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Lota stared at Jordan without blinking, her eyes filled with surprise and emotion.

She never expected that a person who had only met her twice in a virtual game world could see through her thoughts.

“How… how did you…”

She was filled with admiration for Jordan.

For some reason, she found it very difficult to tell others about her feelings.

She yearned for someone who could know her thoughts and feelings without the need for her to say anything.

To know how unhappy she was.

Jordan smiled.

He had been studying psychology since elementary school, so he could naturally see through this little girl.

Psychologically speaking, a person who chose to play video games over spending time in the real world was often unhappy in real life.

They could only find pleasure in virtual games.

However, such people were usually those steeped in poverty.

Rich people were usually very happy in real life.

Logically speaking, Lota could swim in the pool of any five-star hotel in the world with a group of rich and beautiful friends or her boyfriend.

Swimming alone in a virtual game at her age, she was obviously a lonely and unhappy person.

When Jordan saw Lotas admiring gaze, he quickly took the opportunity to explain his intentions.

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“Lota, are you close to Park Chan-young”

Lota nodded.

“Park Chan-young treats me very well.

He often chats with me in the game and accompanies me on walks, skiing and riding.

In real life, he often sends me messages.”

Park Chan-young was really a “master of time management”.

There were so many “middle-aged women” waiting for him in real life but he still had so much time to woo Lota.

Jordan said, “I want to ask you for a favor.

Can you help me ask Park Chan-young out”

“Huh” Lota didnt understand.

Jordan explained, “To be honest, one of my family members has been captured by Park Chan-young.

I cant find her.

I know hes wooing you.

He will definitely meet you if you ask him out.”

Lota looked troubled.

If Park Chan-young had really kidnapped one of Jordans family members, he would be the one in the wrong.

But Lota could not tell if Jordan was telling the truth.

Moreover, Lota had known Park Chan-young for a longer time than Jordan, and they had a closer relationship.

Lota said, “Im really sorry.

My family doesnt want me to participate in the affairs of the other families.

If you want me to ask Park Chan-young out, I have to ask my family for permission.”


Jordan grabbed Lotas hand in a panic.

Although Lotas virtual figure was not as good as her real figure, her hands were very soft and tender.

Jordan knew that the Schmid family would never agree to let Lota help him.

The reason was very simple.

The Steeles were the worst among the eight secret families and about to be kicked out.

Even if the Schmid family wanted to intervene in this matter, they would choose to help the Park family and not the Steeles.

“Excuse me…”

Seeing that Lotas face was blushing again, Jordan hurriedly retracted his hand.

The two of them had just met, but their progress was lightning fast.

They had already kissed and held hands.

Those who didnt know better would think that Jordan was an expert at flirting!

“Lota, I know its a little difficult for you to help me lure Park Chan-young out.

How about this If youre willing to help me, Ill help you do something in return.

How about that”

Lotas large sapphire eyes widened.

“Do something for me” she asked.

“I… I dont need your help.”

Jordan smiled and said with certainty, “No, you do.

I can tell that you definitely need help.”

Lotas innocent face and listless body were filled with helplessness.

As an experienced person, how could Jordan not tell

Lota didnt seem to know how to lie.

“But what I want to do is very difficult…”

Jordan said confidently, “Dont worry.

No matter how difficult it is, I can do it.

Tell me, what do you want me to do for you”

Lota lowered her head and crossed her small hands, rubbing them together.

After a long time, Lota looked up, her gaze much more determined.

“Can you take me out of Switzerland Before my 18th coming-of-age ceremony”

“Leave Switzerland”

Jordan was a little surprised.

He didnt expect Lota to want to run away from home.

Wasnt this Swiss Holy Maiden a little too rebellious

It was obvious that her family would hold a grand coming-of-age ceremony for her 18th birthday.

Why would she want to escape before that

Jordan smiled.

“Of course.

Its just a simple task!”

Lotas face remained serious.

“Are you sure Im being watched very closely.

My family has many… obstacles.

Im afraid Ill implicate you.

Are you really confident”

Jordan hurriedly said, “Hey, Lota, dont underestimate the Steeles.

I have my own invisible Zephyr Three jet.

Just tell me the location, I can fly over and pick you up without anyone noticing!”

A delighted smile appeared on Lotas face.

“Really Your invisible plane is so powerful!”

Jordan was speechless.

Didnt the Schmid family have invisible planes too

‘You must be too young to have seen it.

Jordan asked, “By the way, when is your 18th coming-of-age ceremony”

Lota answered, “15 days from now.”

When Jordan kissed Lota previously, he thought that she was already an adult.

He didnt expect that she was only 17 years old.

Jordan said, “No problem.

After I save my family member from Park Chan-young, Ill go to Switzerland immediately.

I promise to bring you away before you turn 18!”

Lota nodded excitedly, not even noticing that the towel covering her shoulder had slipped.



“Just call me Jamie.”

“Your name should be Jordan, right I heard Park Chan-young calling you that before he went offline.”

“Uh… right.

Call me Jordan then.”

Lota smiled.

“Alright, Ill call you Jordan then.

Youre very handsome.

Youre a good person.

Thank you!”

Jordan smiled modestly.

“Thank you for your praise.”

Lota added.

“Jordan, can you promise me not to hurt Park Chan-young He has always been good to me.

If I lie to him this time and you kill him, I will be very sad!”


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