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Victoria walked over.

When she saw Rachel crying, she asked Jordan, “Hubby, are you still angry with Rachel Why are you so angry that Rachel remarried Cory”

Jordan held Victorias hand and said, “You dont understand…”

At this moment, Jordan and Rachel had already attracted the attention of many people.

Jordan didnt want to be photographed, so he said to Rachel.


Since Cory has chosen to forgive and believe in you, I am just an outsider and cant say anything.”

Rachel hurriedly stood up and wiped her tears.

“Thank you, Jordan.

Thank you for caring so much about Cory and me.

I know you still treat us as friends.

Well definitely live well in the future.

I hope that one day, we can sit down and have a drink together.”

With that, Rachel hastily turned around and left.

Looking at Corys parents standing together in harmony, Jordan sighed.

‘How could this happen!

Rachel was an insignificant character to Jordan.

He was so anxious about her relationship with Cory because he had a recurring dream last year! In the dream, Rachel and Cory got back together!

“First, it was Elles plastic surgery.

Now, its Rachel and Corys remarriage.

The events that happened in my dream are coming true one by one!”

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When Jordan started having his dreams, Elle had yet to undergo plastic surgery in real life.

But in his dreams, Elle did plastic surgery and looked exactly like she did now!

Jordan had always felt that it was just a coincidence.

But now, another event from his dream had happened in real life!

Rachel and Cory had remarried!

If everything in his dream were realized…

“In my dream, I married Hailey…”

In that dream, Jordan was wearing a suit and Hailey was wearing a white wedding dress.

The two of them were holding a wedding on a romantic beach! Elle, who had undergone plastic surgery, as well as the newly-remarried Rachel and Cory, all attended the wedding.

If this dream came true, it meant that Jordan might marry Hailey again!

“Impossible! I will never marry that b*tch again!”

When Jordan thought of this, he immediately rejected the idea.

“I have two good and beautiful wives now.

Even if Im greedy, there is still Madam from South Korea.

I am way more attracted to her than Hailey! Even if I seek out Madam or some other woman, its impossible for me to get together with Hailey again!”

Jordan knew this very well.

He no longer had any feelings for Hailey!

“But… if this really happens one day, does it mean that I have the ability to predict the future Dreaming about what will happen in the future.

Isnt this the superpower of a deity”

Jordan suddenly remembered what his grandfather had once said about the eight great families and the Deity.

Back then, it was because the Deitys dreams had become a reality that the eight great families knew how powerful she was.

From there, they used her ability to gradually control the entire world.

“Could I be… the new Deity”

Jordan became very excited!

Now that the Steeles were in danger and being looked down on by the other seven families, if Jordan was a Deity and could predict the future, he could save his family and even trample the other seven families under his feet!

Let the Steeles be right at the top of the entire world!

Jordan was in a huge dilemma!

Only if everything in his dream came true would he have a chance to prove that he was a Deity and had such an ability.

However, if everything in his dream came true, it would mean that he would have to remarry Hailey!

That was not the worst of it.

Something even more unacceptable kept recurring in Jordans dreams.

In his dream, Victoria was shot and bleeding profusely! If Jordan really had the ability to predict the future, then Victoria might die!!

“Hubby, whats wrong”

Victoria saw that Jordan was in a daze and was very worried.

Jordan looked at Victoria, who lost weight.

He hugged her tightly.

With so many tourists around her, Victoria felt shy.

“What are you doing… Dont be like this in public…”

Jordan felt conflicted.

He didnt want to marry Hailey again, and he also didnt want anything to happen to Victoria.

“Maybe Im overthinking things.

How can I be a Deity I dreamed that Elle had plastic surgery because I always knew that she was a woman who loved to look beautiful.

It was based on my judgment of her personality.

It was the same when I dreamed of Rachel and Cory getting back together.

It was also based on my judgment of their personalities.

My judgment has always been accurate.”

As Jordan was familiar with psychology, his judgments and predictions were often accurate.

This might have nothing to do with being a Deity.

Unless Jordan held Haileys hand again, he would not believe that he was the new Deity.

“Whats wrong, Hubby”

Lauren also came over and asked with concern.

Jordan just smiled and did not tell them about his worries.

He didnt want them to be worried too.

“Oh, its nothing.

I was just thinking that since the three of us are out to have fun, we should visit a few more attractions.

After were done at the Olympic National Park, we can visit Palouse River Canyon.”

Lauren nodded happily.

“Alright, its rare for us to come out together.

Lets enjoy ourselves these two days.

We cant let Chloe know that were out having fun, otherwise shell be upset when she finds out we didnt bring her along.”


The next afternoon.

Jordan, Lauren and Victoria were still enjoying themselves sightseeing in the capital when Lauren received a call from her father, Stefan.

“Lauren, where are you Are you alright”

Stefan sounded very anxious and uneasy.

Lauren answered, “Jordan, Victoria and I are out sightseeing.

Im fine.

Why are you asking Did something happen”

Stefan said, “Your mother was captured early this morning!”

Lauren exclaimed.


After learning that Marissa had been kidnapped, Jordan hurriedly drove Lauren and Victoria home.

Soon after, Jordan and Lauren arrived at Laurens grandfathers house.

The entire Howard family was present.

Lauren walked in and asked anxiously, “Dad, what happened Why was my mom taken away Who took her”

Stefan shook his head.

“We dont know who it was.

The bodyguard in charge of protecting your mother was knocked unconscious.

He only saw a man in a suit.”

Jordan asked, “Where was she taken Have you checked the surveillance cameras”

With the Howard familys power in the capital, even if Marissa was captured, the family could quickly lock onto the suspects location and arrest him.

They would not be at such a loss at what to do.

However, Stefan said, “Weve seen the surveillance cameras, but Marissa and her captors suddenly disappeared from surveillance.

They might have already left the capital!”


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