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This time, Marissa understood what Park Chan-young was saying through her Bluetooth earpiece.

She stared fiercely at Park Chan-young.

“Im warning you, Im not an ordinary woman.

Im the daughter-in-law of the Howard family! The Howard family is the most powerful family in the capital and the entire country! You dared to kidnap me and provoke the Howard family, I guarantee that you will not have a good ending!”

Park Chan-young smiled.

“Before capturing you, Ive already investigated the Howard familys strength.

Theyre indeed very powerful and not just an ordinary rich family.

Unfortunately, this family is still nothing in my eyes!”

Marissa was shocked.

Since he had investigated the Howard family and knew their strength, how dare this South Korean kidnap Marissa

Was he not afraid of the Howard familys strength

Marissa thought for a moment and felt that Jordans family probably had more influence internationally, so she mentioned him.

“Also, my son-in-law is Jordan Steele, a member of the very powerful Steele family! Even in South Korea, their influence is…”

Before Marissa could finish, Park Chan-young stretched out one hand, indicating for her to stop.

“Auntie, theres no need to say anything.

I know the Steele familys strength better than you.

The Steeles are indeed much more important than the Howard family.

As for your son-in-law, I know how powerful he is.”

As Park Chan-young spoke, he lifted the hem of his trousers, revealing the gunshot wound on his calf.

He pointed at the wound and said, “Look, this wound on my leg was caused by your son-in-law, Jordan.”

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Marissa was shocked.

She immediately believed that she had been kidnapped because Jordan had injured this person!


Steele hurriedly said, “Sir, actually, my relationship with Jordan isnt very good.

Ive never really regarded him as my son-in-law.

I was just about to make my daughter divorce him! Its his fault that he injured you.

Dont blame it on me!”

Marissa believed that she had been implicated by Jordan and cursed him viciously in her heart.

Park Chan-young laughed.

“Auntie, although I hate him, this has nothing to do with him.

Actually, without his interference, I might have already brought you here long ago.”

It was only a matter of time before Park Chan-young would discover Marissa.

Jordan was Marissas son-in-law, which made Park Chan-young a little more cautious.

If Marissas son-in-law was someone else, Park Chan-young would not have hesitated at all.

He would have immediately kidnapped Marissa.

Park Chan-young said, “Auntie, dont be nervous.

I invited you here to help you regain your youth and to give you benefits.”


Park Chan-young snapped his fingers again and instructed his subordinates, “Bring her in!”

His subordinates brought in a beauty.

This beauty looked dignified and refined.

Park Chan-young smiled at Marissa.

“Auntie Marissa, do you know who this beauty is”

Marissa looked at a woman who was much younger than her.

She didnt think she knew her at first, but the more she looked at her, the more familiar she found her to be.

“Strange, why do I feel like Ive seen her somewhere before…”

Marissa was puzzled.

“Marissa.” The woman spoke slowly.

Marissa shuddered and became very agitated.

She was too familiar with this voice!

“You… youre Yvonne!” Marissa was dumbstruck.

Yvonne was Marissas good friend and a rich lady in the capital.

Marissa was very shocked.

“I heard that you suddenly disappeared some time ago.

So you were captured and brought here!”

“How did your face… become so young!”

Marissa was extremely astounded by Yvonnes face.

She looked 10 years younger than before!

Yvonne looked at Park Chan-young and explained, “Mr.

Park helped me achieve this.”

Park Chan-young walked over smugly and said, “Auntie Marissa, look, isnt Auntie Yvonnes face 10 years younger than before Do you want to return to how you looked 10 years ago”

Marissa was stunned and instinctively nodded.

“Hahaha.” Park Chan-young walked over with a smirk and was about to touch Marissa.

Marissa dodged his hand.

“Dont mess around! Im a woman of the Howard family.

If I have to pay this kind of price to look younger, I will never do it!”

Marissa had betrayed Stefan before, but that was because she had seen him hook up with another woman first.

That was why she had been so angry.

As a woman of the Howard family, she would not serve South Korea.

Park Chan-young said, “Dont worry.

You wont be servicing me, but my father.

My father is the ruler of this world.

Sooner or later, the entire world will be under his control.

Hes a man countless times more powerful than your husband.

Youll definitely be very happy.”

“Pfft!” Marissa replied disdainfully.

“No matter who your father is, I have no interest in him! Im warning you, my son-in-law will definitely take revenge.

He wont sit back and do nothing.

You better let me go quickly.

Otherwise, when they find me, it will be too late for you to regret it!”

Park Chan-young snorted.

“Auntie, you have too much confidence in Jordan.

Lets make a bet.

I bet that Jordan wont be able to find you before youre sent to my father! Men, send Auntie Marissa to the treatment room!”

Meanwhile, Jordan was on Zephyr Three, searching for the Park family and Marissa.

After searching for more than 10 hours, Jordan had not made any progress.

Dragon reported, “Master, even if we search for half a year, we might not be able to find the Park family.

Although the tracking technology on Zephyr Three is very advanced, the Park family has very advanced anti-reconnaissance technology too.

Unless we use force to flush out the Park family, it will be very difficult for us to find them and your mother-in-law.”

Tim also spoke up.

“Yeah, and even if we find them, they have stealth jets and can evade us anytime.”

Jordan was also feeling very troubled.

It was challenging to go against a secret family.

Jordan looked at the time.

Marissa had been taken away for 20 hours now.

If the Park family intended to harm her, she would have died a hundred times over.

However, if the Park family wanted to treat her and make her 10 years younger, there was no need to be overly anxious.

It would take at least half a month to complete the treatment.

“That despicable Park Chan-young.

He clearly knows that Marissa is my mother-in-law, but he still dared to kidnap her.

He completely disregards me and the Steele family!”

“Alright, since you kidnapped my family, an eye for an eye.

Ill capture one of yours too!”

Jordan asked Tim, “I asked you to monitor Park Anya.

Hows the surveillance going”


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