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Park Anya was Park Chan-youngs sister.

If Jordan could capture Park Anya, he would definitely be able to trade her for Marissa.

In return, Tim said, “Madams daily activities look very normal.

She accompanies her husband to press conferences and interviews.

When shes free, she accompanies her daughter.

She doesnt seem to have anything to do with your mother-in-law.”

This wasnt unexpected.

Children from large families were very independent.

Jordan, Jesse, Jamie and his sisters rarely contacted each other.

Jordan also believed that Park Chan-young had acted alone.

Park Anya probably had no idea.

“Where is Park Anya now”

Tim glanced at the location on his phone and said, “The Blue House.”

Jordan immediately said, “Lets go to the Blue House and capture Park Anya!”


Tim, Salvatore and the rest were all dumbstruck!

Kidnap someone at the Blue House

Tim stammered, “Mr.

Jordan, this… this… do you want to reconsider Its the Blue House!”

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The Blue House was where the highest authorities in South Korea were.

Commoners like Tim and Salvatore trembled just at the mention of the place.

They didnt even dare to enter, let alone capture someone there.

However, Jordan did not care at all.

He did not care where it was!

“Lets go!”

Turning on the invisibility mode, Zephyr Three quickly approached the Blue House.

However, Martin suddenly called.

“Hello, Mr.


Jordan thought that Martin was here to check on his progress regarding Marissa.

However, Martins first question was not about Marissas situation.

Instead, he asked, “Jordan, where are you now”

Jordan was confused.

“Im in South Korea.


Martin continued to ask, “Where in South Korea”

Jordan did not say that he was going to the Blue House, in case Martin got nervous.

Unexpectedly, Martin asked, “Jordan, are you going to the Blue House”

Jordan was shocked.

“How did you know You placed a tracker on me!”

Jordan never expected Martin to secretly do such a thing!

Martin couldnt possibly have known that he was going to the Blue House unless he placed a tracker on him.

After all, Jordan hadnt even reached the Blue House yet.

Jordan was in close proximity to Martin at the Howards place earlier and it would have been easy for Martin to plant a tracker on him.

Martin said, “Jordan, dont be angry.

I did this for your own good.

After all, youre the son-in-law of the Howard family.

Im afraid youll do something rash.

Listen to me.

Dont cause trouble at the Blue House.

Thats not a place you can go.

If a fight breaks out, the impact will be huge.”

Jordan responded angrily.

“Hmph, Mr.

Howard, Im saving your daughter-in-law now! I know what Im doing.

I dont need you to teach me.

Im not at all happy that you secretly planted a tracker on me.

If this happens again, dont blame me for losing my temper!”

With that, Jordan hung up.

Jordan treated the Howards as family, so he did not take many precautions.

He did not expect Martin to plant a tracker on him.

As the Blue House was heavily guarded and Zephyr Three was a huge plane, the Blue House guards would immediately be alerted once the jet landed.

So as they approached the location, Jordan said to Dragon, “Dragon, well jump off from the plane here.

Well sneak in and capture Park Anya!”

Dragon answered, “Yes!”

The two of them descended from the sky and moved quickly.

However, before long, a few men in camouflage uniforms suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Damn it, we are so unlucky to encounter Blue House guards here!”

Jordan was a little surprised.

“Dragon, deal with them quickly.

Dont make any noise,” Jordan instructed.

With Dragons abilities, it was not a problem for him to fight against multiple opponents.

Seeing that these men in camouflage uniforms were not armed, Dragon walked over confidently.

Bang bang bang bang!

Dragon fought with the men.

He did not expect them to be so strong and did not manage to defeat them immediately.

His opponents were very tenacious.

“What strong resistance!”

Jordan saw Dragon punching one of the men but he did not retreat at all.

He was able to maintain his stance.

“Looks like I have to help too!”

Jordan did not expect there to be such powerful guards in South Korea.

Even Dragon could not defeat them on his own.

Just as Jordan was about to attack, one of the men suddenly said, “Mr.

Jordan, please dont attack!”

The man spoke English with no trace of a Korean accent.

Jordan was confused.

“You are not… South Korean”

Dragon and the men also stopped fighting.

The man in the lead nodded solemnly and introduced himself.

“Were part of the capitals Black Ops Team.

Im the captain of Team One, Lionel.”

Jordan was taken aback.

“Black Ops Team What organization is that”

This is the first time Jordan has heard of this group.

No wonder their combat skills were so formidable.

Even if Jordan had joined it, the two of them might not be able to defeat them.

Of course, in one-on-one combat, Dragon was invincible in the world.

Jordan asked, “Martin told you to come, right”

With Martins influence in the capital, he probably knew about the existence of the Black Ops Team long ago.

Moreover, he might have a close relationship with this organization.

Lionel said, “Yes, Mr.

Howard is worried that Mr.

Jordan will be impulsive and cause a disaster.

Were here to stop you from going to the Blue House.

Its not worth offending the Blue House for a mere woman.

If you create a commotion inside the Blue House, this matter will no longer just affect you.

In the worst-case scenario, it might create an international conflict between South Korea and our country!”

Jordan smiled.

No wonder they wanted to stop him.

They were worried that he would cause trouble for the country.

“Captain Lionel, you worry too much.

I am going to the Blue House alone.

At most, Ill point the blame on the Steele family.

It will not have any impact on an international level.

You might not know this, but the Steele family has already migrated to England.”

In response, Lionel said sternly, “Mr.

Jordan, Im afraid that you are the one who doesnt know something!”


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