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Jordan recalled what Park Chan-young said earlier.

In two months, the Steeles would be kicked out by the other seven families at the great meeting.

If it really happened, it would be a disaster for the Steele family!

It would not just be a simple matter of not being included in future developments.

The Steeles were still ahead of the world in many aspects, including military affairs!

In other words, if the Steeles were kicked out and became lone wolves not answerable to anyone, they might do things that would disrupt the current world order!

The other seven families would never overlook the potential threat posed by the Steeles after they were made an outsider! Therefore, once the Steele family was kicked out, every Steele member would be in trouble! The best way to eliminate this threat posed by the Steeles was to turn everyone in the family into a dead person!

“The Steele family must not be kicked out.

Otherwise, everyone in our family will be in trouble! However, unless a new Deity appears, no matter how hard we work, its impossible for us to reach the same level as the other seven families in just two months.”

Jordan continued mulling the matter in a gloomy state.

Soon, the plane landed in the capital.

He asked Dragon to deliver the medicine and Sylvie to England.

He got Harry to drive him back to his new villa in the capital.

“Dear wives, Im back!”

Jordan walked into his new house and saw Lauren and Victoria eating at the dining table.

He walked over and saw that there was a large array of delicious-looking seafood dishes.

It was obvious from one glance that Victoria prepared them.

“Well now, The two of you are having a secret seafood feast and didnt call me to join!” Jordan pretended to complain.

He was actually very happy that his two wives could get along so well.

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Victoria said, “Youre one to talk.

You didnt answer my calls or reply to my messages.”

Lauren knew that Jordan had gone to settle an important matter.

She asked, “Hubby, how was it Did things go smoothly”

Jordan nodded and kissed her.

“Yes, its successfully completed.”

Victoria pouted angrily, “Were both your wives but you only gave one of us a kiss.”

Jordan smiled and said, “Haha, of course I wont let you off! I missed you so much after not seeing you for so long.”

With that, Jordan kissed Victoria too.

Jordan then sat down.

Lauren and Victoria took the initiative to peel prawns for him.

Jordan sat at the dinner table being served the entire time.

“Oh my God, Im so blessed.”

Jordan sighed happily.

Lauren smiled.

“Glad you know that.

By the way, I was chatting with Victoria just now and realized that she has never been to many places in the capital.

I want to bring her around the capital.

Will you accompany us”

Jordan agreed with a grin.

“A threesome Sure.

Lets go tomorrow morning.

Where are we going”

Victoria replied, “Olympic National Park!”

The next day, Jordan, Lauren and Victoria drove to the Olympic National Park early in the morning.

Jordan did not realize that although Victoria had visited the capital so many times, she had never stepped foot into this park.

In fact, not even everyone staying in the capital had been to this park before.

It was a common phenomenon for locals to not visit some famous attraction in their own state, just because it was so near.

“Hubby, take photos of us!”

Victoria stuffed a camera into Jordans hand.

Having come to the Olympic National Park, it was important to capture the beautiful scenery.

But the ladies had high standards…

Jordan took several photos, but Lauren and Victoria were not satisfied with any of them.

Just as Jordan was determined to take a photo that would satisfy both his wives, he suddenly saw someone.

“Dad, Mom, stand here.

Ill take a photo for you!”

A familiar voice, a familiar back view.

Jordan couldnt resist walking over to take a look.

He realized that they were old acquaintances!

It was Haileys best friend, Rachel Quinn!

Rachel was also holding a camera and taking photos of an old couple.

This old couple looked old enough to be Rachels parents.

However, in terms of figure and appearance, they were completely different from Rachel.

At only 1.61 meters tall, Rachel was also very thin, weighing less than 50 kilograms.

For the old couple, the man was 1.8 meters tall, and the woman was 1.7 meters tall.

Furthermore, they were both very fat!


After taking photos of the old couple, Rachel carefully guided them along the path.

Rachel and Jordan bumped into each other.

“Jor… Jordan”

Rachel did not expect to meet Jordan here.

“Victoria, Lauren.”

Rachel also greeted Victoria and Lauren respectfully.

Jordan hadnt wanted to bother with this woman because he had always believed that she was the reason why Hailey had turned bad.

If it werent for her setting a bad example, having affairs and perfectly manipulating her husband and lovers, Hailey might not have slept with Tyler.

Nevertheless, Jordan was a little curious about Rachel, so he asked, “Rachel, are you… here on vacation”

Based on Jordans understanding of Rachel, she should have already visited this park a long time ago.

Rachel was not a sporty or outdoorsy kind of girl.

What was so fun about the Olympic National Park for her

Unless she came with her parents.

Rachel nodded.


Jordan looked at the old couple and asked, “Are they… your parents”

Although they had known each other for more than three years, Jordan had never seen Rachels parents.

Rachel hesitated for a moment before saying, “Yes, theyre my parents.”

The old couple smiled and did not deny it.

“Um… Jordan, your time is precious.

I wont disturb you anymore.

Ill make a move first.”

Rachel seemed to want to avoid chatting with Jordan.

“Wait a minute.”

Jordan stopped her and asked, “Im sorry.

Forgive me for being suspicious, but Im a little curious.

Your parents are so tall and burly.

Why are you so petite They dont look like your parents.

Instead, they look a little like your ex-husband, Corys parents!”

Rachels ex-husband, Cory, happened to be a tall and fat fellow.

He was a perfect match to be the son of this old couple.

The two elders laughed.

“Hahaha, thats right.

Were Corys parents.

Since Rachel and our son are married, theres nothing wrong with her calling us Mom and Dad, right Hahaha.”

Jordan was shocked.

“Husband and wife Arent you divorced Didnt you tell his parents”

Rachel smiled.

“About that… well, you have a lot of work to do every day, right There are many more important things waiting for you to accomplish.

Dont worry about the lives of ordinary people like us, okay”

Jordan said, “No, I really have to know the truth about you today!”


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