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Rachel was not a significant person in Jordans eyes.

Jordan couldnt even be bothered to know about Haileys private life, much less her “best friend” Rachel.

Moreover, the Steele family was in danger now.

Jordan was completely focused on saving the Steele family.

How would he be in the mood to think about anything else

However, Rachels private life, or rather, the relationship between Rachel and Cory, had a very important impact on Jordan!

Seeing Jordans serious expression, Victoria walked over and asked him, “Hubby, whats wrong”

When Rachel and Cory divorced last year, Jordan and Victoria had asked Cory out for a meal together.

Victoria also knew about Rachel and Cory.

Jordan said to Rachel, “Come with me.

I have something to ask you!”

He did not want to ask Rachel in front of Corys parents.

After all, they might not know that Rachel had an affair.

Jordan was already being very considerate to Rachel.

Pulling Rachel aside, he asked her directly, “Tell me honestly, whats going on between you and Cory Why did you bring his parents out on a holiday after the divorce”

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Rachel knew that Jordan had a high status and was not someone an ordinary person like her could afford to offend.

She could only tell the truth.

“Cory and I… remarried…”

“Remarried You two are together again”

Jordan became very agitated when he heard that.

Jordan continued probing.

“Why did Cory agree to remarry you! Rachel, you unfaithful woman, what tricks did you use again!”

Rachel put on an aggrieved expression.

“I didnt use any tricks.

We were married for three years and already developed feelings for each other.

Apart from my cheating incident, we were happy for the rest of our marriage.

We never quarreled.”

Jordan snorted.

“Thats because you put on a good act! You cheated on him and you felt guilty for letting your husband down.

Of course you wouldnt quarrel with him! Putting on a sweet, submissive wife act every day to make him happy and unsuspicious.

Do you think that is good for him”

It had to be said that Rachel was indeed a very smart woman, especially in her marriage.

She treated her husband very well when she was not cheating on him.

Hailey was too beautiful.

She had too many bootlickers around her and was very arrogant to everyone.

On the other hand, Rachel was not as good-looking.

She was very sensible and considerate.

She knew how to make men happy and was willing to do things that arrogant women were unwilling to do.

Rachel continued in an aggrieved tone.

“I really love him, and he loves me too.

We were separated for a while, but we realized that we couldnt live without each other.

On account of the fact that we were once acquaintances, just let us be happy together.

As the saying goes, one would rather tear down 10 temples than break up a marriage…”

Jordan cut in.


I dont want to hear this.”

Jordan took out his phone.

He remembered that he still had Corys contact.

After finding it, he called him directly.

He wanted to hear from Cory himself about the situation.

“Hello, is this Cory Jordan here.”

Cory became very excited when he heard Jordans voice.

“Ah, Jordan! I didnt expect to receive your call! Is anything the matter”

Jordan asked.

“Did you marry Rachel again”

Cory was surprised.

“Yes, we just registered our marriage a few days ago.

How did you know”

Jordan said angrily, “Why did you get back with her! You saw her cheating on you with your own eyes! During your marriage, she slept with countless other men.

How can you accept such a woman Dont you think shes dirty!”

The barrage of questions put Cory in a difficult position.

“Its true that I was very angry and sad at that time.

After I divorced her, I spent several months in depression.

I even got drunk and crashed my car, nearly losing my life.

However, ever since the divorce, Rachel has been sending me messages every day to apologize and beg for my forgiveness.

My heart gradually softened and I forgave her…”

Jordan was speechless.

Back then, he had no choice but to get back with Hailey.

It was her great-aunt who forced Jordan to promise before she died.

Jordan did not want that elderly lady, who had done him a favor, to leave this world with regrets.

That was why Jordan agreed to get back with Hailey.

Moreover, Jordan had no evidence at that time to confirm that something did happen between Hailey and Tyler.

However, Corys situation was completely different.

He had seen Rachel cheating on him with his own eyes!

How could he forgive Rachel

Jordan said, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.

You have forgiven her now but arent you afraid that she will cheat on you again in the future”

Beside him, Rachel shook Jordans arm and begged, “Mr.

Jordan, I promise you that I wont cheat on Cory anymore!”

Jordan shook off Rachels hand.

‘Get lost, this is about you and Cory.

What use is it for you to promise me!

On the other end of the line, Cory said, “Even if I marry a new wife, I cant guarantee that she wont cheat on me.

Jordan, Im not like you, rich and handsome.

Im fat and ugly.

Not many women will really like me.

Over the past few years, Rachel has been quite good to me.

Moreover, she promised me that she would never meet up with other men again.

She even promised me that she would work at my company and come with me on business trips in the future.”

Jordan wanted to say something more, but then he stopped himself.

“I have nothing to say!”

Jordan hung up angrily.

Since the man himself had already said so, there was no point in saying anything else.

If he continued trying to persuade him, Cory might misunderstand and think that Jordan was going to snatch his woman away.

At this moment, Rachel knelt in front of Jordan.

Rachel sobbed and begged.


Jordan, I beg you.

I beg you not to separate Cory and me.

We are truly in love.

I swear that I will never do anything to let him down again.

I beg you…”

Rachel cried wretchedly.

When Jordan helped Cory and Rachel get a divorce back then, he had said that Cory could easily get a new young and beautiful woman.

However, Rachel couldnt find a man of Corys status again.

Therefore, Rachel needed this marriage more than Cory!


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