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Lionel said, “Yes, Mr.


Our orders before we came here was to address you as General if you are willing to stand on our side! General, you will definitely be a great contributor to our nation! After you become General, you will enjoy the extremely privileged treatment! Everyone in the Black Ops Team will also be at your disposal!”

Jordan did not hanker after this position.

After all, his family was already sitting among the top families across the entire world.

However, the benefits afforded by this position were still very desirable.

The Steeles were a secret family and not everyone acknowledged them, especially some of the other wealthy families.

Jordan smiled.

“In that case, can my bank accounts in the US be unfrozen”

Lionel was a little embarrassed and hurriedly said, “Ill do this for you immediately.

I guarantee that after you return to the US, your bank account will be completely accessible!”

Jordan nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

It was quite frustrating that he couldnt access his money in the US.

Previously, Jordan did not have the money to pay for a rental car and this incident was even witnessed by his daughter.

Who carried cash around with them these days

“As a General of the US, its even more inappropriate for you to go to the Blue House to capture someone.


Howard said that he would rather sacrifice Madam Marissa than let our country be implicated,” said Lionel.

Jordan knew that Martin was willing to sacrifice his life for his country, let alone his daughter-in-law.

He didnt like Marissa either.

He couldnt wait for her to disappear.

How could he not be annoyed at her constant rebuke

However, Marissa was still Jordans mother-in-law.

He would never tolerate the Park family kidnapping his mother-in-law like that.

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Jordan said, “I will never give up on saving my mother-in-law.

If I ignore this incident, the Park family will snatch my wife, my daughter, and even members of the Steele family.

I wont let them bully us!”

Lionel looked a little nervous.

Was the General really going to cause trouble at the Blue House today

Jordan said, “Dont worry.

I wont step into the Blue House.

I have other ways.”

Park Anya had no idea that Marissa had been kidnapped.

Besides, Park Anya and Park Chan-young were two completely separate people.

Also, Jordan had always admired Park Anya.

He did not want to implicate her just because of her brother.

Lionels face lit up.

“I am confident that you will be able to solve this issue through other methods! General, Ill leave you my number.

If you need anything, you can look for me anytime!”


With that, Jordan and Lionel exchanged contact details.

They did not linger but quickly parted ways.

Before long, Jordan returned to Zephyr Three.

Salvatore and Tim heaved a sigh of relief when they realized that Jordan did not go to the Blue House.

Tim asked, “Mr.

Jordan, what are your plans now”

Jordan replied, “Continue to investigate every lead.

If there are any suspicious people or places, go down and search immediately.

Im going to play a game for a while.

Dont disturb me for the time being.”

Tim and the others were stunned.

Play a game

His mother-in-law had been kidnapped and there had been no news for so long.

How could Jordan still be in the mood to play games

This was not like Jordan at all!

Of course, it was not that Jordan didnt care about Marissas life.

He wanted to enter the virtual game to find out the whereabouts of Marissa and Park Chan-young!

Thats right, Jordan was not playing an ordinary game.

It was a virtual game that only the members of the eight great families were qualified to enter!

Park Chan-young might not be in the game.

Even if he was, he would never tell Jordan about his and Marissas whereabouts.

Therefore, Jordan was not entering the game to look for him.

Instead, he was looking for the Holy Maiden of Switzerland, Lota Schmid!

Lota was the girl whom Park Chan-young liked.

It was almost a certainty that she must have his contact number.

Moreover, she was innocent and cute.

She did not get angry when Jordan kissed her previously.

Perhaps this girl was willing to help Jordan lure Park Chan-young out!

By then, Jordan would be able to capture Park Chan-young and save Marissa!

“I wonder if Lota is in the game…”

Jordan entered a private room on the plane.

He already had the VR goggles in hand.

To be honest, putting aside the fact that he needed Lotas help, Jordan personally hoped to see this girl again.

Jordan was obsessed with good looks and liked beautiful women.

Lota was just as beautiful as Hailey and Lauren and was extremely attractive to Jordan.

Soon enough, he entered the virtual game.

The world in the virtual game was still as real as ever.

Jordan rode his bicycle around the area.

Unfortunately, he did not meet anyone.


Suddenly, Jordan heard a womans voice behind him.

Jordan turned around and saw that it was an old acquaintance.

However, it was not Lota, but “Marilyn Monroe” from the Geng family.


Geng” Jordan was shocked.

He had not expected to meet her.

This woman had Marilyn Monroe as her avatar and was very open-minded in the game.

She already kissed Jordan the first time they met.

According to Jordans psychological analysis, “Marilyn Monroe” must be a demure person in real life, completely opposite from her avatar in the virtual world.

“Long time no see, handsome.

Did you miss me”

Marilyn Monroe walked over and sat beside Jordan.

“Oh…” Jordan felt a little embarrassed.

Marilyn Monroe was too proactive.

But he quickly recovered himself and smiled.

“Of course.

I still remember the kiss you gave me the previous time.”

“Really Ill deepen your impression of me.”

Marilyn Monroe kissed Jordan again.

Jordan: “…”

Jordan was speechless.

She was the eldest daughter of the Geng family, one of the top families among the eight great families.

Could she be a little more aloof

He was not interested in kissing Marilyn Monroe, because she was using the image of a deceased celebrity.

She was not like Lota, who used her own appearance.

Who knew what Ms.

Geng looked like in real life!

Jordan gently pushed her away and said, “Ms.

Geng, wait a moment.”

Marilyn Monroe didnt get upset.

“Whats wrong, honey Dont you love me anymore”

Jordan was speechless.

Did he ever say that he loved her Even an online romance wouldnt progress so quickly!

Jordan said seriously, “I entered the game this time because I have something important to do.

Do you know Lota from the Schmid family”

Marilyn Monroe raised an eyebrow.

“The Swiss Holy Maiden”


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