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Martin spoke up.

“The men who kidnapped Marissa are not ordinary kidnappers.

They were able to evade so many surveillance cameras and disappear mysteriously.

They are definitely not an ordinary force.

If we can confirm that they are still in the capital, I have absolute confidence that we can capture them.

“But if they have already taken Marissa away from the capital or out of the country, the Howard family will be helpless.

Jordan, can you help us”

Before Jordan could reply, Clarice said coldly, “If even the Howard family cant do it, how can an outsider like him help His bank account is still frozen in this country, right”

Jordan shot Clarice an arrogant look.

Now that something serious had happened to the Howard family, he had no time to bicker with her.

“Let me see the surveillance footage first.”

Jordan watched the surveillance footage of Marissa.

He realized that she had disappeared into a clearing.

“Stealth jet”

If Marissa had boarded an invisible plane, the surveillance cameras would definitely not be able to capture her.

In this world, only the eight secret families had invisible planes.

Jordan immediately thought of the Park family whom he just had an altercation with!

“Could it be Park Chan-young”

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Jordan had just returned from the Park familys private hospital.

He had blown up several big holes in the hospital and even shot Park Chan-young.

With the Park familys medical skills, that shot was not enough to make him spend his days in a wheelchair like Brad.

Even so, it would still be very painful.

Not only that, but Jordan had also stolen the Park familys precious medicine.

In addition, Park Chan-young had designs on Marissa from the start.

It was very likely that he would seize this opportunity to take revenge on Jordan.

Lauren looked very worried.

“Mom rarely befriends strangers and has never offended anyone.

Who is so vicious as to kidnap her I really hope shell be fine…”

Although Lauren often disagreed with Marissa, they had a close mother-daughter relationship.

It was no surprise that Lauren was very upset that her mother had been kidnapped.

Jordan patted Laurens shoulder and comforted her.

“Lauren, dont worry.

I know who took her.

Let me handle this.”

Martin asked, “Jordan, you know who it is”

Brad, who was sitting in a wheelchair, also shouted, “Tell me quickly, which b*stard captured my mother Im going to kill him!”

Clarice also piped up.

“Aunt Marissa is a member of our family.

Anyone who dares to kidnap a member of the Howard family is going against the entire family.

If we dont deal with such a person, the thought of it is terrifying.

I wouldnt even dare to go out!”

Jordan said, “If Im not wrong, it should be the Park family from South Korea.”

“The Park family from South Korea What do they do Why havent I heard of them”

The Howards looked befuddled at the mention of the name “Park”.

The Park family was a secret family, so of course they didnt know.

Jordan didnt want to reveal too much to them.

He looked at Martin and said, “This matter might be because of me.

Ill be in charge of finding Mom.”

Martin nodded.

“Okay Jordan, if you need my help, feel free to tell me.”


Not wanting to waste any time, Jordan flew straight to South Korea, then headed to the secret hospital in South Korea.

By now, Dragon had already handed Sylvie and the Park familys medicine to the Steeles medical research team in England and immediately rushed back.

“Dragon, how many people do we have now” Jordan asked.

Dragon replied, “200.”

Jordan instructed, “Everyone, head to the hospital!”

Jordan wanted to take down the Park family Hospital in one go and save Marissa.

However, when they entered the dilapidated building, they realized that it was empty.

“Master, weve checked upstairs and downstairs.

Theres no one here, and everything has been moved away,” Dragon said.

Jordan clenched his fists.

“Damn it, they actually moved so quickly.”

For a secret family, secrecy was very important.

Since Jordan already knew about the Park familys private hospital, it was no longer a secret place.

Therefore, for safetys sake, the Park family had to move and abandon this location.

“Damn it.

This is the only place I know of.

It will be very difficult to find Park Chan-young and Marissa now.”

Although he knew that it would not be easy, Jordan still ordered his men to keep looking for any location which might be linked to the Park family.

He also assigned men to follow Park Anyas every move.

Meanwhile, in a private mansion on Jeju Island.

Marissas hands and feet were tied up, accentuating her good figure, which was rare among middle-aged women.

Park Chan-young slowly walked over.

Even though he had just been shot, he could now walk without any assistance.

This was the power of future medical technology.

Many illnesses that appeared very serious now were like minor ailments in the eyes of the eight great families.

Park Chan-young scrutinized Marissa and drooled.

“What a perfect middle-aged woman! Mrs.

Howard, youre the most beautiful 40-year-old woman Ive ever seen in this world.

Come, Ill untie you myself.”

Park Chan-young personally untied Marissa.

Of course, he could take advantage of her now, but a second-generation heir of his level would not do such a despicable thing.

He was confident that he would never need to force himself on any woman in this world.


Howard, can I call you Auntie” Park Chan-young asked gently

Park Chan-young was obsessed with “aunties”.

Every time he called a beautiful middle-aged woman “auntie”, he would get very excited.

However, Marissa did not understand Korean at all.

Park Chan-young muttered to himself.

“Oh, right.

I forgot that she doesnt understand Korean.

She probably speaks English.”

While he could speak English, he found it a hassle and would prefer to speak in Korean.

Park Chan-young continued.

“I prefer to converse in Korean.

But no problem, we can still communicate.”


Park Chan-young snapped his fingers and got his subordinates to bring over a pair of Bluetooth earphones.

“Come, Auntie.

Ill put it on for you personally.

With this Bluetooth earpiece, we can communicate without any obstacles.”

This earpiece was a real-time translator.

It could translate a speakers words in real-time.

After putting them on Marissa, Park Chan-young also stuffed a pair of earphones into his ears.

He then successfully paired their devices to translate Korean to English.

After everything was set up, Park Chan-young politely introduced himself.

“Auntie Marissa, my name is Park Chan-young.

Im an admirer of yours.

Welcome to South Korea.

I will definitely treat a beauty like you with the highest standards!”


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