them to track us.

Later, I realized that it was a coincidence.

Jin-woon has been recruiting people for me.

Coincidentally, he recruited Jordans mother-in-law, Marissa!”

Switching on his cell phone, Park Chan-young showed his father Marissas photo.

“Marissa… what a beautiful woman!”

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Park Sang-jun was taken aback when he saw Marissas photo.

Both father and son had the same expression whenever they saw a beautiful woman.

Park Chan-young grinned.

“Dad, can I bring Jordans mother-in-law here I guarantee that Jordan wont be able to obtain any evidence that I did it.

He wont be able to find us.”

Putting on a stern expression, Park Sang-jun reprimanded his son, “Youre already 30 years old, yet youre still obsessed with women.

Can you learn from your brothers and sisters and do more serious things! Dont even think about this woman!”

Park Chan-young was reluctant.

“Dad, shes just an ordinary middle-aged woman.

She wont be any trouble.

Please let me.”

Park Sang-juns expression suddenly shifted and he said, “This woman isnt suitable for you!”

Park Chan-young noticed the shift in his fathers expression and immediately understood.

“Oh, I understand.

Yes, yes, shes indeed not suitable for me.

Ill capture her and offer her to you, okay”

It came as no surprise that Park Chan-young had inherited his lust for women.

Park Sang-jun had his own harem.

Nevertheless, Park Sang-jun still acted like a stern father in front of his son.

He cleared his throat.

“Deal with this matter carefully.

Dont let your mother know.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I understand.

Ill capture Marissa and treat her.

After she successfully becomes 10 years younger, Ill immediately send her to you!” Park Chan-young promised.

Park Sang-jun looked at Marissas photo again and smiled.

He nodded.

However, he had always been a cautious person and he spent a moment mulling over the fact that this beautiful woman was Jordans mother-in-law.

‘But hes just a little kid who recently found out about the family secret.

Im not even afraid of his grandfather, so why should I be afraid of him Hmph!

Park Sang-jun considered the matter before deciding not to take Jordan seriously.

Meanwhile, 30,000 feet in the sky on Zephyr Three.

“Jordan, have some water.”

Harry brought Jordan a cup of water.

Jordan accepted the cup.

“Harry, your driving skills are not bad.

Itll be very useful in the future.”

The moment Jordan came out of the private hospital with Sylvie and Scarlett Johansson, Harry immediately drove over to him amid a rain of bullets.

He then steered the car to a spot two stories high and in a beautiful drifting arc, swerved the car right into Zephyr Three.

The entire sequence happened so fast that the Park family had no chance to chase after them.

Harry chuckled.

“Thank you for the compliment!”

Salvatore also came over and patted Harrys shoulder.

“Kid, if you follow Mr.

Jordan from now on, I promise youll have a good life.”

Harry nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, Salvatore.”

Jordan smiled.

“This kid is a second-generation heir.

He doesnt lack money.”

Salvatore was stunned for a moment before saying, “Mr.

Jordan is the true second generation.

No one else is worthy! Oh yes, Mr.

Jordan, what should we do with the two women you brought here Theyre still unconscious.”

Jordan said, “Sylvie just took the medicine.

I wonder what will happen next.

Dragon, bring Sylvie to England and hand her over to Grandpa.

Give him this medicine packet too.”

Jordan took out the medicine packet he stole from the Park family.

The Steeles medical team could study the medicine and Sylvie.

Salvatore smiled mischievously and asked, “What about the Black Widow”

Jordan said, “Scarlett Johansson already completed her treatment.

Bring her back to the US and call her manager to come and fetch her.”

Salvatore swallowed hard.


Jordan, you know Im her fan.

Can I…”


Jordan knew what Salvatore wanted to do from the look in his eyes.

Scarlett Johansson was a world-famous beauty.

Salvatore was definitely thinking of doing something wicked to her.

Jordan had met Scarlett Johansson before.

Moreover, the Steeles were friends with many Hollywood stars.

Jordan could not let a beauty like Scarlett Johansson be ruined by his subordinates.

Although, judging from Scarlett Johanssons messy clothes, it was very likely that she had already been…

At this moment, Scarlett Johansson was unconscious.

She would not know what was done to her, but Jordan would never do such a despicable thing.

Salvatore knew that Jordan had always been a principled man so he backed off.

“Alright, I only have one request.

Can I have a sip of her shower water”


Everyone laughed.

Jordan shook his head.

“Kevin Durant sure is a pest.”

NBA star Kevin Durant had once said that he wanted to drink Scarlett Johanssons shower water.

This made all Scarlett Johansson fans in the world want to try the same.

“Sure! But be sure to tell us how it tastes, I want to know too!”


Everyone laughed again.

However, Jordan soon fell into deep thought as he looked at the clouds outside.

“Boss, is there something on your mind” Dragon asked.

Jordan sighed.

“Although it was a rather satisfying encounter with Park Chan-young, I spinned a lot of lies.

Sooner or later, the Park family will know that the Steeles dont have a new Deity, and our medical skills arent that good.

I need to have real abilities to gain the respect of the other seven families!”


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