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The words left Jordan puzzled.

“Oh What do you mean”

Lionel said, “Although your grandfather, Mr.

Steele, moved to England a few years ago, he has continued to work for the US.

In fact, Mr.

Steele has provided great technical help to our countrys military all these years.

He is the benefactor of everyone in the US!”

Jordan was momentarily taken aback before carefully thinking about it.

Back then, the Deity could help the Steele family in any field, including the military.

However, the Steele family did not have an army or military weapons.

Moreover, to develop in the military field, one required a lot of research and highly-professional personnel.

If the Steeles wanted to make a breakthrough in this area, they had to cooperate with a country.

It was only natural that the Steeles would work with the US.

It must have been the same for the other families.

The Park family must be secretly helping the Korean military while the Miyamotos must be helping the Japanese military.

Lionel said, “Mr.

Jordan, we already met when you first set foot in the capital.

We especially came to talk with you today.

Firstly, we have to stop you from entering the Blue House.

Secondly, we would like to seek your opinion.”

“My opinion” Jordan asked cautiously.

Lionel and his team had been secretly observing him for so long, but he did not notice at all.

Their countrys Black Ops Team could not be underestimated!

Lionel asked, “If you take over the Steele family in the future, will you continue to offer military technology to our country”

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Jordan could tell that Lionel knew a lot about the Steeles strengths and secrets.

At the very least, he already knew that the Steeles had military technology that surpassed this world for many years.

Although the Deity had been dead for 20 years, the Steeles had clearly not given all the technology they possessed to the country.

Otherwise, the Steele family would no longer be of any value.

The world would no longer be controlled by the eight great families.

Jordan was very cautious and didnt answer directly.

He smiled.

“Why are you asking me this You should ask my eldest brother.

Since ancient times, it has always been the eldest son who inherits the family business.

In the future, Jesse will be the one in charge of our family.”

Lionel remained expressionless.

“Weve already asked Mr.

Jesse multiple times.”

“Oh What did he say” Jordan was curious.

Lionel shook his head.


Jesse doesnt seem to have deep feelings for the US.

He still refuses to give us a clear answer.

Were worried that if anything happens to Mr.

Steele and the Steele family falls into Mr.

Jesses hands, our country will not be able to obtain support from the Steeles anymore.

“We will of course feel that it is a pity.

But were more worried that the Steele family will support other countries.

Therefore, compared to Mr.

Jesse, we hope that you will inherit the Steele familys legacy instead!”

Jordan found it surprising that Jesse refused Lionels request.

What was Jesse thinking

Jordan smiled.

“How do you know that I will definitely help you after I inherit the Steele family business”

Lionel replied, “Youre Mr.

Howards grandson-in-law.

He said that youre a very upright and loyal man.

You also have deep feelings for our nation.

You will definitely stand on our side!”

Jordan suddenly remembered that he had a similar conversation with Martin a few days ago.

It turned out that he was trying to get information from him at that time.

“I want to call my grandfather.”

Jordan could not just listen to the words of an unknown person.

His grandfather never told him about this.

He had to ask his grandfather first.

“Hello, Grandpa.”

“Jordan, whats the matter”

“I met someone who claimed to be from the capitals Black Ops Team.

He said that we have been secretly helping the US, is he right”

Charleston replied slowly, “Yes, child.

Its impossible for us to only develop the Internet and medicine.

Military power is the source of confidence.

Therefore, we have to cooperate with our countrys military.

Its the same for the other families.

They are also helping their own countries.

The China military is supported by the Rong and Geng families!

“However, in recent years, our nations military advancements have become increasingly pronounced.

The other seven families, especially South Korea, Japan and China, blamed our family for that.”

Jordan could tell that Charleston was quite angry at that.

He asked, “So, we were forced to leave the US by the other seven families”

Charleston replied, “Thats right.

At one of the great meetings, they kept criticizing and rebuking our family.

I had no choice but to move to England and temporarily cut off all contact with the US.

Most of the big shots in the political and business circles in the US thought that I was running away after making enough money in the US.

Little do they know that the money I earned from our US businesses is nothing compared to the actual wealth of the Steele family.”

Only then did Jordan realize why the Steele family wanted to move to England and why they were despised and mocked in the top circles of the US.

Those people had no idea what the Steeles had done for their country!

Of course, they had no right to know these secrets!

“Grandpa, the people from the Black Ops Team asked me if I would continue helping them in the future.

How should I reply”

Charleston replied, “Jordan, you are an adult now.

In the future, if the great responsibility of the Steele family is handed over to you, the decision will be entirely in your hands.

Grandpa cant tell you what to do.

Whether you help or not, I will respect your choice.

The same goes for your brother.”

Jordan paused for a moment before responding.

“Alright, I understand.

Grandpa, Ill hang up first.”

After hanging up, Jordan faced Lionel.

“Captain Lionel, although I grew up overseas, I have deep feelings for the US.

My two wives are also from the US.

Therefore, I can tell you clearly today that if I take over the Steele family in the future, I will continue to support the US military like my grandfather is doing now!”

When Lionel heard this, tears welled up in his eyes.

Lionel and his men said in unison, “General, on behalf of the citizens of the US, thank you!”

Jordan was stunned.

“What did you call me”


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