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Park Chan-young smiled.

“No problem.

Ive already planned it out.

Ill bring you out of Switzerland tonight.

Well fly straight to Asia.

Ill bring you to South Korea, eat barbecue, go to bars, visit Jeju Island and go diving.

We can play together until you become an adult.

Wahahaha… Uh, I mean Ill accompany you until your 18th birthday…”

The innocent Lota did not pick up the lewd meaning behind his words.

“You and Jordan have to be careful.

My house… is not easy to enter… There might be some…”

Park Chan-young laughed confidently.

“Dont worry, nothing can stump us.

Change your clothes and prepare your luggage.

Ill pick you up after 9 PM!”

After hanging up the phone, Park Chan-young and Jordan received the location from Lota.

Looking at the GPS location, it turned out that Lota lived in a castle by the Rhine River.

Its location was similar to the Steele familys place in England.

They were both castles located in elegant and beautiful environments.

Park Chan-young looked at Jordan in disdain.

“Her parents will leave at 9 pm.

After her parents leave, well each send someone and see who can take Lota away first!”

Jordan turned and left.

“Lets make contact again at 9!”

Jordan did not want to see Park Chan-youngs annoying face for another second.

“Wait!” Park Chan-young suddenly called out to Jordan.

“What You want to back out now” Jordan looked at Park Chan-young, thinking that he wanted to give up.

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Park Chan-young said disdainfully, “What a joke.

Ill definitely win.

Why would I want to back out I have a suggestion.

Up until 9 pm, the two of us must stay together.

Our invisible planes must be next to each other so that we can supervise each other.”

Jordan was stunned.

“What do you mean by that”

Park Chan-young smiled.

“You are the sort who like to do sneaky things and win by lies and trickery.

If Im not wrong, you will definitely send someone or a drone to Lotas residence to investigate first.

You will figure out the route first and snatch Lota away at 9 PM sharp.

In terms of speed, you will definitely have the advantage then!

“I want to supervise you and your men.

Youre not allowed to leave.

No one is allowed to scout out the Schmid family castle in advance.

At 9 pm, well compete in adaptability!”

Jordan was disdainful.

What a joke.

He dared to compete with him in adaptability.

Actually, Park Chan-young was right.

Going by Jordans personality, he would really have used the stealth drone to scout out the castle first.

However, even without any preparation, Jordan could still defeat Park Chan-young!

“Alright, Ill park my plane together with you and accompany you for a few more hours!”

Just like that, a few hours passed.

Soon, it was 9 pm.

At this moment, to be fair, both Jordan and Park Chan-young dispatched their stealth drones to the air above Lotas castle to check if her parents had left.

Jordan and Park Chan-young looked at the live recording transmitted by the drones.

Soon, a black car with headlights appeared at the entrance of the castle.

Jordan took a closer look at the brand of this black car and realized that it was not a Monteverdi, Mercedes or BMW.

It was just a normal Ford!

“A Ford!” Jordan was surprised.

“Thats an American brand”

Salvatore laughed when he saw it.

“Haha, it looks like the Schmid family prefers American brands to European ones.

Their car is actually a normal Ford sedan.


Tim was very observant.

He noticed that the middle-aged couple who got into the car were brunettes rather than fair.

In addition, they looked like Americans rather than Europeans.


Jordan, look at those two.

They have dark hair and eyes, and give off an American rather than a European vibe,” Tim pointed out.

Jordan was even more puzzled now.

Could they be the American friends of the Schmid family

Lota had said that her parents would leave home at 9 pm.

But those two didnt look like her parents at all!

At this moment, Park Chan-young also got off his plane.

He called out to Jordan.

“Jordan, did you see that That couple who got into that American car.” Park Chan-young was also puzzled.

Jordan nodded.

“I saw them.

I dont know those two people.

They might be important guests of the Schmid family.”


At this moment, Jordan and Park Chan-young received a message from Lota.

“Theyre gone.

You can come and bring me out now!”

Jordan and Park Chan-young were bewildered.

Park Chan-young was the first to speak.

“We didnt see any European folks come out.

What do you think”

Although Jordan also had doubts in his heart, Park Chan-young was his sworn enemy.

He would never share his opinions with this fellow.

Jordan said, “What do you mean by what do I think Lota already said that we can take her away.

Why arent you sending anyone Are you afraid to compete with me”

From the American car to the fact that Lota spoke English with an American accent… Jordan came to the conclusion that the Schmid family had a deep relationship with the US!

This also meant that the Schmid family was very likely to ally with the Steeles!

As a result, Jordan was naturally unwilling to discuss the Schmid family with someone from the Park family.

Park Chan-young snorted.

“Alright, lets do it.

Send someone immediately!”

Jordan and Park Chan-young did not send out their strongest subordinates, Dragon and Se-hun.

Instead, they each sent a male subordinate with fair hair and skin.

This was Switzerland.

Most of the people here were fair and so these two subordinates would blend in better.

It would be easier for them to sneak into Lotas house and pretend to be servants or bodyguards.

Park Chan-young said confidently, “My man will definitely take Lota away earlier than yours!”

Jordan said, “Lets wait outside the castle together and see whose man comes out first!”

Jordan and Park Chan-young moved to the vicinity outside the castle to wait for the results.

However, after 10 minutes, there was no news.

Park Chan-young said to Se-hun, “Ask that kid where he is.

Has he seen Lota yet”

Se-hun spoke into the walkie-talkie, but there was no response.

“Boss, weve lost contact.”

At the same time, Dragon also reported to Jordan, “Master, weve also lost contact with LeBlanc.

Im afraid hes probably dead now!”


Park Chan-young and Jordan were shocked.

Could both their men have died in the castle

Park Chan-young gritted his teeth.

“I dont believe it.

Send someone even more powerful in!”

Park Chan-young and Jordan each sent another subordinate in.

However, it was not long before they heard screams.

More deaths!


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