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Park Chan-young believed that Jordan must have found some secret weakness in Lota to blackmail her into helping him.

If he also knew about Lotas secret, his chances of winning her would be even higher.

“No, Jordan didnt force me.

He… he was willing to help me.

Thats why I agreed.

Im sorry…”

Park Chan-young was curious.

“Agree to help you Help you with what Lota, what help do you need Tell me quickly!”

Park Chan-young blamed himself.

When he was chatting with Lota in the past, he had already noticed that she was a little lonely.

But he never asked her if she needed help.

And now, Jordan had beat him to it!

Lota hesitated for a moment before saying, “Jordan promised to take me away from my family and from Switzerland before my coming-of-age ceremony.”

Park Chan-young was stunned when he heard that.

He asked in surprise, “You want to leave the family Why Why do you have to leave before your 18th coming-of-age ceremony Shouldnt your coming-of-age ceremony be a happy event”

Park Chan-young found Lotas actions a little incomprehensible.

For a fair, rich and beautiful woman like Lota, her family would definitely give her all kinds of gifts to celebrate her 18th birthday and welcome her into adulthood.

Every girl should be looking forward to such a coming-of-age ceremony.

Why would Lota insist on escaping before this

Jordan, who was at the side, had also wondered about this.

However, he was focused on saving Marissa then and didnt think too much about it.

If Lota wanted to escape from the family, there must be some complex reason behind it.

It was very likely that Lotas parents had been very strict with her.

In order to prevent her from revealing her family secrets and making any friends, even when she came of age, she might not be able to enjoy the privileges of adulthood.

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That was why Lota wanted to escape.

Lota didnt answer the question directly.

“Well… Im sorry, but I cant tell you the reason.”

Park Chan-young knew that many family secrets could not be discussed with outsiders, so he understood very well.

“Lota, if you want to run away from home, why did you ask Jordan for help The Steele family is the weakest among us.

How could he have the ability to bring you away from your family!

“I am the only one who can help you! Lota, just you wait.

Ill take you away tonight! Now tell me where your house is…”

Jordan walked over and hung up the phone.

“Why did you hang up the phone!” Park Chan-young snapped.

Jordan replied sternly, “Park Chan-young, Ive already promised Lota that I would bring her away from Switzerland.

She helped me, so I should fulfill my promise to help her.

This matter is none of your business!”

Jordan became anxious when he heard that Park Chan-young wanted to snatch this task from him.

Jordan had a strong desire to protect such a pure and beautiful little girl like Lota.

He had to be the one to bring her away.

Park Chan-young felt the same as Jordan.

They both wanted the task.

Park Chan-young shouted, “How dare you! Lota is my fiancée.

Of course, I should be the one to take her away.

What right do you have to take my wife away!”

Jordan said angrily, “Dont keep calling her your fiancée and wife.

A pure and kind girl like Lota will never marry a treacherous b*stard like you! Its already difficult for you to walk now, yet you still want to save people You should hurry back to South Korea to recuperate!”

When Park Chan-young looked down at his leg injury, he became even more infuriated at Jordan.

He wished he could kill him! With the Park familys pride, he would never let Jordan carry out this task.

What if Jordan brought Lota away and she slept with him out of gratitude

Even if Park Chan-young ended up marrying Lota thereafter, wouldnt he just be taking Jordans leftovers

Park Chan-young said angrily, “Jordan, you ambushed me just now and won unfairly! If we were to fight head-on, you would definitely not be my match!”

Dragon stood up and said, “Is that so I fought Se-hun one-on-one just now.

Look at his face now.

Its all swollen.”

Dragon and Se-hun had fought one-on-one earlier.

It was obvious that Dragon had the upper hand.

Se-hun naturally refused to admit his defeat in front of so many people.

He hurriedly said to Park Chan-young, “Boss, I fought one against ten just now and took a few punches from that guy.

However, he is also seriously injured by me.

Were evenly matched!”

Jordan was speechless.

This guy was really shameless.

Jordan had watched the battle between Dragon and Se-hun through the binoculars.

The two of them had a fair fight.

No one intervened.

Although Se-hun was strong, he was clearly weaker than Dragon.

But Se-hun refused to admit that he had lost to Dragon.

Park Chan-young said arrogantly, “Thats right.

I know Se-huns strength very well.

Even if there is someone who can defeat him, it will be the top fighter from the Miyamoto family! No one from your lousy Steele family can beat him!”

Jordan couldnt stand Park Chan-youngs arrogance.

“So you want to compete again”

Park Chan-young smiled.

“Thats right! The two of us will each send someone to Lotas house.

Do you dare to compete with me and see who can bring Lota out first”

Jordan snorted.

“Alright, lets compete!”

In terms of rescue, adaptability and other such abilities, Jordan did not think that his subordinates would be inferior to Park Chan-youngs!

Park Chan-young said arrogantly, “Haha, you overestimate yourself.

You really dare to compete with me.

Alright, Ill let you and your family witness our power! I hope you wont be so shameless as to beg to be under our wing after my people save Lota!”

Jordan smiled.

“Youre thinking too much.

You are talking about yourselves!”

Park Chan-young stopped arguing with Jordan.

He immediately called Lota again.

“Hey Lota, Jordan and I plan to take you away together.

Send us your home location!”

Park Chan-young was very excited.

Not only could he take away the girl he liked, but he could also use this opportunity to find out where the Schmid family lived!

One had to know that the secret families did not necessarily know where the others lived.

Unless they had a good relationship and often visited each other.

The Schmid family had never interacted with other families, so no one knew where they lived in Switzerland.

Lota was shocked.

“What did you say You and Jordan”

Park Chan-young smiled.

“Thats right.

Your family is so well-hidden and must be heavily guarded.

Our two families have to work together to have a chance to bring you out, dont you think”

Park Chan-young did not mention the bet with Jordan.

He pretended to be working with him.

Lota was very happy.

“Yes, yes.

I will be very happy if you can work together to bring me out!”

“Ill send you the location now.

However, dont come now.

At 9 PM, my… um, parents… will leave the castle.

You can come after they leave!”


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